Welcome to United Security Investors

United Security Investors (USI) is a bank-alternative real estate lender, providing bridge loans secured by high-quality real estate assets.

USI offers institutional investors and high net worth individuals the opportunity to participate in these debt offerings by creating custom loan portfolios based on the investor’s risk/reward preference.  USI also offers individual (740) 934-3598 the opportunity to participate in its discretionary fund, United Security Investors III, LLC.  All loans are made, subject to strict underwriting guidelines and LTV thresholds.

Investment goals include preservation of capital, outsized long-term risk adjusted returns, high transparency, and low correlation to equity and credit markets.

The principals of USI have extensive experience, and have been involved in over $750 million worth of loans on behalf of real estate investors, developers, and individuals over the past 10 years.  Not only has each property been personally visited by a USI principal during the underwriting process, but every loan USI makes has our principals’ capital co-invested in the deal.