She frankly admitted her guilt.

He's rich.

I am a child in a man's body.

You're supposed to wear a costume.

They awarded him a gold medal for his achievement.

It was nothing less than a miracle.


This old fish tastes weird.

Raul was a rugby player.

We climbed the stairs.

Greek is a difficult language.

That actress is as beautiful as ever.

Dorothy is the country's foremost expert on the conflict in Syria.

I really liked talking to Clarissa.

It's about three miles from here to the station.

It is not you but I that am to blame.

We need to get there as soon as we can.

We've got a first aid kit.

The other day, a water quality inspection was carried out at our house. We had it done by a certain famous company's Environment Analysis Center or some such name.

Nothing but peace can save the world.

Stevan has never done that before.

Visit our website for additional information.

It would be nice if I were a dog, it would be nice to be a cat, too. Peeing where I like, pooping where I like.

Perhaps we overlooked something.


Laurianne stared out the window.


We're trying to staff our factory with good workers.

It's as true as death.

It was a great day.

Francois and Narendra are still playing ping pong.

What is the meaning of this word?

I didn't meet any of my friends.

I let the cat in.

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I think you should work a little harder.


Is this the dictionary which you are looking for?

What makes you think I wouldn't enjoy that?

Walter has a couple of friends who speaks French well.

Explorers looked for shortcuts in space-time to meander serendipitously through the universe.

Sidney digitises books in his spare time.


Can you make me a snack?


If the metal plate terminal of the game cassette is dirty it may be difficult for the game to start when the cassette is inserted into the game console.

Are you for the war or against it?

Maybe you should turn off the TV.

Turn the sound off.

I know better than to do such a thing.

It seems she is over thirty years old.

Kamel went down to the basement and shut the power.

Sridhar doesn't understand why Laurent behaves the way she does.

It is a fact that I dislike him.


No one will harm you.

They must've relied on Martin.

Let's go drinking together tonight.

I don't think I'm drunk enough for this.

She is old enough to know better.

That's what I'm really worried about.

We expected to win.

You have to validate your ticket.

He might be at home.

We're just checking it out.

You've just made a very big mistake.

I almost quit my job today.

He is in great want.

Hubert thought that Eddy didn't know how to speak French.

If I were you, I would buy it.

I'm beginning to get tired.

Art didn't complain once.

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Imogen of the Internet crochets about half of her possessions.

Nathan grabbed a sugar cookie from the dish on the kitchen table.

I'm still kind of tired.

Catch me if you can.

Patrick didn't understand exactly what Maarten wanted him to do.

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That's all we know for sure.

Craig is always complaining that he doesn't have enough free time.

You don't have to leave me hanging like this. Why don't you just come out and tell it to me straight?

My mother cut my hair too short.

Once in a while my uncle took me to the harbor.


I have a feeling that she will come today.

I'm interested in oriental pottery.

This is the little I know.

The climate of Tokyo is different from that of London.

Would you just look at me for a second?

The curfew begins at 7:00 p.m.

I want to get in touch with him.

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The transnationality of the European blogosphere is still underdeveloped.


Is that why you've come?

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Terrence was full.

You're looking good.

Randal is still not convinced.


I'll give him a hand.


We feel at ease.


I can't ask Morris to quit.

I ate last night's leftovers for lunch.

He would sit for hours doing nothing.

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This book covers the subject completely.

It's a perfect trap.

No women would buy that.


What's the best cure for loneliness?

Who tried to kill you?

How quickly can we get that done?

I should get back to writing my report.

Life was so much simpler before all that happened.

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Do you think Michiel will be here tomorrow?

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We'll look into these problems.


Parents teach children to speak, children teach parents to be silent.

"I can't wear that." "Why not? It looks great on you."

You are the light of the world.

How bad was Gregg hurt?

Emmett hardly ever talks.

Who's your boss?

"When internal examination discovers nothing wrong, what is there to be anxious about, what is there to fear?"

He left for Europe a week ago, that is, on the tenth of May.

I consider Pablo a friend.

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It turns out that we became hopeful in vain.

That does not augur well for the rest of our dialogue.

How do we find Major?

Do you find that washing machine easy to use?

Since Devon's Tavern has started offering a delivery service too, it has been flooded with phone calls.

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Have you ever been mugged?


I want them to go home.

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We must've taken the wrong road.


Part woke up with a terrible headache.

I have made up my mind to work harder.

Chet looks extremely happy.

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You're missing the late show.

Aimee is very tired at the moment.

At the start of every weekend, I am both tired and happy.


The lucky sod just won the lottery.

I've got something I'd like to say to you.

You should be terrified.

People were anxious for news of missing relatives.

I told you Michel was busy.

My hands are full right now.

"Four pounds fifty," says Bob.

She speaks Japanese to some extent.

Nations have their ego, just like individuals.


Tyler has accumulated a lot of junk.

It's up to you to decide what to do.

I gave him a couple of books.

Old school friends often try to keep in touch with one another.

I really ought to buy a new car.

Did she say something?

I wanted to hire a coach.

She has a keen business sense.

I have only two classes this year.

Teresa had bigger things on his mind.

Nou was electrocuted.

That's a good start.

Jeffie is eating fondue.

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I could never do that to her.


There is also a tendency to call "L'Auberge Espagnole" a pornographic film.

Jack is extremely forgetful.

Alexander makes mistakes. It proves he's not a robot.


We are all in the same situation.

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Eyes sometimes talk louder than words.

Tell them I don't want to go.

One of the American states is famous for its pineapples.


We're confident that you are up to the challenge of the new position.

I would like to speak English fluently.

All my efforts are nothing compared to yours.

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You'll have to tell the whole story.

There won't be any more lessons.

I suggest that you talk to Joseph.

Joshua was totally right.

Michael took a shortcut through a dark alley.

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He's been staying at that hotel since five days ago.