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My English is incorrect.

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Bobbie is very strict.


Meeks may have missed the bus.

Casey was worried about Justin.

A good many of the pictures on exhibition were sold on the opening day.

Rahul has some very important things he needs to do before 2:30.

Make four mini-dialogs with the phrases in the list.

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He has just come back.


Don't come near me. You're filthy.

We're on our way back home.

Water is much needed.


Greed is one of the seven deadly sins.

I said not now.

Students learn useful phrases.

Whales are similar to fishes in shape.

My phone is about to die.

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We're waiting for them.

I do hope Pascal does what he says he'll do.

We're serious about it now.

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I enjoyed the beautiful spring.


Nici wants to be the best person he possibly can be.


How did you get Spass to marry you?

He says we must live to eat.

I had to wait for Bea till the end.

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He kept insisting that he wasn't wrong.


Nicolas made an appointment to meet Swamy the following day.

Duncan wants to see you upstairs.

Sabrina bashed his head against the wall.


I get knowledge by reading books.

I will give it to her tomorrow.

The atmosphere in this restaurant is nice.

I come when I can.

I think Cliff said he'd be staying in Boston for three weeks.


No charges were brought against the Clintons.

My credit card was stolen on the subway.

Doesn't Nicolo have any friends?

Eh? We said we'd go to the park? I didn't realise.

The play lies now at the bottom of the sea.

The answer is going to have to be "no."

The whole neighborhood supported the drive.

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This is one of the first things Dan would look for.

Pass the salt, please.

He was unconscious most of the time.

Celeste was afraid that people would judge her.

I ate until I couldn't eat any more. I was stuffed to the gills.

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Latest census data shows that the total population of the country is slightly above 7 million people.

We were the two tallest guys in our school.

She takes private piano lessons.

The kids started crying.

We always treated you well.

I always read the sports page first.

Her youngest child is five years old.

They did not clap for us.

I'm not supposed to be here.

Did you ask her for money?

We grouped ourselves round our teacher.

Sassan began to beat his son.

Dates and walnuts are commonly used in the filling for baklava made in the Levant.

Takeuchi is really very smart.

If the weather is nice tomorrow, we will have a picnic.

Dan didn't even think to ask permission from his manager.

Felix heard a noise and went to investigate.


I really appreciated your help yesterday afternoon.

Subra considered his options for a moment.

Hand out your money!


He asked if I like mathematics.

We don't want to rush it.

It is next to impossible to carry it out.

She always wins arguments.

He is afraid of swimming.

What is it then?

You will understand it as time passes.

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We made him go there.

I wasn't speaking English.

It's a vice.

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Let's try to change the system.

They marched to Santiago with their flag aloft.

You're much better looking than me.

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That was obvious.


Do we have it in us?

I envied him his new house.

The teacher gave way to the students' demand.

We had an agreement. You broke it.

The lion eats the meat.


The cat is inside the box.

Oskar said he's looking for Sharada.

Stop inhaling your food. You should eat more slowly.

Of course, we believe you.

He is always kind to animals.


Time is up. Hand in your papers.


He's going to make it.

I have a small piece of garden that has quite compacted soil.

She thrilled to his saying so.

Pria has been sentenced to three consecutive life sentences.

How can we go to the beach without beach beds?

I have gone into all the details of this thing whether they seemed to me relevant or not.

A harmony prevailed among them.


It would be difficult.

Thirteen homes have been destroyed.

I don't know anybody who likes these films.


Is there any way to an unperturbed mind?

That wasn't our agreement.

Manny wouldn't allow me to help him.

To be honest, I really don't know.

Blayne has a good point.


My house, my rules.


I don't understand why I need to go to your house at midnight.


We much expected that.


Kriton is better off than he was this time last year.


We have some business to discuss.

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Winnie won't be home for lunch.

By the time Miki got to the shop it was shut.

Mosur rushed into the house.

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What did I just do?


He came down with the flu.

I told her straight.

Nancy's father walked out on his family.


I replied automatically when I heard my name.

It didn't seem necessary.

I think the one thing this picture shows that's new is the psychological disproportion of the kids' demands on the parents. Parents are often at fault, but the kids have some work to do, too.

What time do you usually go to bed?

It was a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.

You grew up in poverty, didn't you?

You should quit.


What you say may be true...

Their boat is adrift.

I love to watch people's reactions when I say who I am.

The boat was cast ashore.

Hitoshi was never very good at swimming.


I have no objection.


He's pretty tall.


It's actually not that big a deal.


Get a room.

I asked Rabin to be here 45 minutes ago.

It's really not rocket science.


You must think this is funny.

Your school is so kind to reimburse you for the return airfare.

This child talks like an adult.

Just tell us the truth.

I was doing an impersonation of my boss when he showed up.

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This supposition, that the Earth is immobile, was completely untrue.

He's a ghost hunter.

I have an interest in Oriental ceramics.

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The Australian actor, Andy Whitfield, has passed away.

In molecular gastronomy, completely new appliances are used.

The day is for honest men, the night for thieves.

One of Serbia's allies was Russia.

Do you think she'll still take me for a lap around the racetrack?


I am currently learning Esperanto.

They demanded the king be put to death at once.

Who questioned you?

Everything was fine until Jacob set the house on fire.

You can't drink seawater because it is too salty.

Many people pushed their way toward the rear exit.

The city center should be closed to all but pedestrian traffic.