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I came up with a plan. It's a good one, I think.

His house was struck by lightning.

Neither one of them are here.

I tried to get them to stop.

The bus is very crowded this morning.

Ana's boyfriend is so cloying. He's always trying to kiss her and hold her hand.

I'd advise you to let us go.

Valentin is a disgrace to his family.

I have to cover his loss.


We should sit down.

We have already finished our dinner.

He showed me her picture.

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Where did you get that thing?


He is well off, and what is more, he is of good birth.


When I was a kid, I was told that butter is bad for one's health.

Lar told us another one of his stupid jokes.

Sharpen these knives.


She looks odd in those clothes.

I wouldn't let a goof-up like that get to you. People have short memories and the one good thing about gossip is that it's short-lived.

Jinny is a believer.

The coach has proven himself.

I'm having a problem deleting one of my files.


Has Roxie been eating properly?

I must do that, I think.

The rainforest was cut down and replaced by a palm oil plantation.

The blind men walked slowly.

We need to impress them.

President Madison signed the bill into law.

They trust us.

It is like the relationship between a boy and his dad.

Everybody got sent back home.


Father advanced me a week's allowance.


I'm living in an adobe house.


I just made this up.

His clothes are worn out.

You pay her well, don't you?

The children are talking.

Have you washed the dishes?


They say that he's very diligent.


Don't tease them.

I have to stop that from happening.

Very good, but you're capable of doing better.

I'll repair it now.

His unorthodox fighting style was surprisingly effective.

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I want a box three times as large as this.

Everyone seems optimistic.

Sir, I would like to deposit my money. How do I do that?

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It isn't expensive.


I'm as surprised as anybody.


I hardly ever speak French anymore.


Property prices are going up.

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Let's start small and work our way up.

Father used to read me books in bed.

Which gate is that?

I don't feel like telling her about it.

Danielle's hair has turned gray since I last saw him.

I exchanged seats with Kari.

Spass promised Arnold to find a place where would be safe.

It was torture for him to see his girlfriend with another man.

Do Charlie and Moses know each other?


I was abasing him for being smart.

They're tired of not doing anything.

No one has ever said such things to me.

Shall I make you some coffee?

Brenda thinks I'm missing this great opportunity.

She is in the habit of fidgeting in the presence of others.

Everyone is outraged.

Srinivas wasn't here then.

This was missing.

Let one of us keep watch while another takes a nap.

Do you want me to tell you what I'm expecting?

I know that Christian hurt you.

I met Gypsy at church.

I know what happened with him.

The farm is three miles beyond the river.

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I'm sure it wasn't me who broke this.


I fear we may have a problem.

What did you think my name was?

The bow tie gives him an air of extravagance.


Was Luc upset, too?

How are you getting on?

Isn't that good enough?


He married a fellow immigrant.

Is this a problem?

Patty certainly can't expect to live with us.


Yesterday's party was an unforgettable one.

You can let him go.

I didn't know you had company.

Has Father come home yet?

We'll begin shortly.


Tuan and Karl have a son.


You arrested me.

You'd be better off following my advice.

I'm not scared of terrorists.

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We spend piles of money on the things we don't really use.


I see a small ship.

Go and see if Mr Wilson is at home.

Maybe it wasn't Suzan.


Hans is more popular than Edward.

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You'll see the bank on the left hand side of the hospital.

Charlene had to work really hard to finish it in time.

Ji's truck was slightly damaged.

There used to be a police station in front of this bus stop.

She has to take in the waist of her pants a bit.


Heather is a cute girl.

You're my child.

She was on the verge of tears.

I would like to move to Australia.

Everyone loves the father.

Let's wait, while drinking some tea.

I'm going to ask for Saad Jackson's autograph.

Moran is a very close friend of mine.

The speech made by the student was interesting.

That athlete won three times in a row in this tournament.

There was great rejoicing over the arrival, and the Prince sprang forward to meet them, and taking the waiting-maid for his bride, he lifted her down from her horse and led her upstairs to the royal chamber.

We couldn't find out her whereabouts.

I saw flashes of lightning in the distance.

Cesar Chavez was born on a small farm near Yuma, Arizona in 1927.

I have heard the story.

Noemi has a black bruise on his right leg.

Pontus has been a big help.

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Thanks for the tip. I'll give it a try.


I want you to listen carefully.

Pressing the orange button will command the titrator to rinse the chamber.

Call me as soon as you get to your hotel.


Chris isn't the only one who thinks that.


Are you sure you can afford this?


You have something of a reputation.


I want to hear you say it.


This little girl let the birds escape.

She has no faults.

The men are getting into shape riding bicycles.

Barbara is better than I was at his age.

Sergiu is a little like his father.

If only I could call her right now to tell her how much I love her.

He was standing at the street corner.


You've made your choice.

However, maybe from the sudden change in pressure when you put them, having your ears pop is a problem.

Coleen stores most of his data in the cloud.

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Let's look outside.


Even though Mr Smith was very wealthy, he was a tight wad.

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Why didn't you help him escape?


How do you avoid snacking between meals?


I can wait.


The police decided to arrest him.

Where did you two first meet?

I must ask your pardon.

Show us what you're capable of.

She told me how it was wrong to steal.

Actually, I know nothing about these plans.

Rolfe seems to be unable to interact normally with other people.

There's something I've been wanting to ask you.

I thought Nate might actually do it.

Do you have a problem with that?

You shot Dieter, didn't you?