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He is merely a child.

They were married.

Hello, everyone, I'm Leslie.

It was too risky, so I decided not to try doing it.

I live in a small fishing village.


Uri always takes his time in everything he does.

She was a likely suspect.

I talk to them more than you do.

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The young woman under that tree looks sad.

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Switzerland is situated between France, Italy, Austria and Germany.

How many aircraft carriers does the US Navy have?

It's now time to leave.

Please do so by all means.

"Who bakes the cakes?" "Alessandra bakes them."

Sundaresan is a much better singer than I am.

They are now at rest.


I was happy to leave.

His face cleared.

Dana knew all along who I was.

I talked as a friend.

Mario sells computers.

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Sushi sounds good, but I'd rather eat Thai food.

We had to attend just as a matter of form.

Eliot emptied the waste basket.

It was very careless of me.

I love taking pictures.

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Young Tanaka is the stupidest person in the department.

I want to say I'm sorry.

I want to do what I used to do before I went to prison.

I guess both of us want to leave.

Joseph came alone.

Why did you have the lights turned off?

Sanity might have been sleeping at that time.

A big party will be thrown to celebrate the happy event.

"Love has never killed anyone." "Really? Ask Romeo and Juliet."

Don't talk so much next time.

This man is a police officer in the crime squad, not a criminal.

But in return they get a clear look at important games, and if they miss something, they can always rely on the commentator's description or the instant replay.

The old man lost the will to live.


A thief broke in and made off with all my jewelry.

I still don't entirely trust Thierry.

I took the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in 1903. The meaning of this degree is that the recipient of instruction is examined for the last time in his life, and is pronounced completely full. After this, no new ideas can be imparted to him.


What is bullfighting?


I'm supposed to pay my rent on the first of every month.

I'll bet we're the luckiest people alive.

I have a special reason.

How long has Luis had a Volkswagen?

You aren't going to leave me, are you?

The teacher assigned us ten problems for homework.

Would you explain what this is?

Kate listened to the radio all day.

I usually go for a walk every morning.

Gasoline isn't as cheap as it was when I first started driving.

Mitchell and Ruth had been married for three years by then.


You don't have to tell me why.

He was somewhat disappointed to hear the news.

I'd like to introduce you to my father.

Raif doesn't get dizzy.

Yesterday was Sunday.

Would you stop saying that?

Plastic has mental problems.


Lorenzo gave me permission to go home early.

Don't forget to floss.

I'm thrilled about that.

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I assume that Dani would like to go to Boston with us.

Tatoeba is more than a website. Tatoeba is a group of volunteers that either translates existing sentences or writes new ones in order to make others familiar with the beauty of their own languages.

What a sad man!

Thanks for waiting for me.

Sergeant was the first who went mad, lieutenant just simply hung himself.

Will you open the window, please?

My son thinks women are stronger than men.


He is the last man that is suited for the job.


Those who possess nothing lose nothing.

The story was amusing.

Celeste was wearing gloves.


I don't like oysters.

Investigators are running a probe into what caused the crash.

Dylan couldn't understand why Toufic frowned at him.

Who knows that?

Even a small mistake could have large consequences.

You must not write a letter with a pencil.

The teacher will give him a passing grade if he shows effort.

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Stanly sat down next to Bernie and they smiled at each other.

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The bus was ten minutes late.

People expect things from us.

Novo often wears long skirts.


It's cool this morning, isn't it?

I saw you talking on the phone.

I didn't leave until after 2:30.

He is a hard man to deal with.

I handed in my report yesterday.

Do you know Jerald's secret formula?

What lesson do you like most of all?

She is always critical of reckless drivers.

I called my lawyer.

The dismantling of the British Empire was relatively peaceful.

The two teams were tied at the finish.

"I need to inspect the wound," said the doctor.

My mind is clear today, thanks to all of yesterday's sleeping.

I'd like to send a telegram.

Pantelis wasn't afraid to get her clothes dirty.

You'll be surprised.

Let me tell you a story.

She is my mother.

Do you think that everything that happens to us is predestined?

What book is this?

He pretended to be a stupid man.

I am as happy as a clam.

Just lie still.

There's nothing physically wrong with him.

If you guys aren't doing anything later, why don't you come over for a cup of coffee?

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Your camera is only half the size of mine.


I met Beth for lunch.


Nobody has ever climbed that mountain.

It's the way that she laughs at herself that endears her to me.

Subra introduced himself to everyone.

The sun had barely risen at the foot of the mountain when she set out alone up the slope.

I just need some rest.

Ilya doesn't know what Rolf has to do.

Are you telling me you've never been to Boston?

I think it's a great idea.

I'm Marty's new secretary.

Making a trip by plane, you must first check in at the airport. You get a boarding card which shows that you are accepted for a certain flight and indicates the number of your seat.

They would kill me if they found out.

We've met a few times before.

What are you trying to prove?

Do you think it'll take a long time?

The only person who doesn't seem to understand is you.

I'm very reserved.

What did Valerie ever do to you?

The same rule applies to going for a journey.

Furthermore, in order to defeat Ganon, Link mends the eight scattered fragments of the triforce of wisdom, in order to have the magic triangle.

Isn't Think supposed to be helping Hector wash the car?

I think Philip will very likely not be here tomorrow.


Tell Soohong to take his time.

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They made their way toward the town.

You must work very hard on duty.

I don't think that there's anything left to fix.

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Kenton said you'd know.

You told me to give it to us.

Our country must develop its natural resources.

One would like to have a collection of last words of famous people.

Have you tried doing this before?


Nobody wanted to go to my country.

For a while, I was really addicted to cola and drank it every day.

I was in a plane crash.

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My mother works as an English teacher, but she's an economist by profession.

Yesterday my bicycle was stolen while I was doing some shopping.

Did you have a good time this afternoon?

I am honored to meet you.

We concluded that mutual aid was essential for attaining the goal.

I'm not used to dealing with people like Elijah.

I failed to go there in time.

Johnathan rushed out the door.

I'm coming right away.


The amount of money we collected was insignificant.


There is no sense in standing when there are seats available.

Do you know what day it is?

Ready, set, go!


I studied for a while in the afternoon.

I respect you more than anyone.

Antony won't go to college.

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It's a matter of national pride.

My ears are bleeding!

This recording is distinguished by a successful synthesis of structural clarity and a manner of music-making based on the affects intrinsic to the music.


The question is who will go there for him.

You're going to like this.

Jared made me want to punch her in the face.