War to Peace – our longest journey

 I was a Vietnam veteran. Now, I am a veteran of the Vietnam War.


I saw myself as a victim and perpetrator of extreme violence. PTSD, moral injury and other psychological wounds of combat defined me.  I am more than that now. Telling my story in stage performances, writing poetry and publishing a novel was a major part of my  healing journey from war to peace.


3 thoughts on “War to Peace – our longest journey”

  1. Tom, You remarked – said something to the effec that I had made you uneasy… You lost me on that curve! How did I… ? Let’s just say that making you anything other than confortable – seeing anything other than a smile on your face is not – would never be my intention! I know – I’m sure you know this. So I must have misunderstood. Drop me a note and let me know how “thier” hanging!

    Yer friend,


  2. You are a thoughtful, intelligent and compassionate artist, Tom. Thank you for sharing all of those things, and your other immense gifts and talents with the world. We need you! Can’t wait to get the book!

  3. Just connected with you on Twitter… I like what you say here about not being defined by what you have endured. I’m not a Veteran but my Grandfather, an immigrant, gained his citizenship by joining the U.S. Army and fighting in the 1st World War. My Dad was partially blind and couldn’t get in the Navy, so he joined the Merchant Marines and shoveled coal back and forth across the Atlantic during the 2nd World War. I have several cousins and friends who went to Vietnam and I’m now surrounded by Veterans from my work with Music for Veterans – so as much as a non-veteran can, I understand what Veterans endure… that’s why I founded the Music for Veterans program. Please check out our site and let me know if there’s anything that I can do to help promote your book.
    Vinny Stefanelli

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