No, but I'll look it up in the dictionary.

You boiled nothing.


I pray every night.

Ask anyone.

That was pretty tough.


Could I ask you a question?

How can I get rid of him?

Saqib wouldn't be pleased.

Where's the light switch?

Walk along the street and turn left at the third intersection.

I have to do it again.

Who's your daddy?

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Geoffrey's parents allow him to do a lot of things that my parents don't allow me to do.

Why did you let her go?

The song always reminds of my childhood.

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Don't bank too much on that business.

You should be careful in your choice of friends.

Did you go in costume this year?

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I was married to a man who looked exactly like your father.

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If you're going to go to France, you should brush up your French.

Theodore is getting ready for work.

I can't get the door open.

This road will lead you to the airport.

The car is turning right.

He is above doing such a thing.

I will live forever.

I want him to do it alone.

What is your favorite language?

Excuse me, how much do these cost?

I changed my position on that.

Oh, that's me!

Mr Brown came to see you were out.

I'm glad you are here.

Eugene lives close to the old railway station.

We shouldn't do this to Byron.

I figure we have a day or two before Ernst gets here.


Please make me a cup of coffee.

London is the capital of the United Kingdom.

Get down.

Nicolo pinched Bobby.

You must be careful in choosing your friends.

In our company, the official language is Japanese.

He's a pain in the ass.


I wrote my dissertation about that.

His breathing became faint.

Owen is inexperienced and makes extreme statements.


This English composition is far from perfect.

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This young couple is in love.

He left for New York a week ago.

I opened the door.

It's rather cold.

Pim tried to stand.

I took care of that.

The teacher said that we are the future of the fatherland.

I've decided to tell the truth.

Hank got some shampoo in his eyes.

I never drink tea with lemon.

Have you ever read the Bible?

The paper is white; the snow is also white. The paper and the snow are white.

They live apart.

Dan went to London and married Linda.

It doesn't seem very far.

Your wife is mad at you.

Raul can't tell the difference between cheap and expensive wine.

It's improved.

The world is changing more and more quickly.

I met Jane by accident.

What's the magic word?


Stop talking out of your ass.

I finally understand.

I have a friend who can speak French fluently.

You're doing well.

He is always day-dreaming.


I am attached to her.


Charlie yanked the rifle out of Jock's hands.

I came here to talk to him.

If you agree to buy 3,000 of them, we'll give you a 3 percent discount.

Brandy looks shaken.

There's no entrance fee.


I can't tell you about it now.


I want to take a closer look.

He probably didn't have sex with her.

Disarmament is sure to make for peace.

I'll wear a white dress.

You don't need to answer this question.


I think Marcia is competent.

As a matter of fact, I haven't eaten anything since this morning.

When it rains, the buses are late more often than not.


The only person you can really rely on is yourself.


I need you to get something for me.

Salt water is more buoyant than fresh water.

The nursery toilet door was shut.

Harv has been cooperating.

The police haven't notified Gregge yet.


Without water, no creature could live.

I love life because what more is there.

Kenn's room is ready.

They are pursuing the robber.

We haven't got long.


Let's go home!

Rafael should move to Boston.

Vince wonders if he'll be able to goodbye without crying.

Great artists have no country.

Celeste looks like he was half expecting this.


Just stay on this path.

That is an epic novel.

I was proud of her.


Here is the bad tooth, it must be extracted.

This horse ran well at every Naadam.

We grew up and World is polluted

Well, you'll regret it.

I need time to think about it.


I like to talk to people in their native languages.

Aaron forced Ramadoss to do it.

I have yet to find a perfect husband.

Lui lives from hand to mouth.

She got off with a slap on the wrist.

I don't have to answer to anyone.

Let me cut the carrots.

In the 27th century, weather control made it rain three hours, once a week, every Thursday.

You could've said no.

Which movie would you like to see?

It's stuffy in here.

Lenora may not be the only one who doesn't know Shadow.

Shirley is playing a game on his phone.

Do you want to say goodbye?

Eskimos have ninety different words for snow.


He studies hard every day.

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I used to collect coasters.

I liked Carl, but I wasn't really his friend.

I hope we're not interrupting anything important.

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The Minister had to face a barrage of questions from the press.

I know that now, naturally, all are waiting for me to share something about my voyage.

I don't do that kind of thing.

I hate mosquitoes, but they seem to love me.

This custom is peculiar to Japan.

I get on well with him.

He has blond hair.

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Down with corrupt politicians.


I kind of liked that.

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She is certain to be surprised.

Why is everyone laughing?

I'm too tired to talk.

Ravindran will do nothing.

When was the last time you saw Dominick?

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That was his personal opinion.

Have I embarrassed you?

Milk goes bad quickly in hot weather.

Chinese food was served in small portions which did not require cutting with a knife or fork.

We'll need to talk to him.

His roommate would blacken her toast until it set off the fire alarm.

They have her sedated.

The two families live under one roof.

Our plane is thirty minutes late.

The biggest problem in Tharen and Torsten's marriage is Harv's mother's interference.

This is happening too fast.

Don't fail to come here by the appointed time.

These are my favorite pair of shoes.

It was sad.

What's the cash limit on this card?


The sweatsuit doesn't fit me anymore.

I've improved my reaction time by almost thirty percent.

She was such a beautiful girl that everybody turned to look at her as she passed.


Just tell me where it is.

Who asked you for help?

The pitcher threw the balled angled towards the batter.

Come as fast as you can.

Adrian is ridiculous.