My daughter's getting all gussied up for her first date.

It was outstanding.

There aren't many books on the shelves.

Monica didn't study a lot.


The water turned into ice.

I let them kiss me.

I find her very pretty.

You are making spare parts in a car factory, aren't you?

Hubert doesn't live with Hienz.

Music has charms to soothe a savage breast.

This is a good show.

Don't bother, I can take care of this myself.

Kirk told Jeff not to go there.


It gets cold day by day in November.

Don't tell him that, or he'll start crying.

Each antibody targets a specific bacteria or virus.

Ning laughed at Merton's jokes.

There's no one in the garden.


You've been there.


He reads a lot.


Suddenly, I blacked out.

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Are they going to have a boy or a girl?

I need help moving the sofa.

Turn on the gas.


To the crow family belong the raven, the rook and the magpie.

She revealed her secret to us.

I certainly don't condone that.

We knew no one.

We're worried about her.

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She needs help.

The young Russian geologist hammered off a piece of the stone and minutely examined it. "Basalt!" - he cried rapturously, passing a fragment of the rock to his German colleague.

I'll notify you when it's ready.


Did you really plan to do this all yourself?

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What's your fetish?


Let me do my job.

From that moment on, the town was recognized as Esteban's town.

That's not what we had in mind.

Show me the person who loves you.

In severe weather, it's best to stay indoors.

I'm sometimes in a bad temper.

Nancy was to show up at the place, but she didn't make it.

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He tossed his dirty clothes on the floor.


Why would Rathnakumar be at school today?

It was a reasonable law.

You had better apologize to him for that failure in some way or other.

Did you let him know about our little get-together this evening?

The cat came near being run over by a truck.


I refused absolutely.

So all you need is good cheese and a jar of black cherry jam.

Keep up the good work, Juergen.


You said you were going to help me.

How tall do most palm trees grow?

The report is incorrect.

When did he become an adult?

Did Jinchao get any gifts?

In two years, the company has more than doubled in size.

I felt it was fair.


She made use of all the left-overs.

I wasn't conscious of anyone watching me.

What have you got so far?

Sandip has always helped me.

Jinchao is one of our clients.


Why don't you get something to eat?

I forgot to stick a stamp on the envelope.

You're going to make me blush.

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Gerald killed the spider.

America was at war in 1864.

Are you artistic?

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I have a lot of photos.


I thought you'd all gone and left me.


Matthieu doesn't seem very tired.

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This book is too large to go in my pocket.

He's a few years younger than I am.

There's nowhere left to sit.

He was sick, so he couldn't come.

I'm afraid to go first, it's too dark.

I told Blair that the party wouldn't be much fun.

The apple looked good, but the inside was rotten.

This morning, I saw an angel.

I like lots of butter on my toast in the morning.

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Her wound seems to be mortal.

Do we need special permission?

I went fishing in the river.


I did it without you.


That was exciting to see.


I gave him one of those.

Jagath spent the weekend by himself.

Would you like to see the plans?

Dirk's wife always stays home with the kids.

Try not to laugh.

That suits me.

I've been feeling sick for the last three days.

I asked him if he wanted a watch.

The Yangtze at 6,380 km is Asia's longest river.

I want a full evaluation as soon as possible.

My neighbors are hogging the laundry room in my apartment building again.

Angela is hardly listening.

I bet you can't do this.

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The computer doesn't work.

There was once a girl who stepped on a loaf of bread to avoid soiling her shoes, and the misfortunes that happened to her in consequence are well known.

Jail is where criminals go to be punished.

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I'm using this room as a storeroom.

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That isn't a secret anymore.

It's always interesting in Boston.

I tried to get out from the cage.

You don't need to pay for your lunch.

Only the most impeccable dishes are served to the royal family.

I have been to London before.

They provided food for the war victims.


Are you prepared for that?

The prices have gone down.

Lucifer takes a shower every morning before breakfast.

Form a straight line!

We can't just leave him behind.

From the look of the sky, the typhoon will probably be raging in all its fury about this time tomorrow.

They sat down next to her.

Besides, do we marvel at Naples?

I have gas indigestion.

I have something that I'd like to say.

I have to get away from here.

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I'm doing it in spite of you.

We must be loyal to our principles.

I'm going to Malus's house to study.

I still want to talk to you.

Do you want tea or coffee?

It is very good of you to say so.

His sudden death was a tragedy.

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Sometimes people eat too fast.

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She needn't have come to the meeting.

You are not allowed to enter that room.

In 1497, John Cabot explored Canada.


Never halloo till you are out of the woods.

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I've been practicing.

Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Do you ever think of me?

Everything is on the house.

Which do you speak more often, French or English?


You really shouldn't bother to do that.

Byron was arrested for assault.

Last night, we watched television together.


In those days, few people went to college.

Jeanette put his hat on and went outside.

Major's house has been completely destroyed.

You're such an idiot!

You should've seen Swamy dance.

Elwood didn't work alone.

I make an honest living.


My dad doesn't let me drive.

Give me a hoist.

She is going to learn how to drive.


I will not allow you to use my pen.


Which do you like?

I'm so bad at it.

I love this store.

He is the picture of his father.

You can't stop Rajarshi.

We came up with some interesting ways to surprise her on her birthday.

Don't be such a tightwad!

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I don't think so.