The data is incorrect.

Take my advice.

Lots of women both run a home and go out to work.

I don't think I'll make the grade if I try to play professional baseball.

It's work.

Sunil really didn't need them.

A light morning breeze was blowing across the road.

I don't usually do that.

Serdar was very much involved in his work.

Deposit your money in the bank.


Was this basement thoroughly searched?

I love the smell of coffee in the morning.

I know it's against the law.

Between them, India and Brazil produce over half the world's papaya.

You might want to think about this a little bit longer.

If it were not for water, there would be no life on the earth.

Jerrie may not be as good at French as you think.


I saw Shin'ichi in Kakogawa yesterday.

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Show me a man who lives alone and has a perpetually clean kitchen, and eight times out of nine I'll show you a man with detestable spiritual qualities.

I didn't realize you were so good at French.

How long do I have?

Have you ever heard her talk?

My house looks toward the sea.

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I'll give you a lesson that you'll remember for a long while.

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The racial prejudice that used to be rampant in America has, to a considerable degree, metamorphosed into cultural prejudice. Those infected will say of a Black friend: "She's different"--meaning the cultural stereotypes they find objectionable do not apply.

Kill that bear with a rifle.

He's three years older than her.

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We need a large amount of coal.


We're shy.

This is driving me crazy.

Let me try to talk to her.


Gretchen and Loren went on a cruise near Italy for their honeymoon, but the ship sank and Sally was drowned in his cabin.

Daren wasn't surprised that Kristi was afraid.

Who do you think is the tennis GOAT?

The child of the lady next door is already seven years old.

That movie stinks!

Tell me a phrase with that word.

Ramen is very popular in Japan.

If I tell you a story, will you go to sleep?

Show Duncan the picture.

Can this get any worse?

Who was this book written by?


I never realized Masanao was interested in French.

Before I go to sleep, I listen to music.

Why would I want to do that?

Hills and fields cloaked in spring colors.

Just the other day, with no time to send for help, many people lost their lives.

I should go back to my seat.

He gave in his project late.


I was a bit disappointed.

I hate my neighbor.

He is a scholar, and ought to be treated as such.


I found something I think you should see.

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Would you like to run your own business?


I have a friend in Boston.

Polly began to worry about Miles.

What the heck do you expect to achieve, constantly doing this kind of thing? Aren't there more ways to go about it?

Can I go swimming this afternoon?

It's very improbable.

I was trying to find them.

My watch isn't running right.

Break it!

Be sure to put out the fire before you leave.

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I'm curious about his past.


Which bed do you want to use?


I've lost my crown.

I am fond of soccer, rugby, football, and so on.

Martyn is the best candidate for the job.


The restaurant was quiet.

I'm going to go get some food.

Half of them don't work.


They're on their own.

I feel happy.

His mother is American.


Leith knows the names of all his customers.

I hope you know what you're doing.

If your honor wants to, we'll go.

I wonder how much we'll have to pay.

There's so much I want to tell you.


We were just friends.

Guess how much that cost me.

It was certain that he saw her there on a certain day.

I told you I was married.

I'll find a way to make it happen.

Could you translate this document into French?

We could understand each other.

I've never seen her so angry.

This ring is a magic item that gives great power to its user.

I've been worried sick about you.

Your spirit has fallen into the hell.

This decision was hard.

Kitty and Himawan hid their relationship from their parents.

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I like it more and more.

The father, who is on business travel, always write to the son.

I knew what was in his mind, just as he knew what was in mine; and killing being out of the question, we did the next best.


I'll ask around and see if I can find out if anyone has ideas on how to solve the problem.


I guess I didn't want to disappoint you.

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It was an extremely cruel war.

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Sho argued with Hienz.

My office is a pigsty!

Finally, it's snowing!

You must tighten the knot.

You're perfect the way you are.


Whatever will become of his wife if he does not return?

"Have you reserved a hotel room?" "Sorry, not yet."

A standard 12 oz can of cola contains 1.38 oz of sugar.

I did what Teresa wanted me to do.

He can drive a car.


Focus on one thing and do it well.


Tarmi dropped Tait off in front of John's.

I wish I had Jones's brains.

Dan is not a member of your club.


I risked everything.

I just now found this.

It's not nice being lied to.

You're such a hypocrite.

I really don't have time for this right now.

Please do this immediately.

I didn't see you come in.


They were lost at sea, at the mercy of wind and weather.

A Mr. Sato came to visit while you were out.

Sharpen your pencil.

Dan must have been scared.

I don't want a boyfriend.

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Should we get them?


Suresh doesn't have permission to do that.

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The manager threw in the towel in defeat and planned how to win the next game.


Would you mind my smoking here?


Srikanth will die.


Ageing isn't good, but the alternative is no better.

More roads were made, and the countryside was divided into lots.

Gary lived here for three years.

I need a new computer.

Custom, then, is the great guide of human life.


Triantaphyllos's bedroom is cleaner than mine.


Grant never lies.

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Let's rest for a few minutes.

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It's obvious what has to happen.

Does anybody have a kleenex?

The ball hit the fence.

Hand me that jar.

They're hard to make.


Danny is a great warrior.


There's something for you to do.

We found trouble everywhere.

I didn't know what Merton had done.


Is this a newspaper or a magazine?

Does a Roman cat have a Roman meow?

They could have done it.

Maarten plays in a band with Hwa.

I've never forgiven Clifford.

And who would not act the same way?

This is a collector's item.

My life has changed.

I have got two telephones: one is a mobile phone, another is a landline.