We have a natural desire to want to help others.

It didn't happen all at once.

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You're just jealous.

Let's give the book to whoever wants it.

She likes to read.

I have a lot of flowers. Some are red and some are yellow.

I think we should talk about this now.

These machines are distinguished by particularly high-quality workmanship.

Kyung gave it to us.


Excuse me for a second.

The trip will take some five hours.

He was looking for a good job.

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We can't just ignore this problem.

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Jianyun drank lemonade.

He played an important role on the committee.

I would get beat

Bonnie would never tell me what to do.

Drywall is made from gypsum.


Let's not ever try doing that again.

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It isn't safe for us to remain in this area.


The tablecloth on our dining room table is white.

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Mark bought presents for his children.

His departure means that there will be peace in the house.

My nephew ate bread with tomato sauce on it.


Both men and women won the tennis championship.


I met two foreigners, one was from Canada, and the other from England.

He's not faking it.

She is not only well known in India, but is also well known in China.

Love is terrified of everything that is not itself.

I recovered from my illness.

They feared being overheard.

Most of the consonants are pronounced like those in English.

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You should leave here at once.

What a beautiful dress you have on!

The part of the queen does not suit her.


Your face makes me punch you.

Japan's exports to the entire world topped $314 billion in 1998.

It won't do us any harm if we talk the matter over.

Is that dog male or female?

The meeting is almost over.

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I think Sanjeev's interested in me.

I haven't seen her in a long time.

He was framed on a murder charge.

It's very kind of you to put it that way.

He refuses to listen to me.

Are you ready to admit you're wrong?

Our solar system has an elliptical shape and is part of a galaxy known as the Milky Way.

Hohn is parking the van.

Who is the author of these books?


Dylan and I are Canadians.


Chizuko said, "A crane is supposed to live for one thousand years."

Spartacus was a Roman slave.

Nobody talks to me anymore.

I hope Pascal will understand me.

I like to buy clothes.

I wonder if List has a girlfriend.

How soon can I meet Tollefsen?


My French is shitty.

She deliberately ignored me on the street.

Can I go to school?

This plant has some burnt leaves.

Sigurd likes me the most.

She's actually one of the only people I do trust.

I have done everything I was supposed to do.

I think I hurt Pierette's feelings.

Such actions are alien to our beliefs.

This is a picture of the airport.

She is always hard at work.

Are you telling me you're the one who assaulted Kyle?

I was having so much fun.

How kind of you!

She will pay for everything.

He was tired, so he went to bed earlier.

We are young.

You won't believe what Anderson just did.

Even though Sriram understood what was going on, he pretended that he didn't.

Audrey may not be in Boston.

Take a high-speed train for a long trip.

She beat the shit out of him.

Is it anything serious?

Paper production remained a state secret for a long time.

The policeman stood like a statue with his arms folded across his chest.

I've had it. All I've done today is handle complaints.

Why is that funny?


Part is lying on the sofa, reading a book.


We traveled through the south of the France.

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I don't want to disappoint Raghu.

Did you take any other pictures of Murray?

The long vacation will give him back his health.


The only way on Earth to multiply happiness is to divide it.

Kent needs an umbrella.

We were left without gas when we were on our way.

I didn't want to believe it myself.

Why don't I have a boyfriend?

My baby can walk.

That is a leather belt.

It might be a good idea to get some sleep.

Thanks for coming from so far away!

There is no simple road to success.

If we don't hit the road soon, we'll get caught in the morning rush hour traffic.

How hard would that be?

Why would anyone want to kiss you?


I think it's a fair decision.

I still think Sue will win.

You're a fucking idiot!

What he did was against humanity.

There are no survivors.

Floria pulled the doors shut.

Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat for a white passenger.

What color is this?

This hotel is better than that hotel.

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Andries used the car jack.

It was not until yesterday that he was free of debt.

There are innumerable stars in the galaxy.

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She put on her sweater.


This is serious.

Oranges contain a lot of vitamin C.

Milo didn't seem totally convinced.

Ronald used to do that.

He fouled because he pushed over the other player.

I forget to telephone him.

Cecilia wants me to go to Boston with him.

You could've sent Matthieu some money.

I don't know what to feed my dog.

We must ask for a broom to sweep the floor.

I feel the same way about you.


I promise to leave Barry alone.

She has no one to wait on her.

I'm going to my grandmother's.

We asked him on the interphone if he could come downstairs quickly.

Heinrich will want to know more.


Let's finish it right away.


You'll do the right thing. I'm sure of it.

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I watch television before I study.


With verbs there are intransitive verbs that don't take an object, and transitive verbs that do take an object.

That wouldn't change a thing.

I shall let you see that.

The boat anchored near the shore.

Eva needs help.

I don't want to lose my job.

She stayed at home all day instead of going out.

Talking of classical music, who is your favorite composer?

You could've talked to me first.

Where do you think Louiqa is right now?

You'll never defeat us.


I just want to say hello.

She's a cat lover.

Anatoly went to tell Marcos the good news.

I found out why Kanthan was late.

Not only was he a doctor, he was also a very famous novelist.

You should come by sometime.

I expect The will be a finalist.

I looked at the calendar on the wall.

There was a storm, and snow began whirling through the street.


What's it they're building?

Roland told Joyce that she looked beautiful.

Where did Lowell have to go?


Parents should deal fairly with their children.

Did Vassos listen to everything you said?

That cake is delicious.

The chess pieces are pawn, knight, bishop, rook, queen, and king.

He is in fear of the dog.

What should I name it?

Jisheng is a convicted drug dealer.


Police pressed Manny to talk.


The police want to question you.