Snow is white, soot is black.

This is a very tall tree.

Loyd took the old dog out behind the barn and shot it.

What are you guys talking about?

I shall not change my mind, whatever happens.

Nobody knows where Sanjeev has gone.

The two men fought for a long time.

She folded her arms over her chest.

I can always sleep wherever I am.

She spoke too quickly, so I couldn't understand.

Should I have one?

I think that's very clear.

After sunset, a thin mist appeared over the field.

To my mind this marionette is dead and gone; but if, by any evil chance, he were not, then that would be a sure sign that he is still alive!

Sanjib noticed that Tuan was following him.

I just gave him one.


Let's play hide and seek.

The curtain was up and the performance had started.

I was kind of shocked.


Gunnar dozed off to sleep.


Would you care for more cookies?


Sumitro has invited me to come and stay with him in Boston.

Lievaart picked up his keys.

Everything is going to be alright tomorrow.

Keep your eye on him.

Make a brief summary of your points at the end of the speech.

The boy tried eating with chopsticks.

Sue is very attentive.

Floyd looks miserable.

You have to fill out an application for admission to the hospital at the front desk.

Please don't feed the monkey.

They lied to me.


Can't you do anything?

Don't worry, I'll help you. Just take it easy.

I was looking for Travis, but Tim found me first.

Can I see it before I go?

For most people, reward comes from other people, not from themselves.

The island was inhabited by a fishing people.

They told me to stay in the car.

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I feel terrible, but I've just broken your ashtray.

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I'm two years younger than him.


I saw her die.

I've been trying to reach Alf.

He told me to meet him there.

I don't know what he knows.

Is there anything else I should know?


He is a reporter for Time magazine.

Have you finished ordering?

Is that okay?


The sum of 5 and 2 is 7.

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No wonder he was arrested.


When was the last time you missed the train?

I'd love to know everything about you.

The prisoners are threatening to go on a hunger strike.

Could you just go help them?

How old is Laurie?

What a lovely day it is today!

I must say, his behaviour is exemplary.

Ritalynne moved cautiously.

She can't speak English, much less French.


Your assumption that his death was an accident seems to be wrong.


Why would Maureen worry?

So what should I do now?

Don't forget to tell her.

Lorry swims well.

That is not my line.

I don't understand the question.

He and I are childhood friends.

Stuart didn't have the courage to ask Susumu out.

If you ate fewer burgers, you'd probably be healthier.

Brandon was sitting on the couch with Clara watching TV.

Norbert showed his stamp collection to Gunter.

I was supposed to go to school.

I could not persuade him that it was true.


Excluding Barack Obama, all US presidents were white.

As the baby was born, the Tanaka had to hire a part-timer.

I'm restless.

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Rogue shoved his stuff into the backpack.

Writing is a lonely way of life. You shut yourself up in your study and work and work.

All the lights went out.

Can I see what's in your bag?

I need to know everything that you know about Masanao.


The boy knows how to disassemble the toy.


We are going to the mountains.

Mr. Jarvis Lorry, are you a clerk in Tellson's bank?

I never really was on your side.

What did you eat for lunch yesterday?

I can look at that if you like.


He made the coffee too strong.


The engine wouldn't start.

We need a coordinated effort.

Sanjay moved to Boston.


He has just come home.

You use a glass mirror to see your face: you use works of art to see your soul.

Come sit with us, Niall.

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Why is everyone so quiet?

Jock traveled around Australia.

Sundaresan didn't sound as excited as Shai did.

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Would you help me for a minute?

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Francois had no desire to live in Boston.

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The accident happened two years ago.

You should do the honorable thing and resign.

I dreamed that I was buying this guitar.

Do you want to study in Germany?

That could've hit me.

Unfortunately, I find myself forced to cancel my lecture.

Tovah didn't seem mad.


Was there anybody in the car?


I know I love you.


Rayan lives in a trailer.

Can you tell me more about your family?

I'm going because I want to.

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I don't fully agree with you.

The Cassini spacecraft went into orbit around Saturn in July 2004. It will study the planet, its ring system, and many of its moons for at least 4 years.

He drowned in the ocean.

My major is medieval European history.

The ice may drift considerable distances each day.

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I guess it's not true.


David just broke up with Gerard last weekend.


I would rather be poor than make money by dishonest means.

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At last the hyenas chased the lions from their prey.

Where's my brandy?

Les puts aside some money each week.

I believe his name is Roger.

Steen works fast.

Even you would have helped us.

I meant it to be used as a textbook.

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Don said I made him cry.

Shona has wavy hair.

I would like to go to sleep now.

Don't always take sides with Tobias.

I'm meeting them for breakfast.

Can I hug you?

He removed himself from that murder case.

I go skiing very often.

They're exhausted.


I need peace and quiet after a busy day at work.

Weren't you expecting me?

My friend was beside himself with anger.


I fancied that I heard a noise.

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The next morning, we ate breakfast together.

Meeks has been doing that for years.

I'm old-fashioned.

A horse can run very fast.

She is always forgetting my phone number.

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Shamim can come over to my house and practice on my piano if he wants to.

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It was very kind of you to lend me an umbrella.

I'll be waiting for him.

That is why so many people are suffering from famine.

We'll never let you down.

Not all of the passengers escaped injury.

My mistake!

He prefers his poems to mine.

The speaker should stand where everyone can see him.

However, Beth seems to be indifferent to Chris's grief.


That isn't the same thing.

And they brought us whole binders full of women.

Don't be a baby.

Your money is like a ghost, living in a centralized computer.

My father is a good speaker of English.