Pay Rent.
Get Rewards.

Just because you're a renter doesn't mean you have to be a second-class citizen. You get rewards when you fly, pay your credit card, or just about everything else...

So why not for your single biggest monthly expense: the rent!

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An Easier
Way to Rent

An Easier
Way to Rent

Become a Rentcentives Member today and you can easily pay your rent the click of a button - anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Pay Rent Online

Pay Rent.
Build Credit.

Your credit score is mission critical if you ever want financial freedom in your future - you know, buy a car, apply for a mortgage... you get the idea. Now each time you pay rent on time it positively affects your credit score. Isn't it crazy that you don't get credit for your biggest single expense?!?!

That's About To Change

Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Protection

S#&% happens! That's why we created RenterAssist - to connect you with the best lending partner based on your unique financial situation to get you the funds you need.


Lifestyle Protection
For Renters

Did you know that 70% of renters don't have Renter's Insurance? Don't get caught out in the rain when disaster strikes. We will match you with the best Renter's Insurance based on what's right for you.

What people are saying about us
I am SO glad I don't have to mail checks anymore!
I got a killer 'welcome basket' of gift cards.
I can't believe I get something back for paying Rent.
How did this not exist before???
Finally I can build credit for my biggest monthly expense.
Time to throw out my checkbook!


1. Make a Payment

Easily pay rent with either Credit, Debit or ACH. You can pay when you want, or set auto-pay.

2. Rent Delivered

We then guarantee payment to your landlord as long as you pay Rent on time.

3. Get Points

It's simple... Every time you pay rent, you get Reward Points.

4. Shop Rewards

Use your points to get the stuff you need. Select from the brands you know and love.

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