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I heard they found her guilty.

I've got to get back to the office by 2:30.

I just heard an interesting story about Claudia.


Neither is beautiful.

I still don't understand why that happened.

He explained why the experiment failed.

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I also have doubts about that.


I'm having dinner with Stewart tomorrow.


What's the restaurant's speciality?

He fears his own shadow.

I didn't think about it too much.


Mongo knew I was busy.

This agreement was confirmed by three companies.

Do you ride the train to work?

You probably do this all the time.

Just ask Olson.

The farm includes 160 acres.

They arrested him.


Good work, Rusty.

I suggest that we eat now unless you're not hungry yet.

He agreed to be here at 6.

Bring Mikael over.

In China, there are 56 minorities.

He was still mad about the accident despite his wife's conciliatory words.

Aimee doesn't know when Craig came to Boston.


I don't think they've found out about Casey yet.

I'll be singing a song at Hilda and Alejandro's wedding.

The box isn't empty.


The kids are all fired up.


Ken is a better driver than I am.

Both of us are their lovers.

Who turned off the light?

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I can't stop thinking about Jeremy.

Keep quiet and behave well!

I'm not scared of Susanne.


Keep down, or you'll be shot.


He once mentioned a long time ago that he had boundaries that I could never cross. Now that we're apart, I realize what he said was largely a warning in disguise.

I ache all over.

The others can't be bothered.


You had better relax a bit.

This device produces electricity.

I'm still busy.

The army has lost control over the international airport.

My boss doesn't think I am equal to the job.


I can teach you something.

Don't make the same mistake twice.

Sergei turned off the light.


Haven't you ever heard of Rio de Janeiro?

I am not able to do that because I don't have enough money.

My father is proud of me being tall and handsome.


Filiberto is a man who is more than forty years old.


You won't be ready.

Gary will have been in Japan for six years next month.

I ran ahead to warn everybody.


I think we can go on our way now.

Don't antagonize him.

You've run out of things to drink.

How long have you been abroad?

I don't know who he is.


There is a mass of dark clouds in the sky.

Liz is writing a letter now.

The spell of drought did severe damage to the harvest.

Why didn't you even visit Germany?

How close is too close?

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The cat has pursued the mouse.

The very thought is abhorrent to me.

He was promoted to the position of school principal.

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Would you like a glass of orange juice with your breakfast?


It's very popular.

She sells sea shells in Chelsea.

We all held our breath while we watched it.

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You seem like such a nice girl.

We have been dating for three months.

George has two cousins; one lives in Germany and the other in Switzerland.

He kept on telling lies.

She has a set of irregular teeth.

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People keep saying that he's beautiful, but really, he isn't.

I'm sick of English.

I found something that I think you might want to read.

Your fingerprints were found on the gun.

Then the King could not restrain himself; he sprang towards her, and said, "You can be none other than my dear wife." She answered, "Yes, I am your dear wife," and at the same moment she received life again, and by God's grace became fresh, rosy, and full of health.

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You'll never take me alive!

I got rich.

There's no need to pay.

We can't get her on the phone.

Marian arrived this morning.

I have only one question.

The train I was on gathered speed.

You're the doctor.

Are there any girls here you haven't met yet?

I want you to kiss me.

I was born in Tokyo on the eighth of January in 1950.

Letter writing is becoming a lost art.

I am the plaintiff in that trial.

Carolyn filled out the application for me.

Rod bought three pairs of socks.

Tammy wants to eat lunch now.

Pay attention to what you're doing.

He wanted to reduce the tax on imports.

I would never betray you!


I think I can explain what the problem is.

This bus doesn't stop here.

Such measures were not necessary.

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Science is based on very careful observations.

Things like this wouldn't happen to you if you'd follow my advice.

I understand the way you feel.

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You make a nice couple.


One kiss or two?

Give me your address.

He mentioned to me that he would go shopping in Shibuya.

We had to stay home because of the storm.

Silence is strength.

We have to obey the rules.

Guys, I'm really mad at you.

Rice farming has been developed to a high degree in Japan.

Your soil is in need of amending.

To want means to be able.

Thinking about her future, she is unsettled.


Our meeting rarely starts on time.

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Do it by all means.

The band is now doing a sound check.

Is ten thousand yen enough?

I want her to know that.

You guys should go do something.

The poet committed suicide in his study.

Fritz will be back in about three hours.

She would have called me if she'd had my phone number.

I will eat the meat.

The song of nightingales is very beautiful.

I don't want to have kids, but I want to get married.

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How long did you say you were in Boston?

Norman has lived in Boston all his life.

If a tiger should come out of the cage, what would you do?

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You can't wear that hat to school.

It's right above you.

I completely forgot about her.


She enclosed a photo.

I was at Lonhyn's concert.

My real name has nothing to do with my nickname.


This isn't the same car I had three years ago.

This dictionary is up to date.

He tried to solve the problem, which he found very difficult.

Paula forgot to pay the bill.

I think Terrance would be a good name.


How do you want to be polite with people like him?

My family subscribes to a newspaper.

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio has been elected pope.

They're made for each other.

What is it you hope to find?

The hardest thing in life is knowing which bridges to cross and which bridges to burn.

She is going to have a baby.

After much debate, it was decided that to be a planet in our solar system, an object must be in orbit around the Sun, have enough mass so that it has become round in shape due to its own gravity, and have cleared out its orbital path around the Sun.

Felix gets a haircut about three times a year.

She helped her friends.

You are watering the garden, aren't you?

Jakob appears satisfied.

Can you give me a lift to the station?

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A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

Do you really want to know what happened?

She wanted to buy the book.


He often mistakes the time, and is late for his appointments.