I told Celeste that I wasn't tired.

He lost his parents in a plane accident.

Sandeep doesn't speak much, but when he does, everybody listens.


They told me I had to help you.


You must be absolutely quiet.


I don't want that anymore.

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The song "Dang Me" was written and recorded by Roger Miller in 1965.

Elisabeth never speaks unless spoken to.

Joe purged himself of the suspicion.

They don't understand French at all.

I hear my uncle died of cancer.

Silence is worth gold, but not when you're trying to learn a foreign language.

We had three tries and failed each time.


The most important thing about relations with the opposite sex is not how good the other person is, but that they treat you well.


I am under the blanket.

I've already started studying French.

She doesn't speak three foreign languages.

It is not for us to live in such a fine house.

You must be superior to me in this skill.

She is all in all to me.

This story is interesting, funny and even exciting.

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I'll be sure to let you know.

I always think of him when I'm alone.

May I speak to Bill?

The island's unique flora and fauna must be protected.

Gary hid the book below his pillow.


He had thought to marry her.

The function of the press is to provide the common people with facts.

We'll play a game.

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He knows how to sing in Japanese.

If you order tonkatsu at that place, it also comes with a mountain of cabbage.

I made some bunny-shaped cookies.

I don't have to sell my house.

I think you're missing something.


We've got no proof Dirk did this.

Do you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend? Where did you meet them?

She tends to underestimate her own ability.

The police arranged an ambush to catch the mugger.

I'm not playing a game.


This is expensive.

Kriton isn't my problem.

The color of the carpet is in harmony with the wall.

Dawn isn't going back with you.

Morgan is a creative guy.


There is a lot of pressure on women to be thin.


That was unexpected.

Valentin is probably in his room.

You can't force me to do anything I don't want to do.

It's hard to surprise me.

The talk was peppered with scientific jargon that no one understood.

I should've told him sooner.

You will be welcome at any time.

I hear that Nelken now works at the same company as Elisabeth does.

Today I did not eat as I feel so sick.

The weather is sure to be wet.

Your new dress looks very good on you.


I won't get an email from anyone today.

This is an extremely serious matter.

She advised him not to borrow money from his friends.

As innocent as a babe unborn.

It's difficult to transplant an old tree.

That's the second time I proved the answer key wrong.

The longest night will have an end.

Toby wasn't in the office.

Where will you go next?

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It begins at six-thirty.

Mitsuna is very tidy so she often cleans up without being asked.

I assumed you'd want me to pay.

How do I get to the airport?

The police found nothing to link Dan to the robbery.


That man stole my wallet.


He didn't seem suspicious.

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After the residents leave, the house is empty.

Keep them away from us.

I never thought I'd be this busy.

I just want to have a normal date.

The lemons are cheap.


She likes money.


Go along this street, and you'll find the movie theater.

She read the letter over and over again.

The situation is dire.

I don't like their language.

Burr made secret deals with a number of people.

The boy was naked to the waist.

I can't believe he just said that.

Phiroze might possibly have stayed in Boston.

When I came to Japan, I burned my bridges.

Both partners are taking more time and care to enjoy their sexual experience to the fullest.

I have a dictionary in my hand.

"Have you finished?" "No, I haven't even started."

Boston is almost three hours from here.

We have to figure out what our options are.

You were singing.

In an emergency you can fall back on your savings.

I take partial responsibility.

Don't you realize what Masanao is doing?

They destroyed stores and factories.

Today is one of my friends' birthday.

The committee proposed almost forty changes.

Do you believe that the universe began as a small ball of fire?

Don't you have an interesting face?


Suyog came by car.

They left me in charge.

No one likes to be talked about behind their back.


Art took too many liberties when he was here.

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Jeany won't start his day without a serving of his morning cereal.

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Do you know what I did?

You must try somewhere else.

Can you tell me what he said?

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I meant to call her, but I forgot to.

Shahid didn't think that it would take a long time to complete the project.

Turn toward me, please.

Collin overheard John and Wes's conversation.

I want the fan.


She is doing her hair simply.

Shall we go out?

Taking too many selfies signifies a lack of sex.

It's going to be the best.

It was a mere chance that I found it.

Could you cancel my reservation?

I'm not accusing anyone in particular.

Everyone makes their own interests.

The eagle flies through the sky.

I don't get what the author means there.

He grasped the hatchet to peel off the bark and shape the wood.

The horses eat grass.

I can't let anything happen to Mat.

Have you ever felt dizzy on a plane?

Susanne's gluttony knows no bounds.

I feel like I've known Debi forever.

This flag is very pretty.

Write your name.

Shatter wasn't the one who killed Spy.


Have you already heard that your firm has won the tender?


She hasn't called.


The room started to spin after I drank too much.

This place smells like a locker room.

Do you need me, Kelly?

Srinivasan was thirty years old at that time.

They told Andrew that he had to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

Let's not rush it.

We very much enjoyed the meal we had at her home last Sunday.

Nylon stockings often run.

Firefighters are trying desperately to reach the scene of the accident. Let's hope they arrive before it's too late!


Tell me why you didn't do what I asked you to do.

It serves you right.

Suits in both stripes and solids can be found at most fine suit stores.

I don't think Rusty is ever going to get married.

I shouldn't have sold my car.

It isn't a dream.

Anything Travis told us could be a lie.

Cliff was injured in the explosion.

Roxane said he wants to meet you.


That sounds like a very good deal.

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Have you guys ever met?

They agreed to look into the causes of the accident.

Why did your father beat you?

I want to move to Antarctica.

They blamed him for the accident.

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I've got some new information.

Please speak as clearly as possible.

Will you shut your mouth or not?

Tracy started walking down the stairs.

When does the magazine come out?

Hugh doesn't seem to want our help.

Scott would like to speak with you.