Three years have passed since I was in Boston.

It was an excellent game.

Orville decided to go ahead and ask Michel the question he had been wanting to ask.

Erick is a head taller than me.

He made a sand sculpture.

I prepared breakfast for Dee.

Don't flush yet, we've been cut out the water supply.

She was exactly like a child. She wanted to be with me always.


Shirley has hundreds of books.


Do you hear from her often?


Peggy spent all day looking around antique shops.

Are you a bachelor?

Can you ride a horse?

He isn't actually the manager.

We must work hard to break down social barriers.


If someone who doesn't know your background says that you sound like a native speaker, it means they probably noticed something about your speaking that made them realize you weren't a native speaker. In other words, you don't really sound like a native speaker.

Let's take a short cut.

Where do I come in?

How late did Petr work yesterday?

What was in it for you?

I don't necessarily support misanthropy.

You little runt!

I know exactly what I'm doing.

I really dig that singer.

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We have you to thank for that, Samir.

She's a police officer.

Damone is very good at French, isn't he?

One of us has to do it.

I want you to look for them.


I had back surgery a couple of months ago.

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Isn't it a bit small?


I didn't do anything for Shirley.

I have been studying English for four years.

I'm waiting for something to happen.

Stay cool and keep going.

I'd like my coffee weak.

Keep our eyes peeled.

The one who serves at the table is called a waiter.


Claudia lives in a nursing home.

Hal said he had been busy.

It's two miles from here to the station.

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When I was a child I would get so excited the night before a school excursion that my heart would be pounding and I couldn't sleep.

If only it could rain gold!

Why are you so sure?

I kind of like him.

She has three sisters: one is a nurse and the others are teachers.

Florian is away for the weekend.

Is she a good person?

Randell and Grace were both smiling.

The light is completely blocked out by the big tree.

The prisoners were treated with monstrous cruelty.

Vincent thinks that he's Tolerant's boyfriend, but Darin thinks that he's just a friend.

I think we should let Herbert get some rest.

Nanda is fighting cancer.

You know quite a lot about Sumo.

What do you suppose happened?

When we set out, it was raining, but when we arrived, the sun was shining.

It is contrary to the morals.

Would you like to explain that?

There are many big cities in Brazil.

At first many things seemed different, but I soon got involved in my new life.

Do you have the latest version?

Mikey will think of something.

His body is perfect.

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Tell me why I have to do this.

I'm to the east of the west.

Sanjib closed all the windows.

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Michiel makes enough to pay his bills.


I've never seen your house.

I am from Shizuoka.

I'm going to call him right now.

Would it be better to start early?

Why can't we just leave right now?

These are his pens.

Roxane managed to make both ends meet.

In Alaska you can see natural phenomena like the aurora, right?

A politician should serve the people.

He who risks nothing, gains nothing.

You sound funny.

This was the coldest winter in twenty years.

The SS Star of the North was a large schooner-rigged cargo steamer, strongly built of iron in watertight compartments, and of nearly two thousand horsepower.


Everyone has both strong and weak points.

We knew them very well.

Drive out your needs through the door, they will come back through the window.

The artist's drawing was drawn with charcoal.

This word better fits here.


He grabbed my ass!

Sentences can teach us a lot. And a lot more than just words.

I'm your assistant.

Who's going to tell us?

Before TV cameras, they emptied bottles of Bordeaux wine into the gutter - crying out slogans against the France that had rejected the war in Iraq.

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Lawrence is decisive.

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Tell me what you want me to buy for you.

Address the matters, and not the people involved.

Why are you showing me this?


Could you repeat that again?

I didn't want to do this, but Jeffery insisted.

He is, without question, the best man for the job.


He said they wanted to fight until every black man was free.

To succeed in the 21st century, we must have the most dynamic, educated workforce in the world; that education has to start early in life.

Why did you shoot them?


She was lucky to find her keys.

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I want to have a talk with him.

He offered to carry my books.

Our teacher is someone who likes precision, and always demands precise answers of her students.

Tran witnessed the accident.

We always want what we don't have.

Lieutenant Dan Anderson carefully collected samples for DNA testing.

Cathy seemed to be praying to himself.

You had better take your umbrella in case.

You said you were alone, did not you?


I don't recommend doing it that way.

Now off with you to school!

I have a friend who can speak French fluently.


How many guitar lessons have you had so far?

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My watch is very precise.


Gilles exhaled.


Son has to take it easy.

What's all this fuss about?

First of all, we must dismiss him.

That would be a good start.

What exactly do you want us to do?

Let's start with the easiest question.

You need to learn to listen to our advice.

Joe's idea for a new kind of car will make him filthy rich.

Paris wouldn't be Paris without the Eiffel Tower.


No sailboat is faster than this one.


The house got painted.

What have you done with her?

Lord makes way too many snide remarks. That's perhaps why he doesn't have very many friends.


Danielle can speak a little French.


Dawn never would've thought of that.

I don't think you've broken any bones.

I will keep your advice in mind.

I did not want to do that.

If they won't listen to reason, we'll have to resort to force.

Don't give up hope.

That's how Major died.


She is a local government officer.

Rayan likes romantic comedies.

Are you still working with her?

Stevan has no alibi for the night of the murder.

He was made my servant.

The submarine had to break through a thin sheet of ice to surface.

Take care, Pinocchio! Those bad companions will sooner or later make you lose your love for study. Some day they will lead you astray.


The rumor turned out true.

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I think we're too young.

Many children were playing in the park.

Pass me some socks, my feet are getting cold.

Jem is taking a nap.

Nothing can excuse him for such rude behavior.


The difference in their ages is six years.

You won't regret it.

He's now on the phone.

Are you still asking yourself what the meaning of life is?

Teriann shouldn't be allowed to do that.

That was a delicious meal.

We want to hear from you.

Ssi isn't very athletic.

She comes up short.

She couldn't take it any longer.

Clayton is never coming back. He's dead.

Warren swept the floor with the new broom Izchak had given him.

Gregory wanted to hire a detective.

Phill wouldn't tell me why he wasn't here yesterday.

Dan and Orville sat together on the couch.