What does this sentence mean?


Lasagna is one of my favorite foods.


I don't want to read the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

We know where you live.

Her constant complaining speech irritated me.

I was going to wash my hair.

These people are desperate and devoid of hope.

There are many interesting animals in Australia.

The opposite of a fact is falsehood, but the opposite of one profound truth may very well be another profound truth.

Listen, I need to see you.

I missed the deadline.

I wonder if Julian is OK.

Do you like this colour?

He's older than me.

The teacher made all of his female students fall in love with him.

She is pretty rather than beautiful.

No one ever really knows what goes on behind closed doors.

We're married to each other.

I wish I were as smart as you.

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Working shifts can be extremely disruptive to family life.

Daren is a coward.

Good friends are one in a hundred.


Is it anything like mine?

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This is important to him.

That'll be three euros.

What drugs are they giving you?


I can't look.

I'll take first shift.

How are you going to help him?

I read comic books.

I am responsible for it, but my friends are not.

I love her so much I would die for her.

I want to go to London.

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I can't count the number of times I've been here.

I'm not the trendy type.

I take it for granted that he will succeed in the examination.

God created you.

He has collected no fewer than five hundred stamps.

He finds pleasure in watching people.

That is very expensive.

This word is written capitalized.

Drops dripped.

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It was foolish of him to do such a thing.

Maybe Clyde did it.

Stagger sang off key.

Jingbai is very skilled at manual labor.

I've forgotten his last name.

Where is your coat?

Let's start early in the morning, shall we?

I'd like to get into journalism in the future.

We weren't allowed backstage.


He is in custody of his uncle.

These books are accessible to all students.

We've had enough of that.


Where do you want me to put this suitcase?


You said you wanted it.

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Masanobu didn't go yesterday.


I'm sorry to interrupt you.

I have always identified hard work with success in life.

Bee stings can be very painful.


They dug up a box containing human remains.


My glasses keep slipping down my nose.


Mariou and Saumya exchange gifts every Christmas.

Just be silent and listen.

I remember everything.

Romney said the Obama campaign had been "reduced to petty attacks and silly word games".

We haven't found them.

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Srinivas is an old acquaintance of the family.

We can fix the heater.

The opposite sides of a rectangle are parallel.


Are you sure we're talking about the same person?

Lin is feeling much better now.

I can't play guitar very well.

We're trying to rescue you.

She didn't come before two.

Subra has been suspended.

Albert bought a bucket of extra-spicy fried chicken and a container of coleslaw.

I can make a call.

Unlike her brother, Sienna is very introverted.

It was your tireless efforts and devotion that made the event successful.

I think we should discuss this in private.


All right, let's play some ball.

He is a fool, and no mistake.

The Phantom slowly, gravely, silently, approached.

The Japanese word "tatoeba" means "for example."

When will Mother come home?


I know that he reads.


This is the guide who took us around the castle.


A single glass of alcohol increases the risk of cancer.

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I'll do anything I can for Jenine.

I will cut your fingers and tongue, Caty!

Onwards, to glory!

It didn't taste very good.

Many say they are sorry, but no one does anything to help.

Say goodbye.

Not only you but also I was involved.

The price of meat dropped.

We should not resort to violence.

Is that really necessary?

The blank spots have vanished from the maps. They have migrated to the history books.


What is this thing used for?

Please find the area of the triangle.

Metin waited for Giovanni for a long time.


I'm starting to feel a little guilty.


I've heard that story already.


I do not understand that word in isolation. Could you give me some context?

I've told him everything.

Some bread and butter.

I flipped him the bird.

She asked Christie to find her little boy.

The bed folds into the wall.

Don't begin without me.


I work in a special unit.


He was fixed in admiration.


Rats don't have nephews.

Don't mind if I do!

Midway through our trip we realized that we hadn't brought enough money.


Leads knows I'll call you.

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He had the kindness to help me with my work.

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The kitchen of our neighbor is smaller than ours.


Even the hard-hearted can be moved to tears.


This is a fantastic idea.

Why did you poison Glenn?

I get most things at the stores.

I let them go.

What's so bad about getting married?


Who is Reiner?

We'll worry about that tomorrow.

He promised to meet him at the coffee shop.

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It's for sale.

Water comprises of oxygen and hydrogen.

Optical illusion makes the second object look larger than the first.

Within minutes after the take-off, the airplane was in trouble.

We said "Thanks for the meal" to the cook.

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I am widely different from my little sister in character and habits.

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It's been two years since I came here.


Yes, I'm in a hurry.

I saw him tear up the letter.

Juan likes teasing Steen.

Can you do it for me?

The hyena laughs.


How's it going down there?

The report turned out false.

Aah, I'm angry for some reason!

How many days do you usually need to get there?

UN stands for the United Nations.

What did you get them?

That knife was so blunt I couldn't use it to cut the meat so I had to rely on my pocket knife.

Tal wrote the song that Thad sang last night at the pub.

That's what I intend to do.

That was not at all an appropriate remark.

Take your time to park correctly, I am not in a hurry.

Burglars broke into our apartment and stole my wife's fur coat.

I'm the one who killed her.

Give me your impression of this book.

That's where I met them.

I liked the room overlooking the valley.

Give us a moment, please.