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The rice needs more salt.

I don't want you to date her.

I like the boys and girls.

She's a bit of a loner.

How far is the next gas station?

If you get bit by a rabid dog, you'll need a tetanus shot.

My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of the higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military.

I ran the risk of losing my job to help her.

Who needs it?

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I was flat broke.

Children understand everything.

People are waiting on this.


When did you get out of jail?

Is Mr Ozawa going to be the next manager?

The candle went out instead of having been put out.

I might have eaten a bit too much. My stomach's completely full.

Don't pull any punches.

We're not so different after all.

I'm not sure when Amos will leave.

He turned up 30 minutes late.

Attractive women are often thought to be dumb.

I'm not going to let you down.

I'm only here to help her.

I know what Roland will want me to do.

Vern doesn't want to go to lunch with Amanda.

Are you one of Marilyn's students?

We have a small table in the kitchen.

We worked on a farm last summer.

Judy was born on the morning of September 5.

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Who taught them table manners?

You just reminded me of someone.

Someone got a tan.

Can I count on Pilar?

Who gave you that package?

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A causeway connecting a United States island to the mainland disappears beneath the sea several times a year, thereby cutting off the town from the mainland.


Do you have any news at all?

Nigel's mother and sister had breast cancer.

He has a fake tan.

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Roy was contributing.


I was very surprised to hear the news.

Indeed, it's true.

It is no use worrying about it.


When she came to the place where the footpath led across the moor, she found small pools of water, and a great deal of mud, so she threw the loaf into the mud, and trod upon it, that she might pass without wetting her feet.

She was aware of her parents' eyes.

Nick has been tolerant.

I know the boy standing over there.

Rodger looks fatigued.


You must choose between honor and death.

That sounds like the kind of thing he'd do.

I drank the coffee.


Mitch used up all his water.

We've been helping Panos.

Malus must've been sick.

Who couldn't be happy here?

I gave him a few books.

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An eclipse of the moon is a rare phenomenon.

She can speak.

I like my job just fine.

Who sent this letter?

Let's give it another shot.

Are you intentionally trying to confuse me?

This looks like a close-range gunshot wound.


In the future we may need to take another look at the way decisions such as this are actually implemented.


Seven dollars, please.

She is senior to me by three years.

The pedestrians must cross only at the green light.

Laurence couldn't have done it without you.

You must not read such books as will do you harm.


Scot doesn't want to come with us.


Parents must provide their children with proper food and clothing.

I won't let you escape.

She admired her daughter, who looked lovely that evening.

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Some can talk on and on, about nothing substantive, ad infinitum.

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It looks like Delbert has broken a couple of ribs.

"Today, the milkman was buried. There were a lot of people, cause everybody in the village knew him." "Oh, is there a milkman in Linschoten?" "Well, no, not anymore!"

I know all about Kiki's personal problems.

I have to talk to somebody about what I should do.

Jerrie said you hurt your back.


Niall has a drawer full of letters from Hsuan.

The only reason I got blamed was that the boss needed someone to blame.

He is capable of treachery.

I wish I knew how to do that.

Put this bracelet on your wrist.

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Teruyuki is a successful dermatologist.

Come on, take it easy. Chances are in your favor.

Nobody's asking you for money.


They chartered a bus for the firm's outing.


What does everyone do after school?


I was new.


She learned to dive when she was five.

Be sure to call home before you leave the office.

He was at a loss what to do next.

Elizabeth fell asleep on the couch.

The final proposal will be announced sometime next week.

What's the weight of your suitcase?

Newts and salamanders, unlike frogs and toads, keep their tails as adults.

Is it true you addressed the manager in Chinese?

Ramsey is just trying to get under your skin.

Apparently, all this still doesn't work perfectly, but the system doesn't lack interest.

Jun hasn't opened his book yet.

Your number doesn't answer.

Don't you want to hear my side of the story?

We'll convince her.

Walruses mate along ice edges in the drifting pack ice during winter and give birth on sea ice in spring.

Miriam takes himself too seriously.

In the days of doubt, in the days of painful brooding over the fate of my fatherland you are my only support, my only solace, oh great, mighty, true and free Russian language!

Don't be too hard on them.

We eat apples.


I wish I had known about this when I was a kid.


Klaudia ordered a beer.


He was killed in the fight.


She lives far from there.


She bears an uncanny resemblance to Marilyn Monroe.

I am sure you heard the explosion that happened in Istanbul.

I'm here to make sure you do what you said you'd do.

This is a sentence that I don't know how to translate.

I led him to expect success.

Don't call that student a fool.

Keep this money for me.

That is why he failed the exam.

You're ruining my whole plan.

I'm good at Japanese.

Would you mind if I sleep here tonight?

Excuse me a moment.

What're you going to do this weekend?


We decided this three weeks ago.


I understood the message.

I won't tolerate such language!

On the one hand I called you to invite you to dinner, on the other to tell you my son is getting married.

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I can't remember anything.

How can you afford something like this?

You promised you'd stay.


I repeat, do not arrive late!


"Your sentence is 95% correct." "What's wrong with the remaining 5%?"

Gunnar's yacht is one of the largest yachts I've ever seen.

Max spoke impolitely.


I don't completely trust them.

I don't want to remember. I feel I'll go mad through rage.

Everybody was confused.

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It's very interesting.

I wish my father had lived longer.

Don't be so perverse!

Isn't it better like this?

Naresh put me on report the other day.

The clerk was dismissed on the grounds of her rude manners.

Jason still doesn't realize anything might be wrong.

God used beautiful mathematics in creating the world.

We're just having a good time.


Grant said I wasn't to worry about him.

She wastes all of her money on clothes.

The plane was grounded because of the fog.


Look at that house.


I hope I can get my taxes in on time this year.

The only way to achieve great things in life is to first leave your comfort zone.

Note that the impetus for change has undergone a series of transformations in this community.

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Tell me you understand that what you did was wrong.

Why don't you trust us?

What was that like?


Moses didn't choose the same thing Ann did.