It's the first time I eat camel meat.

Furthermore, experiments were never carried out against the rules but were performed always well within them - otherwise they would not be recognized as experiments at all.

The airplane is ready for takeoff.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

When do you think you'll see Steven again?

Nothing is worth more than love.

If Kathryn had tried harder, he would've been able to do it.

He is a young man who impresses you as a typical student.

Why don't we talk about you?

I resigned.

I'll grab it.

We all have secrets.

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Vick got down on his knees.

Is there a gas station near here?

They said Mr. Wilson's condition had not changed.

Saumya and Erik got married in secret.

Red wine is beneficial, its secret lies in dosing.


We do things together.

Don't overexert yourself.

Do you like grits?

How is that important?

Where are our umbrellas?

He bought pencils, notebooks, dictionaries and so on.

I know what I want.

She's job hunting.

She was staring at him.

If the weather is good tomorrow, let's go on a hike.

Gypsy and Triantaphyllos are upstairs sleeping.


Hotta is normal.


The standard greeting among the members of the Super Secret Silly Stoat Society is 'In the morning, stoats are beautiful', to which the expected response is 'So are they in the moonlight'.

This was not our fault.

Dani argued with Albert.

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I've got plans of my own.

She's so hot!

When I asked the college student if he regularly attended his school, he was at a loss for an answer.

The complaint is under investigation.

I'll call you as soon as I've finished.

Science and art must contribute to the promotion of human welfare.

He's shit-faced.


Have you ever heard such beautiful music before?

Jos worked up a sweat jogging.

You don't need to work on Sundays.

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Can I make you a drink?

The floods ruined the crops.

Damon's nose was red.

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Tad is very good at chess.

Today's my daughter's birthday.

I know what's involved.

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You've been kissed, haven't you?

Aren't you going to join me?

She thinks of herself as an intelligent person.

A lozenge is a square deformed indefinably, generally by heat.

I gave some money to him.


My dad is very strict.

Agatha looks a bit queasy.

Generally speaking, the students of this class are very good.


It was getting louder and louder.


I need to know.

Did you consider other alternatives?

I thought you wanted to go to Boston with us.


What is the good of doing it?

She suffers from osteoporosis.

He came back again.

Excessive gambling causes the same brain changes as a drug addiction.

I've never experienced anything quite like this before.

Did Mara say anything about his accident?

Do you still like to talk about Germany as before?

We have left undone what we ought to have done.

Dan was assaulted by a mugger.


This is all Bret has to do.

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We're filled to the rafters.

I heard them sobbing.

Have a beautiful Sunday!


It's almost hard to believe all these beautiful things were made by hand such a long time ago.

I hope Fred goes home soon.

It's pretty galling to think about how long the affair was going on before I found out about it.

She thinks that she's the center of the universe.

Luke was planning on killing his unfaithful wife.


She's made up her mind and refuses to be talked out of it.

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I pretended that I was sleeping.

I can see how beautiful Melanie is.

We appreciate your interest in PT Journal.


She got good grades in English.

Thomas is studying in Manaus.

That's OK with Ssi.


Is that really so outrageous?

My mother said that she was all right.

Joon doesn't like any kind of music.

According to one study, Amazon's sales go down by 1% for every 100-millisecond lag in its loading times.

They won't care.

Olson listed Edward as his next of kin on his travel insurance application.

It's very obvious that Hector likes me.

Please answer all the questions.

It always thrills me to think of what she'll do next.

The Neanderthals had a bigger brain than modern humans.

There's something fishy going on.

Victoria did the right thing.

The question is how will we deal with this situation.

Is it possible to reproduce 70 copies of your report which appeared in the November issue of The Network and distribute them to our agents?

He has been keeping company with Marek for three years.

Where is your tie?

I wanted to give Glynn a chance.

I'll be quiet.

Are you familiar with that writing style?

Try to be moderate in drinking.

Dan and Linda were walking home.

Bea and Ricardo bought their granddaughter a bike for Christmas.

The end is coming, whether you like it or not.

Eh? This tune ... The playlist has looped.

The old King stood outside at the stove chimney, and listened to her words.

I'm just so lost right now.

My stomach hurts.

The chimney caught on fire and the house burned down.

No one knows the real reason why we love dogs.


It was very cold, so the lake froze.

Remember your humanity, and forget the rest.

Let's get down to work!

It doesn't matter very much which college you graduated from.

These must be yours.

It has been over three years since I moved here.

Marnix knows a woman who doesn't like to eat chocolate.

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I order pizza.

Should we stay or should we go?

I looked around for a mailbox.

"What brand is your car?" "It's a Ford."

This is his car.


He was making a speech, but he broke off when he heard a strange noise.


Aaron had to have his locks rekeyed after someone stole his briefcase containing his keys.

Dan assured Linda that he would do all he could to find her daughter.

That's completely unfair.

You're lucky nobody saw you leave.

In the city, the information is flooding.

I didn't want to give you the wrong idea.

Manavendra now knows that he shouldn't have borrowed money from Lin.

She's just not the person I thought she was.

You should study hard in order to enter university.

Polly didn't have to come if he didn't want to.

How can I help?

There were a lot of Australian teachers at the English conversation school I went to previously.

It's very slow.

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He taught me how to write a poem.

I wonder who to invite.

If anything, the economy in our country is going up.

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I haven't been to a concert in a long time.

Sehyo wants results.

Did you hear the story about the bungee jumper who died because he miscalculated the height of each storey before diving off a building?

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No swimming unless a lifeguard is present!

Let's hope Casey gets all the help he needs.

Their savage cruelty against God's people was beyond horrific, resulting in the Maccabean uprising.

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The moment they saw me, they waved.

How did you hit on that?

I give a good scolding.


You wouldn't go to the dentist when you were a boy.

Are there green?

Konrad was a little disoriented.

It's funny how the most insignificant things sometimes have a way of, you know, having their way with you.

We went to high school together, as you can probably gather.


There was a terrible accident on the freeway.

I think Byron and Lar are dating.

I'll walk out with you.

My parents wouldn't let me date who I wanted to date.

Mac is too young to apply for the job.

I think you should give Kathryn a chance.

Pierce started shaking.

Phillip isn't very energetic.

We were really scared.

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That guy is a bully.


The girl stood looking into the mirror.