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Have you ever driven a van?

He will accompany the children to school.

Maybe she has other plans?


The secret of success in life is known only to those who have not succeeded.

I've seen you with her.

Sigurd bought a camera from Mason.

These tell us that he loved to talk and argue about art, politics and life.

I hope we don't have to wait for too long.

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The accident happened suddenly.

Plant these seeds before summer sets in.

He has a good position in the bank.

Do you know a delicious Korean Cuisine store?

You should've told me a few days ago.

Lui is romantic.

I guess that'll do.

Page was in an accident and is now in a hospital in Boston.

You have broad shoulders.

She has an inquisitive mind.

They've never met.

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I passed all my tests.

However, his girlfriend is selfish and hardly worries about Brian.

She has lost all hope.

Where did you crumble them?

The hospital has been sued as a result of a glaring oversight when doctors failed to notice a large tumour in a woman's X-ray.

You are so white!

She thought you knew Marc.

Please put an end to this quarreling.

It's his fault.

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The programme is over.

He proposed that they put up at that inn.

We want you back.

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Every new language is like a game.

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A committee was constituted to investigate prices.


The child was playing with wooden blocks.

I'm going to prove it to you.

I saw her go inside.

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Since the favorite and his rival were running against each other a dark horse like him was able to pull out in front.

Why are you sitting at a desk?

Arnold was in bed.

Open up your mind.

Linder fooled Hillel.

I'm staying home today.

When one is hungry, everything tastes good.

Looks like the transmission belt broke.

There is no future for her.

What's all the hurry?

He is nothing but an ordinary man.

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How lucky we are to have had the opportunity to work with you!

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I used to think that only bears hibernate, but the teacher said that turtles do as well.

Robert couldn't say anything publicly.

The ship was drifting at the mercy of the waves.

I got my friends to help me.

You must be a very violent guy.

We hired him.

You're not the only one who wants to leave.


He does not care for ice cream.

I didn't break in.

Is it true you addressed the manager in Chinese?

That changed things.

It will not be long before Scott gets well.

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Slartibartfast was never convicted of the crime.


No wonder we associate bats with dark places.

The company is attempting to stagger work hours.

I like walking at night.

Who is that man over there?

The couch is in the foreground next to the table.

Your death will serve as an example.

I'll do my very best not to disappoint you.

Did you do a background check?

I wanted to write myself a little note.


We don't have all day, Billy.

He showed a great reluctance to help me.

You should take care not to catch cold.

Enough! Be quiet! I'll take care of you later.

I can't beat her.

Are you all lost?

Kenn didn't know it was already after 2:30.


He sent back a message that everyone was well.

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It seems I'm going to be up all night tonight.

I can't think of a reason not to go to the beach today.

Many crimes go underreported.


We shouldn't expect too much.

I can't believe you didn't recognize me!

We were together.

We've been here for three years.

Kenneth will be safe.

She left here in a hurry.

I want to send him a letter.

Sometimes I'm missing all of them.

I have dinner plans with them.

Shaw and Eileen don't go to the same school.

His explanation really isn't clear.


Who's been keeping count?

What you're proposing is ridiculous.

This desk is too small for you.

Let's assume that Sumitro is correct.

Brent did a good thing.


Brenda almost always gets places on time.

The three men had 50 pounds among them.

Kenneth and I are always busy.

Let me draw you a bath, Franklin.

I thought you were doing a great job.

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This is the first time I've cut my finger with a knife.

Hey, is everything all right?

It's brass monkeys here!

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That young critic is in high demand for a lot of places.


How much are these pants?

It's good enough.

You haven't a care in the world.

We bought the apartment a long time ago.

Nobody can convince me otherwise.

The audience buzzed with excitement.

We thank you for your generosity.

Thuan, you can't be serious?

Today the teacher chose "Chinese culture" as a topic.


We have more pressing things to discuss.

How long are you going to stay?

God cannot make a triangle with more than 180 degrees.


I'll guarantee that you'll enjoy this movie.

Is black tea healthy?

Has anyone seen them?


Tony told me that he was sorry that he had said such awful things to me.

I have been battling a stubborn cold for the last three weeks.

His lectures are very long.

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Pedro is a really good kisser.

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Until next weekend, if that's OK.


I'll treat this play simply as a tragedy.


I'll take it inside.

She turned bright red.

She made him a new suit.

I'll be very attentive.

Do you think Tyler is unfair?

I was born the year the war ended.

He is concerned about Donnie.

On the 2nd of September 1792 when the general massacre of the prisoners took place at Paris, M. Sombreuil was on the point of being sacrificed when he was rescued from the hands of the assassins by the heroic conduct of his daughter, though on the dreadful condition that she would drink success to the republic in a goblet of blood!

Who tried to kill them?

Yes, I want to have a baby, but now I am going to write some more sentences down here.

These flowers are beautiful, aren't they?


Tao pretended he didn't care.

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Let him do that for you.


I don't think Jean will be here today.

Sirius is commonly called the Dog Star.

He never fails to make some comment about the way she's dressed.

He knows Spanish.

I saw them on TV.

He asked me to do what I can to hook them up.

Ssi wasn't the only one who wasn't at the party.

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It's just not for my tastes.

My opinion doesn't count for much at the office.

You will have heard the news.

My brother thinks that he's stronger than me. But he's only six years old.

How old was Sehyo at that time?


You can't make everyone happy.


Where did you cook them?

Let's go and find her.

Granting that it is so, what follows?

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The diving competition is one of Tuan's favorite events to watch in the Olympics.

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What were you two doing?

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I'm not leaving Bonnie here by himself.


This play was well received by the press.