Markus is telling a story.

Just don't try to do this alone.

I cannot board a plane. I am afraid of planes.

Gary isn't naked.


We simply don't know anything about Norbert.


Pigeons are very bothersome birds in cities.

You've got to speak up.

He was propelled by a thirst for revenge.

I'll be lonely after you've gone.

Why did you tell us first?

We're in this together.

He engaged in incest with his younger sister.

Are you sure they won't talk to each other any more ?

Barry and his family sold 20 head of cattle earlier this week.

Can I talk to her?

"That's weird, isn't it?" "Yeah, it's a little weird."

She teaches lessons in math, physics, and biology.

Nothing's wrong with him.

I stopped by her house.

I acknowledged that I want to do strange things.

They sent me a sample in answer to my request.

He gave in his project late.

This is such a mistake.

I think he's lying.

How're you doing at home?

Final exams are coming up, so I'm busy.

An injustice has been corrected.

King pulled off Sean's wig.

They have enough capital to establish another factory.

They are of kin to each other.

Wild animals live in the jungle.

He burst into laughter.

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Kathryn didn't have any cash on him.

The council held a meeting to analyse the rescheduling.

Your skirt is out of fashion.

In all probability, we'll arrive before they do.

Ralph stayed in bed because he wasn't feeling very well.

Lanny was a good-hearted guy.

Trading with Japan is not easy.

There's more to her than you think. She may seem pretty meek on first glance, but I get the sense she can get things done when she needs to.

Not knowing what to say, she just smiled.


Why does Lynn hate Hotta so much?


He is depressed lately.


If it should rain, the garden party would be in a mess.

I want to believe you.

Sunday is not a workday for me.

Nobody believed her.

I'll get it back from him.

Damon hasn't practiced the piano at all this week.

Apetizers are small dishes served before a meal.


Have you told Mac which boxes need to be put in the car?


He resisted arrest violently.

Jim walked through the revolving door into the hotel lobby.

A public good is a good that is both non-excludable and non-rivalrous in that individuals cannot be effectively excluded from use and where use by one individual does not reduce availability to others.

Let me see you.

Here we go.

I can take care of myself, you know.

Well, we are not in a hurry.

Did you know that his wife was cheating on him with the milkman?

I could hardly hear what Timo was saying.

His wish is a command for me.

Archaeological finds are being made in Peru on an almost daily basis.

It's been a crazy year.

I'd like to call my parents.

That computer class was a waste of time.

There will be hell to pay if I don't make this deadline.


If I should make a lot of money, I would give you half of it.

Radek checked his odometer to see how far he'd driven.

Those are extenuating circumstances.

The idea of entering a sauna wearing clothes is unthinkable.

Judy spent hours on end writing and rewriting her essay.

I lost my phone.

You're too cute.

What other forms do I need to fill out?

I am astigmatic.

The airport is over on the other side.

Do not relay this information to Joana.

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Don't try to stop me! I'm going to the party no matter what.


Do you know how to contact him?

He turned his coat inside out.

Sherri can't be that bad.

May I swim in the lake?

She is a woman of great beauty.

They didn't like the film.

Falling rocks present a danger to climbers.

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Where do you write?

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There aren't many students who can read Latin.

This is my beer.

We fed ourselves.

If you do that, you'll be making a fool of yourself.

You forgot to divide by X here.

His death was partly my fault.

Obviously, he is to blame.

I'm never going to Boston again.

She arrived late as usual.

Is that your roommate?

You're blinded by your arrogance.

Have you ever cleaned your kitchen?

That was too close for comfort.


He decided to become her husband.

I glued the last piece of my collage with success.

I wanted to be just like her.

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Spain is the land of castles.

Could you please be quiet?

She ratted me out.


Where did you serve in the military?

How could I have possibly known that would happen?

It's because of them that I'm so miserable.

We just want them back.

He always shows.


I parted from him on the street.

Time is eternal.

She doesn't play soccer.

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I hope Sharan gets well soon.

I dropped out of school when I was in the 7th grade.

I think I've figured out how to fix this.


I think exams ruin education.

Looks like her mom.

Leon spends a lot of his time reading.

Look at my new car.

She was a Brown before her marriage.


Louis has his kid with him.


Jin clearly wants to help.

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Yeah, show us your t... ranslations...

I like Sachiko better than Akiko.

He has a lot of hobbies.

The Dutch have five centuries of experience at holding back the sea.

He regretted that he could not read the more academic logograms in the advanced book that he found trashed at the university.

Emma found it pretty enjoyable just to sit in the sun and listen to music.

The most famous landmark in my country are pyramids

Nothing like that ever happened here.

The air of hills is cooler than that of plains.


Delbert called on Sylvan to express his sympathy.

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We waited long, but he didn't turn up.

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I can assure you that's not true.

And this is how Pandark got lost in his room, never to be seen again. Some say that he died of hunger, others that he still wanders in search of his CDs.

My kid can't say "Kinpiragobo", he always says "Kinpirabogo" instead.


Next time I come, I'll bring you some flowers.

Jennifer doesn't want to do anything to hurt Courtney.

I don't particularly like her.

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We don't get much rain around here.

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Business is pretty good.


Where did you shave them?


I'd like meat loaf.

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Eva seems a lot happier since you showed up.

You intimidate her.

We're not wrong.


Let's see what we can do.

Rick and I have been friends since we were in kindergarten.

I see you made a few modifications.

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Walt was unable to restrain himself.

I think it's time for me to confront that problem.

What do you say to playing tennis with me?

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"The old lady of this shop is very unsociable but ..." "Taiki, I can hear you!" "Ack!"


Duncan has a nicer house than I do.

I was completely stunned.

I've done it before.

I like snow a lot.

I don't anticipate any problems.

He did it not once, but twice.

I'm heading there now.

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Molly has varicose veins.

It's evident.

Sedovic will come again, I'm sure.