She uses ASMR videos to help herself fall asleep.

Johan is a microbiologist.

We met last Christmas at the office party.

I didn't know what I would do.

But there are other advantages.

We demanded that she should make up for the loss.


I have to tell Kathy about this right away.


As soon as you arrive, he will make something to eat.

I had no time to eat.

We went to his rescue.

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It was courteous of him to write a letter of thanks.


Would you lend me your pen?

You don't have to make it look so obvious.

Is Oskar a licensed therapist?

Did Celeste really kill her husband?

Merton didn't really feel like eating Korean food.

He could be happy if he wanted.

I promised Jayesh that we'd help him.


Who's Aimee looking for?

You aren't ugly.

Life is a web, with every strand connected to every other strand.

That couldn't be.

She's three years older than I am.

Call the number I gave you.

Where can we find the truth?

What a beautiful design!

This is the first time I've ever sneezed this much.

He's generous, so let's go with him.

Vinod isn't photogenic.

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Fuck this, I'm done, spent way too much money.

I want to eat purple potatoes.

What the hell's wrong with you?

Mr. Smith studied Chinese history.

The children were flying kites.

He's on the honor roll.

He hurried to the house only to find that it was empty.

What's your hobby?

That's what I'm always telling Daniele.


Giles seems to be unwilling to believe that Karen was the one who stole his credit cards.

Take this to your toys box.

Ji used to be a race car driver.


He did his duty.


Did you see my cat?

Oh? You can type without looking at the keyboard. That's cool!

I figured you must be hungry by now.


Marilyn skipped school a lot.


We managed to get there on time.

He avoids all troublesome tasks.

I'd rather not talk about it here.

I don't understand what she wants me to do.

Is your sister older than you?

She would not deign to consider such an offer.

Reiner has a part-time job after school.


Herman plans to stick around to see what happens.

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The terrorists said a nuclear device was set to go off sometime tomorrow in Boston.


The receptionist forced me to sign my name on the paper.

This is the second article in the series about plugin infrastructures.

He gave up the attempt in despair.

I promised.

I miss all this.


Sue doesn't drink now.


After the eyes, Geppetto made the nose, which began to stretch as soon as finished. It stretched and stretched and stretched till it became so long, it seemed endless.


Po went backstage to see if he could meet some of the band members.

We trust them.

I hear his business is on the verge of going bankrupt.

Jesse is busy this afternoon.

I can hold my breath for quite a long time.

The girl jumped at the chance to go to New York.

We are running at the same time.

I tried to tell you that three years ago.

I've never been skiing.


They'll be here in ten minutes.

I had to iron his shirts again! It's the last time!

Are these all the same?


The last I heard, Antony and Penny are still married.


The Comoros is called "Juzur al-Qamar" in Arabic.

Joubert thought the bed was too soft.

Make haste slowly.

Shai is trying to understand.

Did you kiss Liza?


May I speak to Rand?

I am growing a cat.

They need to get up early.

I thought you had come on business.

Leon has suggested a solution to the problem.

I pissed him off.

Perhaps I made a mistake.


We were startled by the explosion.


I haven't asked her yet.

She lifted up her head and looked at him.

I'm sure Taeko was scared and tried to get Yuri to go along with her.


I can't tell you about it.

Stacey is going to be so surprised.

Murat and Naim are already inside.


She was my best friend.


I understand that.

Irfan could've and should've helped Eli.

The day after going to the gym, parts of my body hurt that I didn't even know I had.

Shannon tried to control his emotions.

Try to put these papers in order.


No worries, you aren't ready to talk about the company, which is useful.

He cheated on the biology exam.

Oh, no! The tiger is back!


We only did it once.

The prize won't be given to her.

I don't know exactly what the problem is.

Free Admission.

I want very much for you to understand.


He admitted himself defeated.

A lot of students look up to Mr Brown.

No one goes there anymore.

Raphael stayed at a cheap hotel when he visited Boston.

We have the right to vote when we come of age.

It fell to me to take care of the baby.

If he sends me any letters, I just tear them up and throw them away.

Be very quiet.

The agonies of the machine age do not originate from the machines as such.

I told you it would work.

Which university do you want to go to?

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You have to work faster.

I don't want to talk about school.

I can sell anybody anything.

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I didn't see anyone in the room but Win.

Rabin wouldn't tell Mann how to do it.

I must speak to you privately.


Juergen wants us to talk.

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I already have my things.

They advertised that they had a house for sale.

The lake is deepest at this spot.

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Jack didn't argue with Grace.


He caught her by the arm.

He told me he would be here about seven.

That's what I like about Shel.

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That's a very important ramification, but I think few people even realize its existence.

She looks bad-tempered, but she is kind at heart.

Reality is scary.


I'm quite a normal guy who has many hobbies, maybe too many.

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I met with him again.


She has an agreeable voice.

We tend to forget this fact.

They have a king-sized bed.

He is one of the most hilarious comedians.

I heard a very loud noise.

Mariou went to Panzer's funeral.

Hold the line please. I'll put you through to his office.

He has, say, fifty thousand yen.

The young king let it be known that he intended to marry, and commanded all the maidens in the kingdom to come to a feast, so that he might choose a wife from among them.

Vance can't afford all the stuff Mwa wants him to buy on his salary.

Someone has to pay for this.

They both looked back at us.

Law to ourselves, our reason is our law.

Let me whisper in your ear.

How long have you been learning French?

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I completely agree with Hugh.

What will you wear?

I'm depressed.

When I called on him, he was hard at work.

We loved you.

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That dress is cheap.