You're a funny girl.


Cary can't seem to get rid of his nasty cold.

He chivalrously carries our bags.

I need it as quickly as possible.

Kathleen cooked dinner for Tomas.

"What's the catch?" "There's no catch."

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I know you're innocent.

Do you want me to help you or not?

Hop in. I'll give you a ride.

Why didn't you help me escape?

I can't believe anyone ate what Ji cooked.

Jack seems to regret it deeply.

She's a nerd.

I didn't even know that you used to live in Boston.

All right. I'll take it.

He owes his success only to good luck.

Lie down and go to sleep.

He practices the piano every day to become a pianist.

He mocked the way the professor speaks.


I don't assemble their computers.

They love Lea.

Do you have any other guidebooks about Thailand?


Hon will catch us.

We'll have to do it even if we don't want to.

I thought Takao blamed me for what happened.

I want to move to the country.

After that English exam, my brain is fried.


It's just not fun anymore.


I don't know exactly.


I want to learn to sound more like a native speaker.

What about dessert?

Is something going on with your server?

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He is no more able to read Chinese than I am.

Please remind me of the time of the meeting.

When we started out, we didn't really know what we were doing.


I'm enjoying myself.

My mom told me not to get into trouble.

Mason used to eat meat.

The object is that which in Japanese would generally be indicated with "ni" or "o".

Kidnappers usually want lots of money before they release a person.

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She can say whatever she wants.

He always behaved badly to me.

Are we ever going to finish this?


It's high time you spoke up.

Thinking of it made a chill run up my spine.

Roses are a type of flower and doves are a type of bird.

I used to love Boston.

Nice to see you, Jane.


Hector showed me around.


She wept the entire night.

Good morning. How are you?

I've been working since I was sixteen years old.

You'll feel better in a few hours.

She is going to France next week.

Making a clean separation between the "useful" and the "useless" is about as straightforward as drawing the fine line between water and ice.

He has dozens of books about Japan.

Granville took a drink from his wine glass.

Most boys admire baseball heroes.

Fuck this, I'm done, spent way too much money.

Don't you recognize her?

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You're dreaming again.

Val is still at the library.

Right after my arrest I was interrogated several times.

It is kind of you to help me.

Jorge can speak four languages.


I should hurry and take a shower.

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I just went to check something.

You're done.

This guy is quick in seducing women so you better beware.


We'll eat at six o'clock.


Tal really had a good time.


Malaclypse is wearing a black fedora.

Don't you think Cookie would be a good name for a dog?

If you want to sound like a native speaker, you must be willing to practise saying the same sentence over and over in the same way that banjo players practise the same phrase over and over again until they can play it correctly and at the desired tempo.

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Jason put his stepladder in the back of his pickup truck.

He gave me all the money at his command.

With regard to our appointment on February 27, I regret to inform you that I will not be able to keep it because my business trip schedule has been changed.

You cannot heal a broken heart.

They need real help.

My good friend, Amedeo, convinced me to go to Boston.

My boyfriend is so photogenic!

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Is that why you want to kill me?

Joanne is a well-adjusted, happy child who relates well to her peers.

I live in a small fishing village.


Frances's a bright boy. He catches on very quickly.

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It seems to have gotten colder.

Kristi is one of the girls that Jeffery is interested in meeting.

Cristina encouraged Brandi.

I don't want to fight you on this.

We have evidence to suggest that maybe Marcos was involved.

Can you ask him to come on in?

You can keep it.

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He likes hunting.


We want Patricio to stay and help.


That doesn't happen here.

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Is that what I think it is?

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It can't be measured in terms of money.

Rodger's serious.

I've been meaning to read this book.


We live near the beach.

The earthquake smashed everything.

I have borrowed a car.

He's got what it takes to make it in the business world.

Both Srinivasan and Jeffery are teachers.


That was last year.

I thought you'd gone with her.

Your innocent look doesn't fool me.

They recognized him.

Why don't you let me handle things?

Johnathan was desperate for Dan's affection.

Jobs are hard come by these days.

I'm going to take some time off.

Naoto is going bald.


You've gained a few pounds.


Peggy doesn't like to wait until the last minute to do something.


He was born on the 28th July 1888.

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I am very tired from the hard work.

Let's hope not.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our trip to the mountains this weekend will be cancelled.

I have to say I was a bit surprised when you called.

Aristotle maintained that women have fewer teeth than men; although he was twice married, it never occurred to him to verify this statement by examining his wives' mouths.

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I am absorbed in growing herbs and your Web pages are a great help to me.

Kristian is a sweet guy.

It looked promising.

I know exactly how to do it.

The baby was sleeping all day long.

It's obviously a typo.

You are absolutely right.

Sonny isn't as qualified as Walt.

You must stay.

I told them I wasn't interested.

We haven't had to deal with this before.

It's really a big deal.

Don't go out of your way.


Jeanne demanded his money back.

I know it was Sherman.

We can't change what has happened.

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Charleen told me he was going to try it again.

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Thank you for your present.


My grandmother is in sound health and lives alone.

Under Europa's icy crust might be water ocean.

I go to the museum whenever I get the chance.

Call Nils this evening.

The coffee was not much to my liking.


Let's try calling them.

Molly told me he'd be late.

Pia told me we had a problem.


I enjoyed myself exceedingly, not disdaining the supper, everything being most delicious.

When we stepped off the bus we were immediately surrounded by a throng of children from the village.

"Who cares?" "I care."

We all have to pay taxes.

I cannot fire Ken. He's a good worker.

His daughter has become a pretty woman.

Josh always asks for permission before he borrows my bicycle.



There were severe shortages of food and fuel.

The volcano may erupt at any moment.