The situation seemed very tense and dangerous.

He will scold us no matter what.


She was not interested in boys at all.


He is not a good person.


Come on.

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Who's Spass and how does he know me?


I don't know if that's true.

This used to belong to you.

I look very different.

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I bought this book the other day.

Vijay uses the same dictionary as I do.

Many Gothic cathedrals, such as the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, have flying buttresses.

How many black and white movies have you seen?

Please ask her not to shout.

Why don't you like us?

Huashi poured some milk into the glass.

Do you want to go somewhere? Dwayne's coming, too.

It won't be easy.

Those who don't want to see are very blind.

Speaking in public is my Achilles heel; I'm simply too shy.

She is good at languages, though.

Sanjay speaks French much better than Naoto does.


Who else knew about them?

The police are interviewing witnesses.

Poor though they were, they didn't worry about their future.


I see you visit a website called Tatoeba. What is it about?

I watch lots of movies.

He is his friend.


I just want to sleep in a nice soft bed.

You have a relationship with Tomas, don't you?

You need stitches.

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They gathered in the gym.

Don't sit down on the sofa.

The father doesn't beat his son.

Jin did what he promised to do.

Their new novel will come out next month.

I never received the money.

I understand her.


This can be done.

I'll go look for him.

They have no choice.

Do you seriously believe that?

Nobody knew.

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Are you taking politics this semester?

I don't understand why I need to go to your house at midnight.

Shuvra went to Boston with a friend.

Naim is a medical intern.

I'm glad you see it that way.

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He loves you very much.

Office managers expect accuracy, efficiency, and dedication.

Steve got up earlier than usual this morning.


I should've known George wouldn't do what we asked him to do.

"Yes, I will," said the little princess in a trembling voice, as she thought of the prince.

Pravin didn't notice Jock go out.

A traffic policeman signals directions to drivers by waving his hands and arms.

We'll go now if you're ready.

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I think Tomas has been trying to impress me.


His house was on fire.

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Jan will come back at 2:30.

We asked him to come again.

He is one of my old friends.

Are you sure you want to do this by yourself?

This is a nice spot.

Lin comes here three times a month.

Leon wondered if Steve liked him as much as he liked her.

The watch battery was dead.

I prefer patients who can't talk.

Did someone contact them?

Matti always has to put her two cents worth in.

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I appreciate how hard you've worked to grow this business.

I didn't promise anything like that.

Her nature is neither affected nor pretentious.

The train is 10 minutes late today.

Upon entering the room, he noticed that a candle burned on the desk. He remembered that the candle had not been there before.


He just cleaned his room.


My mother always worked hard.


My mother gave me a pair of gloves of her own making.

I'm pretty good at guessing.

Stephen was mean to her daddy.


I won't come late again.

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Perry isn't well enough to go to school today.

Soohong hardly ever breaks a promise.

Antimatter is highly unstable.

I'll buy this.

We've been looking all over for you.

Would you like it now?

You know my position.

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I can't believe you fell for that.

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I was asked to do this.

I'd like to get started right away.

The student is working at sociology.


Dan didn't like Linda's comments.

In 1854, Le Verrier became director of the Observatory of Paris. At the time, this observatory was in decay. Le Verrier reestablished the observatory as a place where good science was taking place.

I like you a great deal.

We have to get Oliver to a specialist.

Kristin is a fashionista.


Dimitry's engaged.

I want you to love me for who I am.

I know it'll be difficult.

We feel this is appropriate.

Marian did what he could to help.

I have a friend waiting downstairs.

That's his private website.

I don't believe that anyway.

You have never been to Okinawa, have you?


Let's eat while the food is still warm.

Men's clothing isn't pretty.

We're too old.


Miri had a key role in putting together this party.

Where does that leave me?

The car's engine broke down on the way.

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Because of the thick fog, the street was hard to see.


There's no point starting a shop selling take-away lunches; there are already plenty.

Clarence asked Johan for some money so he could buy something to eat.

She went on working till he called her.

You don't have a temperature.

We looked around for them.

I won't be going.

You don't have to hide.

The earth is smaller than the sun.

I should've reacted differently.


His remarks came home to me.

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She wasn't able to contact him by phone.

I think it's an excellent idea.

Gregory realized what was about to happen.

He is swimming in the river.

It isn't easy, but possible.


Sassan has never participated in Thanksgiving celebrations.


The car broke down.


I'm ready for a vacation.

The Chunnel was closed due to severe weather conditions.

Jorge didn't have anything else to do.

I'm sorry, I'm not allowed to give you that information.

Why are we voting for Hartmann?

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I think Rupert is looking at us.

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Saify was aloof.


Were you unhappy?


She is a lady among ladies.


You obviously have no interest in saving yourself.

Dick got in a traffic accident.

I wouldn't think of it.


Malcolm has told Harold everything he knows.

Spass isn't going to hurt us.

I am a citizen of Sapporo.

We've spoken to each other before.

There is a woman in this room.

Go ahead to the end of the street.

I heard him go out.


The shops are closed.

I still have to go to the bank.

You can try but never stop me.

I received a book in Dutch.

You will soon be able to ski well.


Rik drew a spaceship.

I think that's true.

Anton died of pneumonia.