I'll be home by 2:30.


Did you tell Diane he could stay here?


We sat in total silence.

Rabin didn't know how to answer Manavendra.

I went to a Halloween party.

Do you have a guide map of the city?

Lois gave me the name of a guy who can probably repair my watch.


This is, even now, an unrealized dream.

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Kyung is a pescatarian.

I didn't even know that you didn't like Luis.

That's just what I needed.


I bought a rare macaw in Araraquara.

Get your mother to do your homework!

I was stuck there for hours.

His success is attributed more to hard work than to genius.

Don't we all!

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I like this song. It has an infectious rhythm and it's good to dance to.

Stop at the newsstand to buy the paper.

You're now free to go.

They could face a ten-year prison term.

We need to do this.

The lecture was beyond me.

I've forgotten whether it was Saturday or Sunday.


They are all the same.

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Life being very short, you ought not to waste your time.

Find me a good book from the library.

Right now, I'm more worried what may happen to you than what may happen to me.

Don't get emotional about it.

I have to take the dog away from the children.

You look younger than him.

He is young at heart.

I'm also a human being, we are all brothers.

If I had the money, I would make a trip around the world.


Many of our pioneers are still alive... but, alas, many of them aren't alive any more.

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I'm new in town.

Come back and see us in the morning.

Po's speech was full of double entendres, most of which went over his audience's head.

Jeff cooked dinner for Kikki.

If this be treason, make the most of it.

Just leave us alone, please.

Teriann struck the wall with her fist.

Reluctantly, he started the engine and drove off.

If you do that to him, he will cut your throat.


Leo is opportunistic.

The engineer seeks not so much to know nature as to make use of it.

Is the mouse dead or alive?

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For the first time in my life, I felt a pang of conscience, but there was no other way out.

"Are you from Australia?" asked the Filipino.

There are certainly some points worth considering.

She is speaking to herself.

I only know how to love, suffer and sing.

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I left a note on your door this morning.

He was executed, taken to a secret location and cremated.

The man slumped to the floor.

I arrived at the station ten minutes late.

He wants to become a singer.

I don't know how long this situation is going to last.

The vague rumor proved to be false.

I don't like to see you shouting at her face.

Kate wants to finish her homework by ten.

Our new novel will come out next month.

Admitting what you say, I cannot agree with you.

The most terrible enemy is a former friend.

What is your least favorite language?


No one ever believed me.

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Why would somebody hit Vic?


I'm sure Jeannette has already spent a lot of the money we gave him.


To understand each other is important.

Mitch doesn't wear suits.

Have you ever shouted at Taninna?

It would be ridiculous to spend all their money.

Hillel is now the proud father of a healthy baby girl.

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It'll soon be breakfast time.

Curtis covered his mouth when he sneezed.

Because of his determination, he was able to tide over the crisis.

June is a witch doctor.

Sriram had to go downtown to do some shopping.

I'm glad I'm not a dog.

You can buy the magazine Paris-Match at the stand on the street corner.

Do you want this job?

This is a plant unique to this country.

He is better off than he used to be.

Tareq gave a lot of money to Johan.

I need to know what's happening.

I know how I can help.

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I think my leg's broken.

You swim very quickly.

Our teacher doesn't just speak English, but French too.

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What are you doing back here?

Only then did I realize what he meant.

My parents died when I was very young.


The timing of the announcement hurts the public relations of the police.


He is a typical Japanese.

But Dad won't like it.

None of us can see them.

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We sang songs around the campfire.

Could I get you to update this data for me?

Nick is dead, isn't he?

Could I have a glass of water, please?

Murdering elephants, tigers and other endangered species is not just cruel; it's also illegal.

As regards result, you don't have to worry.

Where is Himawan's wife?

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If you don't resolve to become a good man, then you just won't get a good woman.

We're also out of eggs.

I'm sure you'll find someone pretty quickly.

We're not ready to go yet.

English deformed several words of French.

Marriages are made in heaven.

Blayne made noise.


That shop is a hamburger shop.

When do I get there?

I'm a fan of socialism.


They sell things very cheap in this store.

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Juliane is taking figure skating lessons.

Can you cook an omelette?

Stout fellow you are, bro!

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Mariou needed to see the doctor.

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The soil will have to be plowed before we start planting.


Don't you just love this town?


The siblings fought tooth and nail over their late father's estate.

We're not yet through.

Randal, meet your new nanny.

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This place is packed.


I thought the movie was awesome.

Did you do anything?

Electronic components can be cleaned using pure isopropyl alcohol.

I know you might think I'm too young.

You should think before you speak.

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My hard drive is almost full.

My daughter is a tomboy.

This is a beaver dam.

Vladimir was probably drunk when he crashed his car.

I've really messed up.

Japan surpasses China in economic power.

What should we do with this?


I wish I could live in Boston.

The door may be locked.

Straka is a former paratrooper.

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Ill-gotten gains are short-lived.

If you're going away for a day, take food for three days.

Oh, that's crazy.

I'm in the backyard.

Hilda's comments are always to the point.

Leon looks disturbed.

It's kind of nice here.

Yes, yes, of course.

I have no information on them.


I think that something is bothering Masanao.

If God is love, I have fallen in God, if I may say so.

Let's look outside.


Cristina seemed reluctant to give Moran the bad news.


Learning English isn't difficult.

This day is Friday.

The weather forecast tells us if it will rain or not.

She turned her back on Devon.

Put it back where you found it.

Everyone has his intellectual desire; mine is to escape life as I know it.

Lowell might not be hungry yet.


This earthquake took a hundred and fifty lives, as well.