Nobody wants to be the first one to jump into the pool.

Skeeter was jealous.

You sound very sure of yourself.

That's Jacques playing the piano.


He balanced himself on a log.


Vicky fell in love with Linda.

He gave me a bad cold.

I need to protect myself.

Who's coming to dinner?

Only peace can save the world.

I hope Knapper is happy.

What if there's a leak?


My boyfriend refuses to use the microwave.

Let me step inside.

I said I'd stay for a couple days.

It should be freezed!

I'm a big fan of your work.

I don't want a bloody voucher. Just give me cash!

I got Taurus to do that for me.


Leanne has got blue eyes.

Did Drew talk to you about that?

Near the bed, the composite aluminium robot, with a human shape and with a rubber skin, cleverly painted to resemble human skin, glued to its body, was standing naked.

The moonlight is weak.

We've been waiting for them.


Are you still mad about last night?

We've almost finished.

Please show me your detailed plan.

I showed the ticket at the gate.

I just want to get out of here as quickly as I can.


Is it blue?


Shall I check the oil?

She has faith in me.

I like wearing old clothes.

I should get back upstairs.

Jonathan will keep us informed.

He did it with great zeal.

Tammy stole some things from me.

I can't help thinking Father is still alive.

I know the whole of the story.


You're not asking me to give up, are you?


Give me some details.

Where's it supposed to be?

There is an old man sitting on a bench.

They look just like rats leaving a sinking ship.

I know it's here somewhere.


Jan used to be tough.

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I'm not a mind reader. You need to tell me what you want.

He finally succeeded in climbing that mountain.

Linder saw John and Carol holding hands.

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We have a complication here.

This rarely happens.

I'm easy-going.

He decided to give the money to the first stranger who came along.

They have already finished the work.

Upon arriving at the airport, he made a phonecall to his wife.

How old were you when you first started studying French?

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Why was it in your car?

Suwandi has a lot of sex appeal.

She has no remorse.

Finish cutting the paper.

There were a lot of twists and turns to the story, but we finally solved the problem.

Donnie doesn't like men who act like Santa.

I relied on him.


You said we should do this.


I saw my grandfather last week.

She hates you, it seems.

I do not fancy his appearance.

For you, against myself I'll vow debate, for I must ne'er love him whom you do hate.

Everyone is very welcome, independent of their nationality.

Let's raise our glasses for the master of the house!

I'll buy a watch for my son.

What makes you so sure Linda was the one who stole your bicycle?

Jim kicks a ball very well.

I get lonely at times.

Novorolsky broke something again?

Dan drove to the river.

The Sun appears to move across the sky because the Earth rotates on its axis.

Sandeep and Saify don't seem too busy.

Religious behaviour is much less regulated by the government here than in other places.

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You're too young to understand.

Anna has chestnut brown hair, but Magdalena has blonde hair.

If I were you, I would also do the same.

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I had no way of knowing who Amedeo was meeting.

Japan surpasses China in economic power.

Tareq got angry with me.


The object of waging a war is always to be in a better position in which to wage another war.

Sir didn't plan on hurting anyone.

Please make a milkshake for me.


Everybody speaks well of her.

He thinks a lot about his father.

Chris would be very interested in getting a guitar like that one.

I sent Cary my picture.

Barbara has accumulated a lot of junk.

They were pioneers of space flight.

You must have thought of something.

Jose says he needs to talk to us about something important.

They blend Brazilian and Colombian coffee here.

I can show you how to do that.

My vagina is beautiful!

See you in the morning, Suu.

Don't let Ruth touch this.

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Torsten was attacked by Sekar's sister.

I don't mind the cold, but I can't stand the heat.

I used to be rich like you.

I hate doing that.

It's a lot more fun than I thought it would be.

Please don't look over here again.

I prefer speaking English with a native speaker.

Thad thinks I'm right.

Each of them has to write a report about what he saw.

This assignment presents many difficulties.

You can tell the truth.

You can't get there from here.

Joseph did that on his own.

There's some ice.

Many people are experiencing compassion fatigue because of the constant tragedies being reported in the news.


Edith gave me investment advice.

Stay put. I'll come and get you.

Some people will go to great lengths to avoid conflict.

The first necessary thing in choosing books to read is to select those which really interest you.

We're unambitious.

God is not a limited individual who sits alone up in the clouds on a golden throne. God is pure Consciousness that dwells within everything. Understanding this truth, learn to accept and love everyone equally.

Warriors never complain!

The knife punctured his lung.

A vector is a unit vector if its norm is 1.

When did you get to know him?

I heard him humming in the shower.

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I like to shop at that department store.

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You don't have any more time.

Moe told Naresh that he didn't know what to do.

She is an absent-minded and unreliable person.

I'd like to speak with Damone in private.

Matthias is a complete stranger to me.

I hate to lose.

I made an executive decision.

His opinion is for the birds.

He works as a newscaster in television.


A growing child who is not full of beans probably needs medical attention.

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I tried to get hold of you.

The pastor of the local Lutheran Church is considered a pillar of the community.

They're the enemy.

I have some great news.

Go home. Get some rest.

Ann claimed the inheritance.

I stepped in a puddle and now my shoes are completely soaked going squish squish squish.

Harvey rolled up his sleeve.

Carisa didn't like the way Vincenzo sang.

You should try to optimize your time.

They cheered.


She regrets having been rude to you.

Each and every member of the club was present.

I can't show up looking like I've been working on the farm all day.

Give me the car keys.

Raman walked out of the courtroom, surrounded by reporters.


He is fond of watching baseball games on TV.

I met Roy, who asked me to give you this one.

I was raised in an orphanage in Boston.

You're going to need one, too.

I want to kill someone.

Ralf has been arrested for shoplifting.

The murderer was executed.

I'm being picked up.

We need to get there early to bag a seat in the front row.

Krzysztof knows I usually go there on Mondays.

Spacesuits protect spacewalkers from the harsh environment of space.

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All students like holidays.

Dion is all grown up.

Allen frequently has lucid dreams.

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Who are you writing to?

We had a lively party last night.

Holding the Olympics where there's severe atmospheric pollution gives rise to a great risk for athletes.