Civil Engineering Company - CEC Since 1977
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Brief History
Message of the CEO:
  Civil Engineering Company (CEC ) Was Founded, as a Jordanian institution to compete for civil engineering contracts. In the early years its client base was quite limited, but I state, with a sense of pride and accomplishment, that over the past years we have succeeded in achieving a leading position for our company in the civil engineering and construction fields. Our staff, partners, consultants engineers - and not least of course - our valued clients have together made our accomplishments and progress possible. Sustainable progress through quality assurance, teamwork, technical sophistication and planning drives us to do more, to tap new possibilities, to open up new horizons. Fortunately, continued customer  satisfaction - which is our core value - fuels our growing customer base. I seize this opportunity to pay tribute to our valued customers and to express deep appreciation to our staff and collaborators for their dedication, handwork and faith in the future of the company which I feel especially privileged to manage. On Behalf of (CEC) I say that we look forward to implementing projects for our future clients at the high standards, and with reliability, professionalism and transparency, which have become the hallmark of our thriving enterprise.
with best wishes,
  Civil Engineering Company (CEC ) was founded in 1977 in Amman-Jordan. Today, the company has grown to become a leading player in the growing success, Over the years is the outcome of a deep commitment to the core principle of delivering projects the highest standards, on time quality and budget. Civil Engineering Company undertakes projects throughout Jordan, which has vary size and complexity. Some of these projects have been technically difficult, but CEC has the experience, know-how and sophistication to implement them. CEC possesses a versatility that has been made possible by its highly professional team of managers, engineers, consultants skilled workers and general staff.
-  First Grade in Building Construction
-  First Grade in Water & Sewerage
-  First Grade in Bridges & Culverts Concrete
-  First Grade in Electro-Mechanic
In the Relatively small-size Jordanian economy, CEC has in fact Implemented assorted projects for a diverse clientele since it’s Establishment. Confidently stated that most of theses Projects were completed and handed over to the clients ahead Of schedule.