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That's really sweet of you.

Many people put too much personal information on social media.

Now I can go home with good conscience.


I'm not able to fix the computer.

I know I haven't lived the model life.

Sue finds it hard to unwind after work and has trouble getting to sleep.


Hans was shy at first.


You need to get out and socialize more.


I thought you were my best friend.

The registration deadline is noon Monday.

Wilmer didn't need to tell Ozan. She already knew.

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She sacrifies herself for the community.


Son wants to come home.

Don't bite your nails.

But earthquakes are still as frightening as ever.

Some children learn languages easily and others with difficulty.

Why does luck hate you?

This game has you battle against hordes of evil stoats.

I never asked for it.


Why is Linda holding back?

Coal, natural gas and oil are the remains of plants and animals that lived millions of years ago.

He put the key in the lock.


I don't build their cabins.

The right word in the right place.

I don't make as much money as I'd like to.

Roland failed to pass the final exam.

Have you ever been to China?

There's something odd about him.

Is there something wrong with your car?

I'm going to let you decide for yourself.

Pitawas is dead, isn't he?


The best advice to follow when buying a Persian carpet is to have a good knowledge of carpets!

This process must be stopped immediately, otherwise the server will breakdown.

I started studying French last year.

Don't you ever shut up?

His heart is sick.

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I was hoping I wouldn't run into Vic.

Max felt persecuted.

The town managed to thwart plans to build a nuclear power plant nearby.

Can you program in C?

There is no one there.


I lived in New York last year.

I freaked out and started screaming.

She doesn't understand British humour.

It's in one piece.

I'm waiting for him to leave.

I guess they really weren't happy.

The parrot and the pirate are best friends.

Such being the case, I could not be present.

That is a false dichotomy.

You've lost perspective.

Isabelle wanted Terri to loan him some money.


Is there a good time to chat?


Without actually knowing what "phonetics" meant and probably not even knowing the alphabet, I was able to think to myself that "p" was a harder version of "b" as was "t" to "d", "k" to "g" and "s" to "z".

The President's speech was calculated to ease world tensions.

I was stunned by what I saw.

Benjamin considered his options.

It would be dangerous to go too near the edge of the cliff.

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I came here because Clark said you wanted to see me.


Sugih likes princesses.

Nadeem arrived just a moment too late.

He lacks the merest grain of common sense.


Cut it out!

People like a happy ending.

He will come.

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Would you let me think about it for a while?

I did a little research.

Alain majored in French.


Did Matthias tell you the rest?

They always associated a heavy rain with flood.

What are you two doing here?

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Joshua has to clean his room before 2:30.

He would let me help him.

We were caught in a shower and got wet to the skin.

For me, humanity is a matter's shape.

That's a generous offer.

Shaving off your beard took ten years off you.

Pluto has more in common with Triton, Neptune's largest moon, than it does with any of the eight planets in our solar system. Pluto is actually smaller than Triton.

That's accurate.

Jeff is a high performer.

I'm chubby.

The Communists chose to blockade the western part of Berlin. They cut off food and supplies to more than two million Germans in an effort to extinguish the last flame of freedom in Berlin.

She failed the examination and I was greatly disappointed.

In June, it rains day after day.

I had my room cleaned.

I addressed the letter to my aunt.


Here is where it all happens.


I have no idea where Leslie was last night.

Susan took a picture of the blackboard with his smartphone.

What he said counts for nothing.


Do you have any special exhibits?


There's been an attempt on Pim's life.

She aimed to become an actress.

He is the love of my life.

I'm going to meet her there.

Brandon broke Grace's clarinet reed.


Murthy might have been a teacher once.

Japan does a lot of trade with the United States.

Tigger acted as an interpreter for Judge.

The noise kept me from sleeping last night.

Check it out.

You look pale.

I enjoy it in here.

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Leora is wearing a black tie.


Please don't call him again.

It's a good job, as far as the pay goes.

That guy is totally nuts!

Skip worries a lot about money.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

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Are your wife and children here?

We've learned to take it seriously.

It wasn't something anybody expected.


It would be nice if you could make me something to eat.


Do you think I've lost weight?

Make sure Daniele stays away from my daughter.

If I'm lucky enough for the medicine to work I can get to sleep after 1am but if I don't take it then I can't sleep until about 4am.

Please don't call me again.

Ralph is much better today than yesterday.

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Sometimes I can't help myself.

Robert appears to have fallen asleep.

Who's in charge here?


It's a ten minute walk to the station.


You guys would do that for me, wouldn't you?

We're on strike because the company hasn't improved our wages.

We had lunch at Chuck's Bar and Grill on Park Street.

You do have a problem.

You're so right.

What does that cost?

Shean must be hungry.


Juliane made some scrambled eggs.

It's one who shares in another's wealth that hails him as a generous person.

Let that be a warning.

You're the only one who can help Matti.

You deserve a prize.

I gave Mohammad all the money I had on me.

You never appreciated the things I do for you.

I've got great news for you.

I do have confidence in Sergiu.

I've decided to join the volunteer fire department.

All the cars in this garage belong to Conrad.


She went on working till he called her.

Language textbooks often feature only good people.

I fell in love.

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Hartmann appreciated Miki's support.

Elijah nearly died after eating some raw liver.

That would be disastrous.


It's you I'm worried about.

Avoid it at all cost.

I've got the devil's own luck in everything.

Terri was beginning to feel ignored.

Too much information was presented all at once. Taking it in was like drinking from a fire hose.

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We ate your delicious duck.

Who's going to look after my sick grandfather if something happens to me?

I'll do whatever I can to help you and Jerrie.

Carter is a serial killer who has murdered several persons.

We have a lot more food than we need.

I planned it all out.

Please give me something cold

I'm pretty sure that Joanne doesn't live in Boston anymore.

Delete this comment.

Konrad is sophisticated.

Martha asked me if I liked basketball.