The patient lies in bed.

The workers banded together to go on strike and fight the company.

I know them better than anyone.

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I don't really want to go there by myself.

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Lin can bench press 2000 pounds. Or is that 200 pounds?

Untidiness was his bugbear.

There's a time and a place for everything. Now is neither the time nor the place.

Get away from here.

I must say that your writing is at a pretty good level!

She'll certainly get along well with my grandmother.

Duncan won't get scared.

I assume you found them.

It was not unexpected.

Kirk couldn't find a job in Boston, so he came back home.

They had weapons.


They've got a good team.

I went to a haunted house.

Cotton sucks up water.

They can overcome their fear.

Is there anyone there?


He was determined to go, so I decided to do my best to help him.

Lo, thus, by day my limbs, by night my mind, for thee, and for myself, no quiet find.

Shakil says that he's willing to do it for free.

Morgan and Edmund walked around the sand dunes.

I don't think I want to see what a fly considers paradise.

May I speak to Bill?

Don't get all mushy on me.

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In the end, it's cheaper to join a tour.

I told her to come visit us.

You've been really decent to me.

Patricio might already be there.

Dan ridiculed Linda in the presence of her parents.


I hope Knapper doesn't do that again.

Hiroyuki works the evening shift.

She is engaged to a rich man.

We just ate sushi and drank beer.

Someone has to tell Ramon he should go on a diet.

Cobalt is a transition metal.

Norm's wrong.

Bring three pies from the stand in the corner.

Jun hasn't been arrested yet.

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He's anxiously awaiting the results of his exam.

I have to warn her.

That's what I'm so proud about.

This is an excellent site for learning Finnish.

He waited for the elevator to come down.

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David can speak French fluently.

My heart was broken.

I wonder what's inside the box.


The shop sells articles of all kinds.

Bertrand doesn't have to tell me why.

You two are very cute together.

Phil works for the FBI.

"How long do you think it'll take?" "How long's a piece of string?"

My watchdog is alert to the slightest sound and movement.

I want a life.

The theater used to stay open till late.

She threw her sister out of her apartment.

The notice sent to the supplier of goods to the buyer, that his order is executed.

There was no avoiding them.


It would be so cool if I could speak ten languages!

Are you going to tell Spike that he can't come with us, or are you going to make me tell him?

I don't want to walk home.


This should do it.

This was in Celia's desk.

It's good enough.

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I'll be only too pleased to help you.

It's just been a difficult few days for Rhonda.

You need to be careful when you're driving a car.

We must decide.

We dated for three months.


I already knew her by reputation.


Why didn't you just ask them?


Have you ever heard Troy speak French?

A small forest fire can easily spread and quickly become a great conflagration.

Wait, we can't do this.

Weren't you just a bit surprised by what happened?

The frescoes of the cathedral are very interesting.

What do you want to do today?

The sight of blood made her excited.

Straka thought it was a good idea to do this.

I meant to have finished writing the paper.

They made mistakes.

At first, the local cowboys laughed at him.

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Usain Bolt is still the fastest man in the world.

Lawrence doesn't have any pets.

When you smile, I am happy.


Marry in haste, and repent at leisure.

I saw him with her.

How did you get past security?

It was this book that Ahmed bought yesterday.

I cannot do without your advice.

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Who do you think is younger, Chuck or Part?

Julio is swinging in the hammock that I hung under the old oak tree.

My mother doesn't like the summer heat.

We saw some houses in the distance.

The woodcutter fells a tree with an ax.

When did you find out?

"I was talking to Luis Cruise once (a really close friend of mine), and I was telling him about the latest antics of my pal Charlie Sheen. We sat there talking for about an hour when I got a call from Jay Leno. He wanted me to be on his show next week. I was pretty busy, but I told Jay I would find time in my schedule for his show. Oh, I have to be off." "Here are your bags and change, sir." "Thanks." "Thank you, sir, have a great day."

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How many dogs does Barbra have?


Are you sure you're up to seeing Sjaak?

I found out who Bea's father is.

Where do you wish you were right now?

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I have to give something to Saumya.

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I don't love you that much.

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He squeezed my shoulders.

Maria's father is easily influenced.

Don't tell them that.


Is everything arranged for the trip?

It is the business of doctors cure disease.

He came in spite of the heavy snow.

Christina waited until 2:30.

It's just big enough for Skip.

The blood seeped through my pantleg, and everyone knew I was wounded.

Clem seems to enjoy provoking arguments.

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I remember having met him in Paris.

I want to become a doctor.

The movement of the inhabitants drove the band of thugs out of the town.


Where is the source of this river?


I asked him if he would return soon.


Slavery is still a sensitive subject around here.

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January is the first month in the secular calendar.


I easily found Mr. Harrington because I had seen him before.

The problem was I didn't know who Anna was.

This dog barks at everyone it doesn't know.


A certain man called Nelken used to see Christmas as a feast without the least sense to it.

Steen loosened his tie and poured himself a drink.

I want to sleep with your wife.

I changed the lock on my door.

Suddenly Hal began to cry.

I'd like a beer.

I still think it's unlikely that Jeffrey will win.

Sridharan wanted Collin to drive John to the library.

Pia didn't want to stay in Boston any longer.

She bought him a dog.

Can you hold on a sec?

It hasn't been easy for her.

Tuan followed Kristi out of the house.

The castle dates back to 1610.

There's no need to ask for permission.

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Wilson wishes he had the courage to leave.

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That used to belong to her.


You might actually like it.


Many of the soldiers kissed their husbands goodbye.

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What are you guys doing up so late?


That last sentence of yours doesn't make much sense.


I have a bone to pick with you.

The red dress became her.

I don't expect you to understand.

The dad treated his adoptive son cruelly.

I will deal with this problem.

Were you listening?

The choice is very simple.

Brooke is going to be furious.

Let me have the novel when you have done with it.

Roderick couldn't paint.

You despise Tor, don't you?

It was awful.

I want to improve myself.


You passed one test, but failed the other, didn't you?