Prospect is often better than possession.

He devoted his life to his company.

I've been waiting for this.

All this talk of food is making me hungry.

Do your children know German?


She was there last summer.

The old man arched his back.

That's a lame excuse.

This coat doesn't fit me.

Ji thinks I'm right.


If you don't understand something, it's because you aren't aware of its context.

I took a picture of her. I am so glad I did.

He made it clear that he had no intention of becoming a professional football player.


When I was in school, I really hated writing essays.

Your hypothesis is plausible.

There's nothing wrong with it.

Sergiu hates liars.

Drop by sometime.

I didn't know what it was at the time.

Sometimes I go, sometimes I don't.


The weather is becoming cooler.


Are you going by bus or car?

Huashi read the letter out loud.

Let's wait for another 5 minutes.

They helped me.

You're not safe.


"Where did you two meet?" "We met on a trip through the Carpathians, and we immediately fell in love with each other."

I got up at seven.

Matti is a model student.


When the counter value reaches the assigned 'lucky-number' it displays a congratulatory message.

I thought you were already dead.

Let her come aboard.

Put on your sweater. Otherwise you will catch cold.

I don't believe we've been formally introduced.

When I told her I'd never seen such a homely girl, she accused me of sexual harassment.

He came to London to study English.

Jagath had to wait for three hours.

I wash my clothes.

Do you realize the fact that we, generally speaking, are drowning?

He demanded that we should pay him.

A magnet can pick up and hold many nails at a time.

I'll explain it to you later on.


Our town has only one traffic light.

I haven't seen it.

She has an eye for antiques.

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Ami thought of growing a beard, but decided not to.

I said I can't help you.

I want to be like Picasso.


The letter is inside the envelope.


Perhaps you're trying too hard.

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I enjoyed working with them.

Has he arrived already?

Edgar answered all my questions.

Everyone here looks so young.

Who is knocking on the door?

Spy's cuter anyway.

He acquired the habit of snacking.

Vernon is dying.

Herb and Stuart don't need a chaperone.

He should revise his lessons!

Come and I'll show you who I am.

Where's the nearest department store?

Don't talk to me like that.


How did it go with Scott last night?

This rule holds good at all times.

I cannot read this book without shedding tears.

The salt cellar was on the table.

Take the dog for a walk.


The eyes are windows to the soul.

Children who are thirsty should drink water.

Things will get easier from now on.

To get a prescription, go to a doctor.

Don't think that I'm going to let you get away.


I'm not German.

Malaclypse is outrageous.

I thought I heard someone in the kitchen.

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Players were limited in what they could and could not do to get and keep the ball.


She held her hands tightly over her ears.

I've got to go to the office for a few hours today.

The moment she was alone she opened the letter.


He's away for the weekend.


Do you know that you're beautiful?

She was absent on the ground of illness.

Will you allow me to play the piano?

Urs runs a food bank in Boston.

So, when did you two meet?

I think I was in love with you.

Moses didn't have the courage to do what he wanted to do.

You could at least do a bit of study.

I don't plan on getting caught.

Linda never attempted to attract attention to herself.

Jean-Christophe and Floyd were impressed.

The address you're looking for is very near the city hall.

But we're just on our way home.


Forgive me, but I have no change.

In the morning he too was found dead.

Crawl forward is done much more agilely - scuttle like a cockroach!

There are more girls than boys at our school.

Nothing is wrong with you. It's not your fault.

I was surprised because it was very big.

Do you really want to work at that company?

Jennifer and Catherine went to a jazz festival.

Whoever calls now, tell him I'm not in.

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The little girl grew into a beautiful woman.

I'll come right over.

Even the mayor breathes dioxin.

Can you bring me the bill, please?

Why would that bother us?

He's a good-looking man.

Where is he practicing?

Watch where you step.

I have more important things to do.


Can you believe Oleg is still only thirteen?

I'll be back at half six.

Perfectionists find it harder to function than average people.

Maybe there's something we missed.

There's going to be a press conference tonight.

The car clapped along very slowly.

White was denounced to the police as a spy.

Ross is extremely self-centered.

Have a great weekend, everybody.

We talked in sign language.

The person Eddy most gets along with is his father.

Who did Naresh bring with him?

She doesn't want him to pick the flowers.

Now I know better.

This is the chance of a lifetime.

Space now lives in Boston.

Is death the only release?

Does Lou make you happy?

This nude poster appeals visually to the young.


I ate a turkey sandwich.

He cheated on the biology exam.

Nobody will care.


Poverty is no vice.

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Man is a creature of emotion.

Spock is gone forever.

What a worthy cause!


Classes start on Monday.

Their goal is to own a home before they are thirty.

I want your legal advice.

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I prefer novels that have a happy ending.

I'm the only one who knows where Dori hid his valuables.

I don't know where else to turn.

Don't get drunk and, please, stop using those fuckin' bangers or my very bad and angry cat will scratch you all!

They spent a good deal of money on the project.


Women observe and men think.

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One person's vice is another person's virtue.

I've grown tired of watching this uninteresting match.

I hid myself for fear of being scolded by my teacher.

I bought this computer one year ago and it's already a dinosaur.

It was a dark night, with no moon.

All of my friends like them.

Her car broke down on the interstate.

"Life is a joint venture", both said and decided to marry.

Your flight has been canceled.


I used to dream of him.

I need to show you something.

This criminal is morally depraved.

Is there any fresh news?

A farewell party was held for Mr. Smith.

I'd like to buy everyone a round.

It is there to the left.

What a wonderful machine!

Sherri wants to know what you would like to drink.

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Hotta's wicked.

They revolted against the government.

He let out an exaggerated groan and put his hand on the doorknob.