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We also have a subreddit, where we post updates, teasers and announcement for our fellow redditors.


We create games, or we try to atleast. Here you can view our games we've created (or ones we tried to create...)

Meet the team

These are people that make things happen.

Person 1


Matt H. - Co-owner, Programmer, 3D Modeler and Community Manager

Person 2


Tony E. - Co-owner, Programmer, 3D Modeler and Artist

Person 2


Cool Individual, Supporter, Fan and awesome person. Thank you. <3


Games we're making, made or tried making.

Pic 01

Beyond Infection (Discontinued)

An open world multiplayer zombie survival game that takes skills, barricade a house, fortify a neighbour hood, setup electricity and most important... survive.

Pic 02

Cardboard King (Discontinued)

Cardboard King is a 2.5D sandbox platformer, where you can create your own levels, or create them with a friend or just play ones created by other players... your imagination is the limit.

Pic 05

Fork It VR

Welcome to Tiny Hands Co. Driving a forklift has never been so challenging...