What's the minimum salary in New Zealand?

Tell me how it went later.

I have been to the place which she spoke of in her talk.

I'm not going to tell you which way to go.

What else should we expect?

Lawrence came on Tanaka's boobs.

That matter is the same one that we discussed the other day.

You were busy.

We have already finished our dinner.

Clyde was dissatisfied with his store bought telescope and decided to build one for himself. Clyde's father took a second job to pay for the materials needed to build it.

Has anyone spoken to her?

Let's hope the support arrives on time.

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You need to look at things from a different angle, it's not as catastrophic as you think.

No, you can't.

I have a Russian passport, but I'm French.

Are you still alone?

It wasn't Takao who shot Van.

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The party was over at nine.

They loaded the truck.

If you need something, just call me.

Hatred, infamy and slander have not conquered my spirit.

Stephan is no angel.

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It is in the pocket of my jacket.

It is difficult to find a job in the United States.

Jason doesn't drink a lot.


She blushed bright red.

Inside my backpack there are many colored pens, red ones, blue ones, green ones, etc.

Jef doesn't often eat lunch with his wife.


Kelly, watch the stars!

At that moment, the telephone in the unit office rang.

I'll cooperate.


Man is the only animal that blushes. Or needs to.

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I address my teacher in Berber.

You are cordially invited to our fiftieth anniversary celebration.

Nobody can replace me.

Who is the architect?

Are you telling me I'm stuck here with you?


He was experienced in business.

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You make my head hurt.


Everyone started talking at once.


It is impossible to account for tastes.

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Hey, what's going on?

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Too much alcohol may result in gastric disease.

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The catastrophe also claimed victims' lives.


Everyone's up.

I want you to make a decision.

I've been threatened.

The dog kept barking at his reflection in the mirror.

Tanya got another letter from Amarth today.


Juliet looks sober.


Billie dozed off to sleep.

I hope Ritchey recovers quickly.

Winnie didn't know what to say.

Global climatic changes may have been responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Del looks like he doesn't know what to do.

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They are bright red!

That person is a master inventor.

There were but few who did not go there.


They built a small village on an island.

I think that I drank too much.

Some say that he was the greatest boxer who ever lived.

Dreams always come out differently.

We're a little busy right now.

This has finally convinced me of the seriousness of the situation.

Let's make sure we've got everything we need.

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Some women longed to have the right to vote.

Felix is the only Canadian here.

I'm only doing what needs to be done.

Sunil doesn't have enough money to pay all his bills.

I want to find out where Kikki bought his shoes.

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Who would want to hire them?

I have confidence in Conrad's abilities.

Jay's parents live in a 8,000 sq ft. mountaintop home in Aspen.

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This is the same pencil that I lost the other day.

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We are subscribed to the Asahi paper.

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Almost all dogs are alive.

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What else can I do for you?


You should be prepared for emergencies.

I can't remember why I did that.

He had his son die last year.

My mother was not feeling any better. If anything, she looked worse.

Can you lend me the money or not?


I wrote this letter in French.

I don't want to argue about this.

I'm a man without a woman.


Your help will save us a lot of work.


You'd better not wait here.

Tobias picked out a very nice bracelet for Guy.

I'm going to get myself something to eat.

Dani knows him.

The tree stands motionless, clothed in twilight, thickly bedecked with dewdrops.


Don't mention that she's put on weight.


Tuna can swim very fast.

Have you went to Krasnodar before? It is a very popular resort for Russians, what, with all the beaches and the endless Black Sea.

Jeremy was normally very reliable and his absence from the meeting was inexplicable.

I can't lie to them again.

I'll give you something to help you sleep.

Donal said he had something important to do.

I wanted to give up.


Products made from petroleum are vital to modern societies.

I have some chores to do.

I've stopped paying attention to arrogant, materialistic and unpleasant people.


He asked a very good question.


I'm Azeri.

I really enjoyed doing that.

Suzanne was sad and lonely.

Wayne is a horse trainer.

I don't believe that Santa Claus is imaginary.

He plays the piano well.

Will Guy be OK?

Get your things.

He took advantage of the good weather to do some gardening.


It's cold.


Talk of the devil and he'll appear.


Has anything changed since then?

Pigeons stay with the same partner for life.

Colin is still studying in Boston, isn't he?

I should've done that a long time ago.

It isn't like anybody takes responsibility then anyway.

I wonder what Hubert ate for his Christmas dinner.

You ought not to believe him.

We're flirting with disaster.

I'm not very athletic.

I am from the Netherlands.

Is it really necessary to save these letters?

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You might ask before you use my typewriter.

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Nick will take care of that for us.

I'm at the bank.

Do you have identification?

Witchcraft is not a joking matter in Swaziland.

I was watching the scene holding my breath.

I didn't get his autograph.

Will the train leave on time?

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There were only six people at the party.

I tried to persuade Kimberly to come to Boston with us, but he said he had other things he had to do.

I wonder what's wrong with him. He keeps breaking his word these days.

Which is your favourite website?

Do you know who invented gunpowder?

Please come over for lunch the day after tomorrow.

I don't remember inviting you.

"Fourscore and seven years ago, our forefathers owned a bunch of scrubs." "Harkinian, that's not right and you know it." "Quiet! I'm enjoying my tale, so let me tell my story."

There are worse things than being alone.

We're investigating that right now.

He wants a playmate.


I hate this part of the movie.


She devoted herself to him.

Let him talk first.

Maybe you can help me.

Give her a smile.

He sends us to the factory.

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You forgot to water the plants!

I didn't know you were married.

We are awaiting impatiently the arrival of our dear friend.

I think you're probably right.

Please wait until I come back.

I thought I'd go with you.

Mick wants to pitch.