Greetings!  The badges have been counted.  This was an interesting year, in that a few GMs weren’t able to make it because of other conventions being held the same weekend.  However, we noticed an increase in first-time participation, including (anecdotally) some attendees for whom U-Con was their first ever convention!   So, we are pleased to report that attendance grew by 4% anyway.

Here is our historical attendance at Eagle Crest for comparison.

  • 2018: 1046
  • 2017: 1005
  • 2016: 959
  • 2015: 867
  • 2014: 741
  • 2013: 633
  • 2012: 528


Hello and welcome to the U-Con 2018 Games Library Report. Post convention contains both my favorite thing to do (crunching stats on how the library was used) and my least favorite thing to do (clearing the “Parts counted date” column on my spreadsheet and starting over again). I haven’t even begun parts counting but I crunched numbers like a mad thing just after I put the Games Library to bed. What can I say, I like the numbers..

This year 102 of the 298 games were checked out (34%, which is down a percent from last year). In total there were 233 checkouts compared to last year’s 167 which leads me to consider two possibilities for the uptick in checkouts but the drop in percentage: Either a lot more games were added to the library (15 donations and 26 bought new vs. 16 bought in 2017 (no stats on donations)) or more games were played multiple times. Considering Azul was checked out 17 times (!!!) I’m going to guess a little bit of each.

Speaking of multiple checkouts, HOLY COW AZUL! I had to go back and recount the sign-out sheets when I did the final tallies. It turns out that I did not accidentally add an extra 5 hash marks; y’all just really liked Azul. For reference, the previous record was held by Patchwork last year at 9 checkouts.

If you are looking for gamer gift ideas, other popular games besides Azul were Forbidden Sky and Suspend (both at 8 checkouts), Patchwork and Unearth (7) and Potion Explosion and Dragonwood (6). We hosted a portion of ConTessa’s Game Library this year so I have even more stats. They dropped off 44 games that were not in U-Con’s Games Library and 10 of those were checked out (23% of their library. Total ConTessa checkouts were 15; games with more than 1 checkout include Exploding Kittens, Kabuki, One Deck Dungeon, Santorini and Unstable Unicorns).

This year marks 5 years of Games Library statistics collected and in that time, 7 games have been checked out every year: Coup, Forbidden Island, Kingdom Builder, Lords of Waterdeep, Sentinels of the Multiverse, Tokaido and Zombie Dice. It would have been 8 games but nobody checked out Original Fluxx. Chemistry Fluxx did get checked out (4 times!) and Fluxxes are Fluxxes so in essence, Fluxx as a concept has been going strong all 5 years. BTW, Chemistry Fluxx holds the record for most Fluxx checkouts. If you are looking for games with staying power, you can’t do much better than the ones people request over and over again.

Lastly, Albion, one of the Original 50 Games I inherited, got its first checkout this year. It warms my heart when someone gives some love to the older games.

The Games Library started out with 280-odd games on Friday and ended up with just over 300 when I packed them up Sunday night. That’s almost 20 games in one weekend! Many thanks to Looney Labs for their donation to the Library (Zombie Fluxx, Nanofictionary and Get the MacGuffin), Will Niebling and his crew (Toura, Spike, New Haven, Gobblestones and Artifact Stack) and all the people who donated games throughout the con (Mary Z. – Indigo and Heroes Unite; Nick O. – Super Dungeon Explorer: Super Ninja Ambush; Robert C. – Firefly the Game; the person who came up to the library to donate games their kids outgrew – Robot Turtles, Labyrinth, Mmm…Brains; and the anonymous donor of Root). Thank you all!


Preregistration Pickup

(213) 338-1430Preregistration pickup opens at 8pm!  If you are a gamemaster or preregistered attendee, you can pick up your materials from us in the lobby of the Marriott hotel.  We will also have con books!



Happy U-Con everyone!  Here are a couple updates for you as you head into town:

As you may be aware, there was 800-988-1975.  As a result of the incident, we need to check IDs for all badges.  Please bring a photo ID with you, including for registration onsite.

We have also updated our U-Con conduct policy including our harassment policy.  Please assist us in creating a con which is comfortable for everyone, so we can do the thing we came here to do: Play Games All Weekend!

Our Guide to a Healthy Con

Watch out for Con Crud!  Take care of yourself and others by following our advice during the convention:

1. Sanitize frequently. Wash your hands, and if you can’t then use hand sanitizer.  Much like gnomes, the only way to stop the germs from spreading is to kill them, as frequently as possible.  Your fellow attendees will thank you!

2. Sleep, eat, and shower.  Many gamers follow the 5-2-1 rule – 5 hours of sleep, 2 meals, 1 shower.  You need to take care of your body and keep your immune system functioning, for all our sakes.

3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Drink water!  I know that the Mountain Dew is tastier and keeps you awake, and I’ve been there – being alert makes you a more engaged player or DM.  Be careful about how much carbonation and caffeine you consume, and toss a water in once in a while.  It’ll help keep your voice for when you need to school someone on the rules!

4. If you feel sick, take a slot off. I know you paid good money for this convention and each event, but a slot where you’re sick is wasted money, and you’re likely to spread your plague like a geeky Typhoid Mary. A couple extra hours of sleep is better for your health and everyone’s enjoyment of the rest of the convention.

5. Take care of your voice, especially if you are a DM or gamemaster. This includes, but is not limited to: setting yourself up at your table so that you are facing a wall, avoiding high-noise areas as much as possible, staying away from using squeaky or affected voices, and carrying water with you at all times.

TL;DR – Keep your hands sanitized, stay fed and rested, drink lots of water, take a slot off if you feel sick, and take care of your voice.

Gamemaster Instructions


Sample Gamemaster Worksheet

Thank you for running events at U-Con!  U-Con is only possible because of the games that you and other dedicated gamemasters bring.  We hope you have a fantastic time at the convention!

We simplified our paperwork in order to get you to gaming even faster.  Here are some instructions to help you understand what to expect and to make your experience as smooth as possible.

When you arrive onsite, please check in with Registration to pick up your badge and event worksheets.  If your events are listed under a group name rather than your own name (perhaps with the group in parenthesis) then please pick up your badge from your group leader.  You may also need to stop at Registration to pick up any tickets for which you separately preregistered.

(229) 329-3583

(608) 820-2338

Hello everyone. Your friendly, neighborhood Auction Coordinator here. Just wanted to remind everyone that the annual U-Con Auction will be happening on Saturday at 1pm in Auditorium 1. There will be one significant change from prior years, however.

I have been in charge of the U-Con Auction for the last few years now, and Joe Saul has been an excellent auctioneer for as long as I can remember. We have seen the auction grow and watched thousands of items find new homes. The problem is that it has grown a little too much. We have had several attendees say that while the auction is good, it just runs too late into the day.

So, Joe and I have decided to limit the number of items in the auction at 80. If the final number ends up being 87, that’s fine. However, if we are near the limit and someone brings in twenty items at 12:45, I’m going to ask that they combine them into smaller lots.

We decided on this because we wanted the Auction to remain at the same level of quality while making sure each item is still given full consideration.
If this new situation concerns you, I would suggest bundling your auction items into lots now and get there early. Item submission begins at 11am in Auditorium 1.

Thank you all for your continued support. Excelsior!

Nick Huston
U-Con Auction Coordinator

2018 Convention Book

Our conbook has printed!  Pick up your copy onsite during registration hours or Thursday night during preregistration pickup (8-9pm).  If you just can’t wait to get your hands on it, here is a digital copy.  /www.ucon-gaming.org/download/U-CON_2018_Book_Final.pdf

2018 Convention Shirts

We are very excited to present to you our shirt design for 2018.  Your new Shoggoth will GLOW IN THE DARK!  Available at registration while supplies last!  Artwork provided by Paul Kemezis, 7126489838


ID and costume reminders

Just a quick reminder about our ID policy: In order to ensure we give your materials to the correct person (you!), we’ll be asking to see some form of photo ID when you come to pick up your tickets. Please don’t leave your ID at home, or we won’t be able to get you your tickets!

While we welcome everyone’s expression and enthusiasm in costuming at U-Con (welcome, but definitely not required), please do a quick check of our uniform and weapons policies to make sure you get to be the most complete and comfortable you that you can be 🙂

Don’t want to read the full policy? Here’s a quick rundown of the key points you’ll need to know:

  • What is illegal to have uncovered when not at U-Con must remain covered when at U-Con. Please use your best judgement.

  • Modern uniforms (from the Civil War era to present day) may not be worn as costumes, particularly anything that could be confused as an authentic uniform.

  • U-Con prohibits all functional weapons. We’re looking at you swords, water guns, flamethrowers, other elemental projectiles, other non-elemental projectiles, etc.
  • However, items such as futuristic weapons (e.g. Phaser), fantasy weapons (e.g. the Elder Wand) and non-projectile boffer weapons (e.g. Nerf batliff) may be allowed provided they are not handled in a careless, threatening, or destructive manner. Again, please use your best judgement.