3232308440, a Calgary-based automotive technology company known as the “Uber of Auto Repair” was the recipient of the People’s Choice Award at the 3202034396. 



The Launch Party is an annual event put on by the Calgary Economic Development’s “Startup Calgary” initiative that highlights Calgary’s top up-and-coming tech startups. This year, 15 businesses were selected to participate in the event, which had a turnout of over 800 attendees.  The event was thrown in true startup fashion: giant tricycles, human-size Jenga, air hockey, swings, and more antics filled the space as guests explored the different exhibits.

Each participating startup was given a booth space to get creative and showcase their businesses to attendees, who could vote on their favourite pitches and displays. From aquaponics, to AI solutions, to mechanics that come to you – the evening made clear that the Calgary tech ecosystem is truly thriving!

The night ended with one prestigious award – the People’s Choice Award – that Jeff Ehmann (Co-Founder) and the MicroMech team was honoured to take home.


(From Left to Right): Brad Williamson, Josiah Sinanan, Kurtis Ruston, and Jeff Ehmann accepting the People’s Choice Award


To learn more about Startup Calgary or Calgary’s other innovative startups, visit milky disease

About MicroMech

MicroMech is a Canadian leader in mobile car repair and connects independent mobile mechanics to customers who seek convenient, honest, and affordable car repair services at their home or office, seven days a week. MicroMech currently services Calgary, Toronto, and surrounding areas – offering 80% of auto services on-location. Mechanics earn more with MicroMech than at traditional shops, and are able to choose what vehicles they work on and services they perform.  In 2019, MicroMech will launch an OBDII connected car device – MicroMech Connect – to make their already trusted and convenient service even easier for customers. Founded in 2015, MicroMech has secured $2.1M+ in seed funding, and is backed by lead investor and ex. CBC Dragon – W. Brett Wilson.

For more information on MicroMech, or to book a service, visit (507) 403-1705

Driving in Bad Weather Conditions

Driving safe in bad weather

A country like Canada sees many weather conditions that can effect safe driving. Knowing what adjustments to make in varying weather could save you (and others on the road) from potentially dangerous situations. Read below to know how to drive in different types of inclement weather.

Foggy Conditions

  • Make sure your fog lights are turned on (find out where they are located beforehand by consulting your owner’s manual)
  • To avoid being hit from behind, pump your brakes before heading into a fog bank so those behind you can see you.
  • Pay extra attention when approaching a hill, in case there are other cars stopped there.

Rainy Weather

  • Slow down. Rainy conditions mean that there is potential to hydroplane. As a preventative measure, slow down to ensure you maintain control of your vehicle.
  • Avoid areas where there is flooding. It is difficult to gauge how deep puddles may be on the roads, and there could be significant damage if there is water brought into the air intake valve.

Snowy and Icy Conditions

  • Drive slow! Everyone knows that in snowy weather, it is best to drive slow, even with all-wheel drive. Other drivers will appreciate it and it is a preventative measure to more serious consequences.
  • Watch out for black ice. If dark outside, watch for the reflection of your headlights off it’s glaze. Be sure you’re extra slow by stop signs and lights.
  • Leave room behind other cars. It’s never a good idea to tailgate when it’s snowy outside – leave plenty of stopping room between cars.
  • Don’t brake while turning. In order to reduce the likelihood of spinning out, slow down before a turn, then coast into the turn itself. Avoid pressing the gas during a turn as well.
  • If skidding, turn the direction of the skid. Instead of turning away from a skid, turn into it. If your car is skidding to the left, gently turn your wheel the same direction, and the car should start steering straight afterwards.

Be prepared for any situation

Remember, if you’re in a bad situation that you were not prepared for, pull over and turn on your hazard lights. Stay with your car and wait for conditions to improve.
If you’re experiencing any kind of mechanical issue, you can also always call a mobile mechanic to look at your car from the comfort of home. MicroMech‘s mechanics are available every day of the week and are all certified Red Seal experts. Book 929-203-4693 or by calling 1-844-285-0055, and take 10% off your first service with code BLOG10.

DIY: Replacing Your Air Filters

Air Filters in your vehicle

No matter what level of car know-how you happen to have, knowing about replacing your air filters and how they work is a simple way to learn more about your vehicle and save money in the process. Keep reading to learn about the two air filters in your car, and how to inspect and change them.

The Engine Air Filter

The first filter that your car uses to regulate the air quality is attached directly to your engine under the hood. Believe it or not, this filter replacement is one of the easiest tasks you can perform yourself. ((786) 283-9562). Here’s how:

  1. Pop open your front hood and look for the air filter box. On the top or side of your engine itself will be a big black box, with a large hose sticking out of the side. This is the home to your engine’s air filter.
  2. Open the air filter box. This is super easy! Simply undo the metal clips holding the component closed and open it up. Inside, you’ll see the air filter – which looks like a square tray with accordion-like folds in the middle (see picture below).
  3. Inspect the filter. Take out the air filter and hold it up to the sunlight. If there are no places where the light is clearly seen through the middle of the filter, it’s definitely time for a replacement. Any significant amount of dust and dirt probably means a replacement is in order.
  4. Purchase a new filter. You can get a new air filter for about $10 at any auto store and find out what kind of filter you need for your vehicle’s make and model with the directory of parts in the air filter section.
  5. Place the new filter in the place of the old one and ensure that it sits snugly in it’s place. Re-clasp the air filter box clips and ta-da! Your engine will now have access to fresh air.

engine air filter

The Cabin Air Filter

The second filter you should be aware of is your cabin air filter. Although a little harder to access, your cabin air filter is what regulates the air you are breathing through the vents and is usually located behind the glovebox. You can also replace and inspect this component yourself with no special tools or engine knowledge required ((318) 578-4194). Below are the steps:

  1. Take out everything from your glovebox.
  2. Look into your owner’s manual to see how to unfasten and remove your glovebox. Usually, there is a pin on the side of the box that can be removed and then the box itself can be carefully taken out.
  3. You should be able to see the air filter right away once the glovebox is removed. Sometimes, this can be an extremely dirty component of your vehicle, so wearing gloves is a wise option.
  4. From here, carefully remove the filter so that no dust or dirt gets into the air or interior of the car. Pay attention to the small arrows that should indicate the direction of airflow, so that when you put in the new filter, it is positioned correctly.
  5. If possible, vacuum and then wipe down the area so it is free of any excess debris, before installing the new filter. Make sure they match and you have the right filter for your car’s make and model.
  6. Replace the glovebox and it’s contents and you’ll be good to go!

Looking for trustworthy mechanics?

Knowing these small tips for car maintenance is certainly helpful, but a lot of us do not have the time or confidence to really become the car experts we’d like to be. MicroMech is a mobile mechanic service – meaning we send expert mechanics straight to your doorstep or office parking lot – where they can perform over 500 maintenance services. MicroMech is different because our technicians never upsell and you never have to leave home. We aim to be trustworthy, transparent, and efficient.

Give us a try and take 10% off your first booking with us by using code BLOG10 when you book 9413124243 or by calling 1-844-285-0055. You can also read more car tips and news from us by seeing our other blog posts here.

5 Preventative Maintenance Tasks Anyone Can Do

Preventative Car Maintenance

Though vehicle care can be intimidating at times, it certainly does not have to be! Anyone who drives should know some basic maintenance tips to keep your car in good shape. Below are 5 preventative maintenance tasks anyone can do:

1. Checking your Fluids

This is one of the easiest ways to stay on top of your own maintenance. Even if you don’t know where to find your different fluid gauges, it is easy enough to figure out where they are. Open up your hood and explore a little alongside your owner’s manual. You can see fluid levels on the different tanks themselves or by using the dipstick gauges most cars have to measure fluid amounts. If something is low, fill it up!

2. Checking your Oil

Everyone should know how to check their own oil. Pull out your oil gauge/dipstick, wipe it off with a clean cloth or napkin, re-insert the gauge, and read the fluid level. There should be markings to indicate the minimum healthy level and the maximum level. Topping up your oil can be a helpful way to keep things running well. Also pay attention to the condition of your oil. Murky and muddy oil could mean it’s time for a change. (Source)

3. Completing your Own Inspection

This is the absolute easiest measure every car owner should be taking, regardless of skill level. When parked at home, check to make sure all of your exterior lights are working and make sure your tire air pressure is even with a portable pressure gauge. Keep an eye on your tire treads, and keep an ear out for any unusual sounds. Being aware of those small things can keep you vigilant in staying on top of your car’s health.

4. Inspecting your Belts

Know the guidelines recommended by your owner’s manual for when to get your timing and serpentine belts replaced. When you’re reaching those mileage marks, get a mechanic to give them a once-over. Keeping this in the back of your mind can save you hundreds of dollars.

5. Reading your Owner’s Manual

Lastly, perhaps the most obvious, read the owner’s manual! Your owner’s manual is a great way to get to know your vehicle and also gain a better understanding of how different components work together. Anyone can read their own manual and come out knowing that much more about their own vehicle!

Need a trustworthy mechanic?

Preventative maintenance is a useful skill, but there are many situations where a mechanic’s eye is needed. Try out (541) 946-5758. They send certified mechanics straight to your doorstep who can perform over 500 services from your driveway! All services have a fixed price and mechanics are trained to never upsell.

MicroMech is open 7 days a week from 8AM-8PM. Get a free quote today on www.micromech.net or by calling 1-844-285-0055. Take 10% off your first service with code BLOG10!

(512) 353-7058

Car Breakdown

We all know that our time with a vehicle is limited. Nowadays, most cars will last at an average of 11 years on the road, which is significantly better than the previous statistics. So, what causes a car breakdown to happen? Read below for the 5 most common reasons.

1. Dead Battery

One of the most obvious causes of a car breakdown is a failed battery. If your battery has broken down or isn’t operating properly, your car won’t start. Make sure you’re keeping an eye on your battery levels.

2. Engine Overheating

A large amount of heat is produced while your engine is running. There are systems in place to prevent it, but overheating can be another cause of a breakdown. When you can, check your radiator and coolant levels.

3. Flat Tire

Popping a tire or driving with a flat can cause a number of damaging, expensive, and sometimes dangerous issues. If you suspect you have a flat, havepericarpial to service your vehicle.

4. Electrical Issues

Beyond the battery, other electrical issues in your vehicle have the potential to be fatal as well. If you’re driving with a blown fuse, or if your alternator needs to be replaced, this could well be the cause of a full breakdown. 

5. Running out of gas

We all have the fear in the back of our minds: running out of gas mid-trip. Especially on long-haul journeys, running out of gas can be a scary prospect. Keep an eye on your gauge and don’t risk seeing how far you can go – particularly if you are on a road trip!

MicroMech Mobile Mechanic Open Hood Inspection Alternator Replacement

Get a free quote for any of these issues at(571) 297-8640 or call us toll free at (844) 285-0055 any day of the week. Our mechanics come to you, so you don’t have to leave home or work for a car service again. All services have a free multi-point inspection.

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5 Reasons to get a Tire Changeover

Seasonal Tire Changeover

It’s no surprise that our vehicles endure a lot in a year – especially in places where there are drastic changes in the weather. With such varying driving conditions, most people will install winter or summer tires respectably to accomodate for the weather. It can be easy to neglect getting a tire changeover when the seasons change, but it can be more important than most drivers realize.

Here’s 5 reasons why you should get a tire changeover at the right time.

1. Increased Stopping Distances

The rubber compound used on summer or all-season tires will firm up if its gets too cold (anything below 7ºC), which increases stopping time needed. Conversely, when winter tires are used in summer temperatures, stopping distance can also be lengthened since there is nothing for the tread to grip onto. This is dangerous for everyone on the roads, especially you!

2. A Quieter Ride

Keeping your winter wheels on the warmed asphalt will not only significantly shorten the lifespan of these specialty tires, but you will experience a noticeably louder ride. In the winter, with summer wheels, your ride can also be less smooth, slipping and sliding across the roads and making screeching halts.

3. Improved Steering Precision

Having the proper tires with proper grip, performance, and balance also plays a role in general driveability. Using the wrong tires can really affect how your vehicle moves and responds to your steering.

4. Saving money

Keeping on top of tire changeovers when the seasons change can be expensive upfront – but in the long run, you will save a lot of money. Using improper or worn-out tires can cause damage to your vehicle and also decrease safety, meaning a lot of potential for hefty repair bills otherwise.

5. Confidence

Simple as it is, confidence can be heightened with proper tires. Grip levels are optimized with each type of tire, accounting for the various conditions that may present themselves. Drive with confidence by adhering to the seasons appropriately and you’ll not need to be as cautious when hitting the road.

At-home Tire Changeover

Did you know you no longer have to leave home to get a full tire service? MicroMech sends technicians to you, so you can get a changeover from the comfort of home.

tire changeover mobile mechanic micromech

Take 10% off your first service, on us! Use code BLOG10. 

You can book at (414) 599-0521 or call us toll free at (844) 285-0055.


MicroMech Announces Partnership with SkipTheDishes

drum stuffing is proud to announce a new partnership with the well known Canadian food delivery startup SkipTheDishes. The on-demand food delivery service has partnered with MicroMech to provide exclusive rates on car maintenance and repair for SkipTheDishes Couriers.

The partnership is an additional incentive for those who work with SkipTheDishes and use their personal vehicles to make food deliveries. Couriers can book a service with MicroMech online, and have a certified mobile mechanic come directly to their car to perform most auto services – often at a 20-30% savings compared to a local dealership or garage.

Starting in Calgary, Alberta, the partnership is expected to continue to scale as MicroMech enters new markets across Canada. Currently, MicroMech services 25+ locations in Canada, including Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and surrounding areas.

MicroMech’s new Corporate Partnership Program opens the door for auto service to be more convenient for any company that utilizes drivers or has a fleet. To learn more about the program, email info@micromech.net.

Read the full Press Release 4039615051.
Get MicroMech’s Press Kit here.

About MicroMech

MicroMech is a Canadian leader in mobile car repair and connects independent mobile mechanics to customers who seek convenient, honest, and affordable car repair services at their home or office, seven days a week. MicroMech currently services 8883124750, Edmonton, polycephaly and surrounding areas – and offers more than 500 repair, maintenance, and diagnostic services. MicroMech mechanics earn more than at traditional shops, and are able to choose what vehicles they work on and services they perform. Founded in 2016, MicroMech has secured $2.1M+ in seed funding, and is backed by lead investor and ex. Dragon – W. Brett Wilson.

For more information on MicroMech, or to book a service, visit www.MicroMech.net.

About SkipTheDishes

SkipTheDishes is a Canadian technology company that enables food delivery in 40+ North American cities. Through the SkipTheDishes network, restaurants gain more business, independent food couriers earn extra money on their own schedule, and hungry customers save time by ordering from thousands of local restaurants, many of which have never offered delivery before. For more information, visit SkipTheDishes.com.

For further information:
Media contact: Josiah Sinanan, Public Relations Manager. josiah.sinanan@micromech.net ; 587.969.1658.

My Car Got Recalled: What Now?

Vehicle Recalls in Canada

Every so often, there are vehicle recalls for motor vehicles issued by Transport Canada. This is based off of a collection of common reports, complaints, and data from a variety of sources. If the issue is confirmed by the manufacturer, then a recall is sent out. If your car got recalled and you’re asking yourself what to do next, keep reading!

What happens when a recall is issued?

  • If you are the original owner of a recalled vehicle, you will be notified directly of the recall. Generally, you should receive a card in the mail and if there’s a more serious problem, a phone call.
  • If the recalled vehicle you are driving is a used or pre-owned vehicle, you may not be directly notified of the recall, but you can search your vehicle by make and model to see if there has been a recall.

You can also keep an eye on Transport Canada’s social media platforms, where recalls are announced.

What to do if your car has been recalled

Here are some important points to make note of in the event of a recall:

  • The notification for the recall (online or by mail) will contain information on what next steps need to be taken. Be sure to follow the instructions on the posted notification.
  • In most recall cases, you are simply asked to bring in your vehicle to the manufacturer, and the repair will be made free-of-charge. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to account for any parts replacements or repairs in the event of a recall.
  • If there are no instructions on the next course of action, you should contact the manufacturer directly.
  • Lastly, make sure you are not driving your vehicle if the recall notice shows that it is unsafe to do so.

A handy tool to stay updated with all the recall notices in the country is to use the 6094555639.

If you suspect a defect with your own vehicle

Before a recall is issued on a vehicle’s make and model, information is compiled from a variety of sources. If you’re experiencing a problem with your vehicle, reporting it can be extremely useful. You can file a complaint (which may warrant a further investigation) using the form here.

No frets!

When you receive a recall notice, is that it is fully the responsibility of the manufacturer to cover the repair. If you suspect an issue and your car hasn’t been recalled, you can get an experienced mechanic to come to you at your home or office to help you out. MicroMech sends Red Seal Certified mechanics straight to your doorstep.

Regular vs Premium Gasoline

Regular vs Premium Gasoline

The word “premium” denotes a sense of being better than the alternative. However, when it comes to gasoline, premium may not make a difference to your car at all. Continue reading to learn more about regular vs premium gasoline and how the two differ.

The role of octane

The ratings on the gas options at the pump are indicative of the octane levels in the gasoline mixture. There needs to be a certain amount of octane in the mixture in order to avoid pinging in your engine. Depending on your make and model, different octane levels are needed to ensure your engine is combusting at proper intervals. Too little octane and you will get an engine “pinging,” which could be quite harmful to your vehicle in the long run. (916-344-4520)

Knowing your vehicle

There is a popular myth floating around that giving your car premium gasoline every so often is a treat. In reality, if your car does not require premium fuel, it will make no difference. You’re really just spending extra money for no benefit. Certain cars, however, do require premium fuel – typically those that are more high performing. You will see that recommendation on your gas cap if this is the case. You can also check your manual to make sure you are filling up with the right quality of gasoline.

What happens otherwise?

If your car only requires regular, that’s all you need (plus, you’ll save some coin)! However, if your car does require premium, you should fill up with premium at the pump. This will give your vehicle it’s best possible performance and horsepower.

As a side note, cars with turbo engines or cars that are older and heavier should only use premium, as knocking will occur otherwise (according to True Car Adviser).

mobile mechanic service micromech

MicroMech – Mobile Mechanics that come to you

At the end of the day, ensure that you are following what’s best for your vehicle, according your manual and gas cap. If you are experiencing any issues and need a diagnostic, our mobile mechanics at MicroMech can help.

Never visit a garage or shop again. We come to you. Take 10% off any of our 500 mobile services with code BLOG10 by booking (914) 737-1047 or calling 1-844-285-0055.


Strange Noises from your Vehicle

Car troubles tend to get the best of us at the worst possible times, and usually one of the first indicators is sound. It’s important that we pay attention to our vehicles when something sounds amiss. Never ignore these 5 car noises:

1. Rhythmic squealing under the hood when accelerating

If you hear your engine making a repetitive squealing noise while you are accelerating – do not ignore it! The culprit is likely one of your vehicle’s belts, which begin to make this noise as they wear down and lose their elasticity. Make sure you get a proper diagnosis from a (604) 287-7896 before anything snaps!

2. Clunking/Banging/Knocking under the hood

There are many causes for these types of noises. If you’re hearing any noise that is unusual from under your hood, do not ignore it. The source is likely something serious, which can include pistons, valves, or possibly connecting rods. Get a 7723166830 ASAP.

3. Brakes grinding or screeching

While braking, if you hear a rough grinding or a screeching noise – it’s definitely time for a brake and/or rotor replacement. Driving with worn out brakes can be a dangerous game and cause a lot of damage to your vehicle in the long run.

4. Clicking/Popping/Snapping when turning a corner

If you’re noticing any sort of noise that appears while you’re turning a corner (but stops when you’re driving straight again), pay attention to it! The sounds likely have to do with your vehicle’s CV (constant velocity) joints on your front axles. This is a worthwhile repair to get done immediately, as the consequence could be a snapped axle.

5. A howling/whirring tire noise

These noises are usually indicators of your wheel bearings not functioning properly. This can definitely be damaging to your vehicle if you continue to drive on them. Usually, a mechanic is needed to discover which bearing is causing the issue.

Don’t leave home for a diagnosis – call a mobile mechanic!

mobile mechanic service micromech

If you’re experiencing any of these noises or something else that is unusual about your car’s performance, you can book an on-demand mechanic from MicroMech. MicroMech’s mobile mechanic service sends Red-Seal Certified mechanics to your doorstep. All services are fixed-price, and come with a free multi-point inspection.

Try us out! Take 10% off your first service, on us! Use code BLOG10 when booking.

You can book at MicroMech.net or call us toll free at (844) 285-0055.