Johnnie is troubled.

My feelings underwent a change.

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Don't share this with anyone.


You should've been a farmer.


I don't quite know where to begin.


The bird is singing. Can you hear it?

He is so honest that he is trusted by everyone.

Let's take a short cut.

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I belong to the baseball team.

There is a piece of good news for you.

She caressed her baby lovingly.

It is rare to find a Nepali translator.

Can you give me a permission to enter here?

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Stay right here, OK?

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This phrase is grammatically and syntactically correct, but it doesn't sound very English.

That would've been awesome.

I understand why you're concerned.

I like this office.

I always thought Japan was the only country where people remove their shoes inside the house.

She is buying food.

We have no hot water because the pipes broke.


I'm old enough to vote.

This is off the record.

I'm not expecting anyone to show up before 2:30.

Can you hold it a moment for me?

I am also unemployed.

You're in my heart.

He set out on his career as a corporation lawyer.

It's raining heavily so the ground is very soggy.

Please don't swim here.


Does Kathleen have kids?


Get out of the car.

I'm not that kind of person.

I just don't want you to get hurt.

What position do you hold?

He felt himself shaken at the news.

Lori always forgives Wendi, no matter what she does.

She knows French inside out.

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Christophe has an immaculate sense of style.

How is that helpful?

This job involves lots of hard work.

I'm going to the post office.

Even small amounts of lead are dangerous.

Balls are round.

Mr Brown is her father.

The good news cheered me up.

To the best of my knowledge, he is as good as his word.

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At last, she hit on a good idea.

I thought you were going to kill me.

Her many puppies run around in the yard every day.

Holding an eel too fast is the way to let her escape.

We're not looking.

Why do you allow Stan to do this to you?

I told Ted.


Oh, by the way, I have something to tell you.


When you're done with the book, put it back where you found it.

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There is a rumor about that he is going to resign.

Who's going to pay for these tickets?

Kayvan and Rajiv spent a lot of time together when they were kids.

The chance of promotion disposed him to accept the offer.

Did I miss something interesting?

An agreement acceptable to all parties was finally reached.

I'll take care of this.

I speak Classical Greek.

You said you'd talk to him.

We have precious little time.

Siegurd is not happy with Hirotoshi at the moment.

Sharan used to come here all the time.

Last summer was awful.

I am fed up with his vulgar jokes.

I found my boyfriend's favorite Beatles song playing from a music box. I'll be so happy to give it to him.


This isn't a bug, its an undocumented enhancement.

I want what's mine.

The girl let the bird loose.

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We're talking about a British colony.


I don't know everybody.

Some people say that English politeness is, at bottom, really fear.

Have you got an anger management problem?

Piercarlo has won many competitions.

Do what your mom is telling you.

She has missed this.

Let's not waste this opportunity.

I am a citizen of the world.

I'm happy that Coleen is here.

Most bears are omnivores.

A democracy is a form of government in which the people often vote for someone different but seldom if ever get something different.

Have you ever eaten sea urchins?

I take my clothes to the cleaner's twice a month.


Eddie didn't give me anything.

I can't cancel on him.

I'm sorry, but the answer's no.


He is above telling a lie.

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Do you not accept my offer?

Thirteen people died in the train wreck.

At a distance, the ship looks like an island.

Kari often says stupid things at inappropriate times.

It's certainly a thrill.

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A model must have an attractive body.

I have already read the book.

We need permission.

It sounds very plausible.

Have a safe trip home.


I could do that for you.

The plants manufacture complex chemical compounds.

Here are the findings of our report.


Every minute with you is a gift.

This is absolutely ridiculous.

I tried calling, but they didn't answer.


I no longer want to visit Boston.

You still haven't told Frederick what you did, have you?

I'll be there as quick as I can.

Don't quarrel with your bread and butter.

His latest work is an advance on his previous one.

You must be Nicholas's mother.

I have a pain in my shoulders.

Watch Ernie.

Wimbledon has eighteen grass courts, including the Center Court.

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Is Allen still safe?


Jacob Coxey was ready for the worst.


He is feeling it.

I can't stop hiccuping.

He has spent most of his time as a career diplomat.

Oh, if only we could be as shy and timid in our shameful actions as we are in our proper ones!

It was torture for him to see his girlfriend with another man.

It would have been better if you had left it unsaid.

Are you ever going to get married again?


What time did you leave work yesterday?

The whole earth is the sepulchre of famous men.

Have you ever seen anything like that?


Is this some kind of trick?


I don't need you to do anything special for me on my birthday.

Ofer wasn't the right guy for Steve.

Would you like a cup of tea now?

I've already fed the children.

Once upon a time there lived an old king on a small island.


You might want to try studying in the library.


I don't want to butt in all the time when the two of them are fighting.

The dedicated bike zone is most often at the rear of the train.

Harvey drove very fast.

Switzerland is the country to the east of France.

He was in the army for thirty years.


The body of a recruit has been exhumed for a second post-mortem.


That's what we call an "otoshidama".

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I dream about Marco every night.

They're definitely more than just friends.

So he went in.

I'm happy to hear you're still working for us.

Dick is right behind Leith.

The room got very quiet.

He is the only person that I known who is equal to the task.


You're in Europe!

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I've formatted your hard disk by mistake.


Mwa is a sociopath.


Which do you prefer, raisins, prunes or dates?


We need more medical care for infants.

Don't work yourself too hard.

Exactly what kind of work do you do?


Jarl is sure to come.