She's never had a boyfriend.

I can't keep pace with you.

I drink tea, too.

Is that enough for you?

The Rhine runs between France and Germany.


It wasn't Murray. It was just someone that looked like him.


I want someone to tell me why Vernon isn't here today.

I didn't mean to offend them.

The writer is well known to us.

I miss hanging out with you.

It was proposed that this matter be considered at the next meeting.

We'll probably be the first ones there.

My cough is getting worse.

The crowd looked shocked.

Buy some toys.


He's out of the office because he's in Osaka on business.

I rock a lot of polka dots.

Lenora's advice was very helpful.


Why should we help you?

I didn't say anything to Clarissa.

I'm glad we understand each other.

Helge didn't tell Jose how much money he had spent.

A month has already passed.

They are preparing for their trip.

Would you like me to help you with your homework?

Why do you ask Brenda?

I'm trying to verify the problem you reported.

Many thanks.

It's no more than four minutes from here by train.


Susumu took off his gardening gloves.


Children like gummy bears.

Tao sits in front of the TV set. He doesn't learn German.

She might be a little mad at me, but she shouldn't be because I'm fine. I'm finer than fine.


I've never trusted Elaine and I don't think I ever will.

Jarvis lost his son early last year.

Ellen is the one least likely to come to your party.

Who are your parents?

Say that's not true.

Simone, please go and set the table.

I'm sorry to interrupt you while you're talking.

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Didn't I give you 10,000 yen a week ago?

I think that's an accurate assessment.

I heard a car outside.


We have nothing.

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He is always trying to do the impossible.

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Emma is completely nuts.

The solar panels charge the batteries during the day.

Don't raise your voice.

What did I just tell you?

I don't remember when the last time I saw her smile was.

Julian can't ever seem to make up his mind.

What do you think they are?


I'm not worried about that.

My uncle's hobby is playing baseball.

"Situation report." "At present 4 in sight. At most probably 7. Holding small calibre arms."

I love your garden.

It was not until I got home that I missed my watch.


There's a bus stop here.

How do you know Miek isn't lying?

We've got to find another way.

I love my mum.

These are mine.

There were already over 20 people sitting there.

We rolled up the rug.


Are you mad at me?

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Nick doesn't like his sandwich.

Please speak slowly and clearly.

Corey has a bank account in the Cayman Islands.

The bicycle is racing to finish.

I'm sorry to call you this late at night, but I really needed someone to talk to.

I definitely need some more money.

You're not allowed to smile either.


Please let in some fresh air.

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Rodger replied in the negative.

I'm contemplating this option.

Please turn right.


Given that the police are fully permitted (and possibly expected) to use lethal force when faced with an attacker wielding a deadly weapon, I fail to see how they can be held at fault for drawing their sidearms when the woman pulled a huge knife on them.


Sundaresan did neither of the two things I asked him to do.

Stacy never gets into trouble.

We're very disappointed.


You don't have the qualifications to lead a group.


Gary was as naked as the day he was born.

That sounds terribly farfetched.

I've got much work to do at the moment.

Bart and Stanly are going through a rough patch in their relationship.

There is an antidote.

Were you really home schooled?

I have three times as many books as he does.


They're lesbians.

He exploded with anger.

Srinivasan may never walk again.

Because of some technical problem, a movie was shown in place of the announced program.

Nobody'll ever find us here.


I have no idea who Sho's wife is.

I really should go.

Kerry said he was going to be here.

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I promise not to tell him.

It's not crowded at all today. This is the least crowded time of all.

He must have made it up.

I have decided that I won't let people get close to me anymore, this means that I will never expect someone to love me, nor will I open my heart to anyone.

We've made allowances for that.

He has an eye for antiques.

You are not even man enough to admit your fault.


We're committed to doing better.


I'd like to borrow fifty dollars from you.

The teacher asked the students to practice the dialogue in pairs.

They do not know how to do it.

It is more than ten years since we came to live here.

I wish you had told me when to come.


He risked his life for it.

At the same time, I baked a cake.

Earnie doesn't understand the value of saving.

I could not make up my mind out of hand.

He adores the movies.

He lost the watch which he had bought the day before.

Vladimir left the party with Hiroyuki.

The ship had a marked list.

I owe my success to the fact that I've never had a clock in my workplace.

This fish is big.

Would you like to eat some fried potatoes?

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I think you should give Sandra a call.

I have a brother and a sister. My brother lives in Tokyo and my sister lives in Nagano.

He can not have gone to school.


I am disgusted with him.


I did not sleep well last night.

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I hope you are not catching a cold.

I don't sleep so much.

This document needs to be signed, this one reviewed, and this one approved.

I thought you'd already made a decision.

I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable explanation.

They have to fix the water pipe. It's clogged.

I loved The.

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Trey sat down beside her.


Robert likes to chat with his boyfriend.

I'm getting the hang of this.

Elliot received a full scholarship.

This is one of my favorite movies.

This building is very narrow.

The giant weta is endemic to New Zealand.

I think your father hoped you would go to college.

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It's still cloudy.

He convinced me that I was in the wrong.

Samuel isn't wearing his glasses.

Frances is the richest man in the universe.

What's made you think that they'd want to kiss you?


Barbara doesn't speak French and I don't either.

He's always making a mess of things.

Margaret is clumsy with words.

We have a little problem.

We went to a dance last Friday.


He can't walk now because he got injured in a traffic accident.

Has anyone of you been to Hawaii?

You're not as dumb as you look.

I'm not being sarcastic.

For how long will continue to have these symptoms?

I like going fast.

All others albums are different.

Casey is putting stuff in his backpack.

He was elected mayor again.


Rex is a geek.

It's obvious that you like her.

Was there anyone in the room?