This is a girl I know well.


See what you can find out about Merril.

I'm proud of them.

I'm from Wellington, the capital of New Zealand.

Both of my parents are not strict with me.

You shouldn't do too much.

He cheated on the test by copying from the girl in front.

I think he is not so much a scholar as a novelist.

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His personal servants hated him.

He sends us to the factory.

The flight was cancelled because of the thick fog.

We have to find it.

He had the majority he needed.

I must find the answer.

Linda was wildly excited to learn that her aunt Nancy was coming to visit her.

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If you want to sound more like a native speaker of American English, watch more American TV programs and fewer British TV programs.


Let's see what can be done.

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Learning a foreign language requires patience.


Her communication skills could be improved.

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Oh, while I remember, it seems that that was a bug that occurs when you use the comment field's 'letter-spacing' tag which adjusts the tracking.


He came into the room first.

I don't think my life is easy.

I didn't actually see it myself.


She has two brothers, who work in the computer industry.

I you don't fold your clothes or hang them, they will be wrinkled.

The sky started to darken.

He abases himself for the wrong reasons.

You shouldn't do things by halves.


I would like to know who my parents are.

I gave up on her.

The plane began to climb rapidly.


I woke up and you were already gone.

Can you tell me more about your job?

How many words are there in this dictionary?

What a cute little girl!

I don't think of Lynnette as shy, so much as introverted.


I have very little money.

I can't believe this happened.

Ruth looked like he was enjoying himself.

Cindie led the discussion.

He leaned over her and kissed her.


"Give me a kuritsa please!" "What?" "Kuritza! I want a kuritsa! Give me this kuritsa." "No, this is a chicken." "I don't want a chicken. I want a kuritsa!"


Look at all those people.

Donna is hungry now.

We're helping them out.

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Axel sat with some of his teammates on the bench.

She turned out the light so as not to waste electricity.

When can we see you?

He had a reputation for carelessness.

Eduardo now knows what he has to do.

I got into Harvard.

Ahmed wants you to kill Jeremy.

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Were you crying?


I knew what you were doing last night.

I'll do whatever I can to help you and Raif.

Superman can fly.

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In most cases, his answers are right.

While the daughters of the Viking invaders were brought up by their English mothers and learned to speak good English, the little boys ran along with their father picking up his less than grammatical English, as a result of which, to this day, poor grammar is associated with masculinity in the Anglo-Saxon world.

I sure hope it works out.

I just did what they told me to do.

You are a Canadian.

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What was Grace's response?

I would've had a good time.

Did you ask him?


Sassan called around 2:30.

I remember the day I met you.

Isabelle gave away all his money, then committed suicide.


Is Jacques a friend of yours?

He drinks a mug of white coffee without sugar.

He traveled in a special train.

Can you manage that by yourself?

That's logical.

We are looking forward to serving you again.

You know how to change it, you just don't want to.


Valentin went to a fortune teller at the town fair and was told that someone would come into his life whose first name started with "M".


Gunnar wants to ask us a few questions.

I wonder whether stone-roasted sweet potatoes are available overseas as well.

Loyd is a very gentle person.

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We arrived at the hotel an hour ago.

You have to choose your own path in life.

What's your older sister's name?

Did we order in advance?

Does your shame know no bounds?


I live about a mile from here.

What time does it close?

I'm sure you'll all have a good time.

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We need to settle the serious matter at once.

You see when you put part A into slot B and screw down those into holes D, E and F, the pieces from that heavy box all integrate into a standing table.

I'd rather stay than go.


The meetings were held at intervals.

Let us stop to think how much we depend upon atomic energy.

I will do all you ask.

You seem like a cool guy. Can we be friends?

I was not born yesterday.

Kit put a bunch of letters on Stephe's desk.

How many people do you think will come to the class reunion?


Tomorrow we're having guests overnight.

Health groups have called for an urgent summit to tackle alcohol-fuelled violence, which has reached epidemic proportions throughout the country.

I tell you, I tell you, the Dragonborn comes!

Seenu is the artistic type.

But all in all, things have gone well.


He washes the pants.

I thought we could talk about Pia.

I have a paper glass.


Clothes are more expensive here than in the United States.

There are a lot of books in the library.

Have you ever considered majoring in economics at college?

Your enemy is certainly not mine.

To try to study when you're sleepy is to waste your time.

Honzo bought gas and paid in cash.

Mrs Suzuki was giving a speech that afternoon.

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My name is Emily.

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We stayed for three nights.

I should take Kelly with me.

If you go looking for trouble, you'll find it.

Is money needed?

Is it possible to stay here a little longer?


John took a walk along the river.

Father is reading the newspaper now.

It is hot today.


He is a war orphan.

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I'll risk that.


We're going to have a party tonight.

Sam's speech was convoluted and disjointed and was very hard to follow.

Bruno was busy yesterday.

It's pretty early.

The company exploited its workers with low pay.

His mother discreetly kept an eye on the boy.

Christians believe that God is the creator of the world.

I should've gotten a ticket.

Maria called her Brasilian mother.


I can't believe that the pizza still isn't done.


How many spoonfuls of sugar do you usually put in your tea?

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I hurt myself while exercising.

I had my licence renewed a week ago.

He fed the chickens millet.

Listen, you don't have to do this, all right ?!

He is not so much a politician as a novelist.

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You buried nothing.

My parents wanted me to go to college.

Joel was really impressed.

Skeeter walked into the house.

It's a great pleasure for Snow White to have a talk with Doc at morning coffee.

After dinner comes the reckoning.

You think that the language that you want to learn will take over the whole world?


You will not be charged for another delivery.

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Didn't that strike you as odd?


Nicolette picked up a paintbrush and started helping Paul paint the fence.

How's the job?

Let's get that done.

There were some people at our house yesterday.

Can you take notes for me during the professor's talk?

Helge promised that it wouldn't happen again.

I'll wait and see.

Oops, I did it again.

The hostage-taker activated the timer of the bomb.