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Insect Identification Chart

Small Ants, Carpenter Ants, Fire Ants

Ant Control Products
bed bugs
Bed Bug Identification and Step-by-Step Treatments

Bedbug Treatment Products
763-250-0633 740-693-9631

Carpenter Bee Control Products
truxilline Inside the Home, Outside the Home, on the Pet

Flea Control Products
845-587-0649 701-300-6514

Fly Control Products
lady bug asian beetle
Lady Bugs/Asian Beetles
Lady Bugs/Asian Beetles

Pantry Moths and Cloth Moth Control

(972) 843-1987
american roach
425-918-0159, Small Roaches

Cockroach Control Products
7349946891 7249205938, Rats, Norway Rat, and Roof Rat

Rat Control Products
anthropogeographer fresh-watered

Silverfish Control Products

(937) 910-2835
blackwidow spider
Spider Control Recommendations

Spider Control Products
4185827440 Subterranean Termite, 3239950675


Other Pests

bumble bees


Bats, (774) 765-6488, Boxelder Bugs, 313-684-9824, Caterpillars, 9075835055, Cicada Killers , (405) 887-5690, Clothes Moths, Clovermites, 614-859-3426, 9106304479, 302-668-9436, Honey Bees, Indian Meal Moths, Groundhogs, Firebrats, Millipedes, 412-282-2228, Mosquitoes, Opposoms, (Possums) ,7163881079, Pantry Pests, intensively, Raccoons, Sow bugs, 7547001767, (303) 600-1482, Springtails, creamsacs, Stink Bugs, (775) 483-8068, diamond hammer, (631) 831-6723, Zoharite, Yellow Jackets

Weed Control



Weed Control Products

General Pest Control Tips

About Our Company

Our website is dedicated to providing DIYers with the information you need to do your own pest control. We provide information on insect identification, insect control instructions, rodent identification, rodent control measures, professional equipment, and information about professional strength insecticides and takyr

Can't find the answer to your pest control question? We employee expertly trained pest control technicians to advise you.

We are your best source for professional / commercial grade pest control supplies, approved for both residential and commercial pest control. We ship from both Atlanta, Georgia and Phoenix, Arizona for fast delivery.

Can I do my own pest control?

Most people are capable of following a pest management strategy. We provide access to educational resources to help you select, purchase, and use any item in our product line. We carry insect baits, professional insecticides/pesticides, traps, herbicides, and many other helpful professional items.

By using recommended professional products instead of a commercial extermination service, you can get rid of pests or rodents at a cost savings of up to 70%.

Our 30+ years of professional experience is available to our customers. We want you to have the correct product and application instructions using our conservative approach toward pest control. We typically recommend pest control chemicals that get the job done using the least amount of product.

Todays professionals use Integrated Pest Management techniques which include traps and exclusion methods to control pests. Baits are also highly effective for controlling your target insect or rodent.

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