Believe what you wish.

I don't see where you're going with this, Son.

Damone is going to be out of town.

She got a master's degree three years ago.

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This house mouse is gray.

"What happened?" "Nothing."

We'll use the house as collateral so we can borrow some money.

Straka resigned yesterday.

Jaime used to go mountain climbing with Amir.

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We've been luckier than most people.

The hotel was evacuated.

I really want to go.

He was chatting with his friend Jesse Jackson about the meeting that night.

How far away is the sea?

"Ignorance is slavery!" says the gigantic poster on the ministerial building.

The Torres Strait divides New Guinea from Australia.

My wife telephones me often when I am abroad.

She lives like a princess.

The teacher was surprised at the extent of his knowledge.

Karen's resignation took effect immediately.

The tourists scare away the animals and disrupt their natural activity patterns.

Tell him it's an emergency.

The girl who'd got lost sobbed as she said her name.

She bent her head in shame.


We came here to buy headphones.


Flies thrive on rotten food.

Dave danced with Gail.

People can't find true friends in the Internet.

I'd like you to leave immediately.

Jimmy begged me to take him to the zoo.

I paid two hundred dollars in taxes.

Julian leaned back in his chair and stared at Robin.


Save water, drink booze.


There are people who don't know yet that transgender exist.


He did everything to become happy.

I had no sooner arrived in Kyoto than I fell ill.

Sewing is manual work.

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He works hard all the year round.

Your house was broken into last night.

I want you to tell me who told you that.


I took advantage of my business trip to see the sights of Paris.

Do I have to answer that question?

Why does Manolis look so angry?


The very thought of snakes makes her turn pale.

The "Grey Wolves" are a Turkish ultra nationalist movement, neofascist, anti-Kurd, that denies the genocide of the Armenian people.

I haven't seen Ning since 1988.

I think I'll have to attend that meeting.

You can't touch the paintings.

You're twice as strong as me.

Real comes here almost every Saturday.

I've been saying that all along.

Kenneth doesn't know much about Boston.

Would you tell him for me?

I wouldn't accept this bribe.


I'm going to stop trying to be friendly with you.

I always feel tense.

We could be making a big mistake here.

I know how I'd feel in your place.

The yen is rising and the dollar is falling.

Kenneth was surprised how well Johnathan could play ping pong.

Marian opened the kitchen cabinet.

It looks like Tandy doesn't really want this job.

I'll have to see how my schedule looks.

I'll be over in a minute.

My problem isn't drinking, but smoking.

What about our dance?

You didn't let me win, did you?

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I'm not sure that was a good idea.

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The Greeks used to hold a big athletic meet.


I have been as busy as a bee for the past two months.

Julius is the best singer in our class.

Gregor's choking.

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Spring has come early this year.

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The lunar month is shorter than the calendar month.

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Don't talk about me while I'm gone.

Are they satisfied?

I like to ride on trains.

You don't seem tired at all.

Are you wearing a wire?

I would never wear that color shirt.

You shouldn't smoke whilst you work.


Leon was sent back to Boston.

I would like to live in Brazil.

I had to go back.

I climbed Mt. Aso.

I was born a year later.

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I was away for a while.

He went to America.

Do you know what Dwayne is up to?

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I suggested to him that she be invited to the party.


I'm sorry, but we cannot meet your requirements.

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Sherman wanted to know the reason Tiefenthal didn't like him.

I feel like I've become someone else.

I want a piece of pie.

Physician, heal thyself.

She owes me money.

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His business failed and he was ruined.

Hurf told me he was headed home.

Merton was horrible to me in high school.

Your face is familiar to me.

I couldn't care less if others don't like the sci-fi shows I like watching.

There is a good chance of success.

The FBI secretly bugged the mobster's hangout.

What could she be doing there?

It is second-hand.

I'm afraid that in my translation, part of the original meaning has been lost.

The eager spectators crowded into the stadium.

I can take care of it.

How do I fix this problem?

Virgilius was fond of books, and pored over them all day long.

Can this be done?


The room is very dirty.

The movie we saw last night was filmed in Australia.

This is our last day here.

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Do you play croquet?

That is not exactly the way that it happened.

Angela entered the kitchen.


This valley is very fertile.

Let's give it to Les.

If you want to leave, then leave now!

Jarl put the key into his pocket.

He is dead drunk.

Brought up by a weak father, he is partial to sweets.

We need to talk about this.


It's an ambitious project.

Kenton didn't commit the crime he's been accused of.

Volcanic ash brought aviation to a standstill.


You are the last person I would have expected to see here.

Beth isn't seeing Srivatsan.

I don't know Spanish, but with the help of a Spanish-German dictionary, I nevertheless understood your letter to some extent.

I don't like your patronising tone.

Jared asked me to bring my own eating utensils.

I couldn't help it.

We'll walk.

This study compares the immigration policies of various nations.

I don't really like him, in a nutshell, I think he is an idiot.

Could you please help me?

Clark gave Susan his jacket and she hung it up.

Like I care!

He went to the Tokyo station by taxi.

All the best everyone!

I took him to be an honest man.

Nothing would tempt me to deceive him.

This is an instance of modern British life.

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Jeremy is the only one capable of stopping them.

I want to text, but my eyes hurt.

Chris wondered what Elvis was doing here.


I'm playing a game online.

I thought Julianto confessed.

Philip abandoned them.

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Dan played live on the radio.

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I don't think I'm unimaginative.

I worked hard in order to pass the math test.

I just can't take it.


I appreciate it.

This is my first time speaking German with a German person.

Some fruitarians eat only fruit that fall naturally from plants.

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None have finished the work.

The students were required to learn the Constitution by heart.

Tim can swim as fast as Dani.

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It's indisputably the best method.


Would you be so kind as to shut that window?


Keep Shawn safe.