Can you name any plants peculiar to Japan?

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Would you mind watching my suitcase for a minute?


I thought Mehrdad might be waiting for us in front of the station.

I want to ask them something.

I haven't formed an opinion yet.


"Whose keys are these?" "They are Tomas's."

Danielle and Piete probably don't know each other.

Someday, dear language learner, you must stop poring over IPA charts and start listening to people.


She wasn't at all interested in the party.

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I sometimes have abnormal vaginal bleeding.

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He is anything but a reliable man.

Marcia fell asleep sitting up in the chair.

Raman and Clyde have several mutual friends.


Do we really have to do that?

Our world runs on electricity.

Blayne leaned down to smell the flower.


It was careless of you to leave your umbrella in the taxi.

I've been crying all morning.

He is in a bad mood.

The story is set in Neuilly-on-the-Seine, a French town not far from Paris.

Come on, let's not distract Tomas from his work.

You had best agree.

Let's play twenty questions.

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I'm a happy and healthy person, who is full of energy, with a positive attitude and outlook on life.

He believed Kazuhiro would not be able to catch the train tonight.

Let's go see Paola now.


She grimaced.

I prefer reading books to watching television.

I am playing a computer game.

I had to show it to you!

The theater used to open on Sundays.

They'll come to us.

Her reputation was hurt a lot by this.


Stephan would've helped us.


How long were you in Boston?

He can swim fast.

I study math harder than you do.

Can't he ride a bicycle?

Who would want to hire them?

You just have to trust each other.

I'll give this book to whoever wants it.


Ross sued her own mother.

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I was very happy there.

Pradeep was very frightened.

Do you have small change?

The cops know who Tovah is.

He cannot fix his attention on anything for long.

You're late to the party.

The forecast calls for rain.


No matter what I did, no one paid any attention to me.

Everybody can see that he has a crush on her.

Bill was much loved by the other children in his school.


You won't believe who I just saw.

I don't know how many are going to endure this situation.

Randal is on paternity leave.

Stop picking on Ravindran.

Please drink tea.

I thought it was very cool.

The daily life can be busy, hectic and sometimes overwhelming.

See you.

It's so loud.

Take off your cap.

With all these social activities, when do you get a chance to study?

Hirofumi installed fibreglass insulation in the ceiling.

I'm not the one looking for a job.


I thought he held something back from us.

We don't want her to get hurt.

Son waited outside the gate.

Price isn't smart enough to do that.

The truth may be a great deal murkier.


You're up late, aren't you?

My diaries cover twenty-five years.

It wasn't so bad.

Florian could use some sleep.

How many glasses of juice did she drink?

Elisabeth can't paint.

Lanny was reluctant to go by himself.

I need to find out who to give this to.

Rudolph always stays at school as late as the teachers allow him to.


A little make-up worked wonders with her.

His speech irritates me.

She talks a lot but never gets anything done.

Nick chose to ignore Pria's comment.

Let's see what tonight will bring.


I was looking for her.

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The children's room is in bad order.

Patty and Lloyd work together at the same company.

I don't like to run a risk.

I'm watching the game on TV.

Morris's life began falling apart.

I feel fresh after a walk.

The kids, who were exhausted, fell asleep right away

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Just as I don't have good eyes, so neither does my son.

Today it is cold.

Can I go home?


I don't need any more credits.

Hi, are you Blake?

The sea got rough, so that we had to give up fishing.


When Johann was walking down the street at night, a man he didn't know threatened him with a knife and robbed him of his cash.

We were instructed on how to run the machines.

He needed space.

By the way, my English is absolutely hopeless.

It would of course be cheaper for you to sleep at our place.

I'm looking forward to going to Boston.

Air those shoes!

Success in school calls for hard study.

Kazuhiro is the chief compliance officer.


You're being too kind to me.


I've been looking forward to this all week.

Your behavior was shameful.

This custom was recently introduced in our everyday life.

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Recently, many people are finding it hard to make a decent living.

There was blood all over the floor.

The pilot explained to us why the landing was delayed.


Chokichi keenly felt that people, as they get older, forget entirely about the worries that only young people know about and that they themselves experienced in their youth; and that they nonchalantly take this convenient disposition where they judge harshly the circumstances of the young persons born of the next generation. He felt that there was truly an irreconcilable gap between the old and the young.

I have no wish to make you do anything you don't want to do.

What's wrong with being nude in your own house?

Blood flows through the veins.

The police never showed up.

We visited Sao Paulo's largest museum.

I didn't care for the third act of the play.

I'll walk with you.

I don't see how that would be possible.

We regarded his behavior as childish.

She introduced me to him at the party.

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It was very helpful.

Tiefenthal wanted everyone to think he'd died.

He speaks English fairly well.

She had the boys paint the house.

Many Native American communities need doctors and teachers.


We live in the present only.

He said he was sure to succeed; he failed, however.

I will wait until she comes.

Shutoku is alone in his office, writing a report.

Frankly speaking, his speeches are always dull.

We aren't at home now. Please leave a message after the beep.

We crossed the lake in a boat.

Is the master of the house at home?

Malcolm is my mother's brother.

I can not stand that kind of silly music.

Can a being create the fifty billion galaxies, each with one hundred billion stars, then rejoice in the smell of burning goat flesh?

It never occurred to me that someone would make up such a thing.

Why don't you hang out with Mah?

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I suppose I could ask Bobbie.

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According to a survey, 1 billion people are suffering from poverty in the world.

What did you do last Sunday?

Dirk didn't look like he was too interested in what was going on.


I don't want a big wedding.


Turn on the air conditioner.

It doesn't matter whose fault it is.

You're annoying me!


Man is insatiably curious.

Helge is a hedge fund manager.

That would not be easy.

Greta chugged the beer in one gulp.

Today is my sixteenth birthday.

Tell Pantelis to get in here.

Here is a weekly magazine.

Dan felt guilty about Linda's death.

The village had more than a thousand inhabitants.

She came hurrying to his bedside.

John and Surya have known each other since 1976.

I'm running a little late, but I should be there in an hour or so.

Most of the jobs carried out by the special forces are secret.