Mathematics is the queen of the sciences.

We must take his illness into consideration before marking his exam.


Why is Raul so late?

The exercises are simple and effective.

All I want is to speak with you.

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By all means this guy should work for us - he is the best specialist I have ever seen!

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I'm feeling good this morning.

The show starts at midnight.

That child is only four, but he can already count to 100.

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Marc was shot and killed.

A fire broke out in my neighborhood last night.

Who wants to go next?

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Do you want me to go and have a word with him?

It's really pretty.

The teenage fans were beside themselves with excitement when the rock star stepped off the plane.


'What is that?' asked Tony.


The enemy fled in disorder from the battlefield.

Shopping around has become a burden to him.

Is it OK to spank kids?

I'm supposed to be in bed.

Sign across the stamp.


You ought to have known that he was sick in bed.

The fine shall be paid in cash.

Edward is going out with a Chinese exchange student.


Ji was lying in the hospital bed, unconscious.

That escalated quickly.

It has been many years since she died.

Raanan doesn't like the color of the walls in his bedroom.

Joseph was out of his depth trying to control the class of problem children.

I don't want to marry her.

Mikael is not overly friendly.


I'm exhausted!

Don't forget to take your vitamins before you die.

Is it cancer?

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Raw fish is not to my taste.


It's all I could find.

Cathrin hasn't made much progress.

I've made up my mind to do that.


Someone stole my stuff.

We have to win.

I sliced the sandwich diagonally.

My mother works at an office.

I didn't realize you knew her.

I have to speak with you.

Why is my father in the kitchen?

Excuse me, could you lower your voice a little?

He did not think he needed their protection.


Stand up and walk.

Could you see that Ti gets this?

I wanted to see if you'd heard anything about Ning.


Is it just me or is it hot in here?

Nancy was spotted running east on Park Street, followed by a dark sedan.

What would've happened if Stefan hadn't done that?


She often wears corduroys.

Jorge Luis Borges spoke English and Spanish since one of his grandmothers was an Englishwoman.

You should not sleep.


Complete with the correct form of the verb.

Maybe you should cancel the meeting.

Earth is not the centre of the world.


Due to the thick fog, the road was difficult to see.

The end of the semester will come soon.

It's more polite to say thin than skinny.


I'd like to get under way as soon as possible.

The town had three lumber mills, four shingle mills, and a gristmill.

Please refrain from smoking in public places.


We can't do anything but wait.


A drop of sweat ran down the side of his temple.

Do you have a light beer?

He became famous all over the world.

His name headed the list.

I don't know what to do.

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Joanne looks like a tired old man.

It is not what you read but how you read it that counts.

We can get more.

I knew you'd like that.

I told you never to do that again.

I shave almost every day.

He was elected president.

It is necessary that you attend the meeting.

I don't want to be a nurse any more.


The rain is wonderful.


It was exactly what I needed.


We spent seven thousand dollars on drinks in total.

Even if he's busy, he'll come.

She glanced shyly at the young man.


It's a huge mistake.

Did you buy some potatoes?

Computers are starting to get smarter than we are.


I don't want to be cruel.

Nichael promised to let me know how things turned out.

It's something new.

The ball fell because I stopped holding it up.

I asked Tao if he knew anybody who taught swimming.


You have nothing to apologize for.

They were all sold out.

Frankly speaking, I don't agree with you.

I wish I were dead.

I just want to finish this and leave.

She said he would be sixteen next month.

Steel is not the only metal that, being struck slantwise with the edge of a stone, produces sparks of fire.

It took me more than three hours to translate that report into French.

She climbed down from the roof.

We have the question whether he did it by himself or not.

That is the same umbrella that I found on the bus.

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Her sweater is blue.

I assure you it's quite unnecessary.

Somebody's made a mistake.

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Let them relax.

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How do you plead?


Pardon me for interrupting you.

Shane didn't have any family.

Reinhard disliked school when he was younger.

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He didn't want to do it.

In an ugly and unhappy world the richest man can purchase nothing but ugliness and unhappiness.

Vidhyanath plays the piano better than I do.


Jonathan didn't think you would like the idea.

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As head of the team I was ably assisted by him.

Do you think things would've gone differently if I'd been here?

Those isn't listening to Marnix.


You don't really think Pontus would hurt himself, do you?

We'll decide by voting.

I had no friends in Boston.

He likes you!

This is an excellent point, Professor Eli.

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I will go out if it is fine tomorrow.

That woman knows where I live.

You are incredibly naive!

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Gerald shouldn't have said anything.

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For myself, I have wanted to live in the country.

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We're very serious about this.


Karl is shoveling snow.


Please send me another copy.

That's what needs to happen.

I'll show you the city.

The daily life can be busy, hectic and sometimes overwhelming.

Suresh didn't have time to eat lunch.

Mott isn't trying to be funny.

Hy was so careful.

We're booked on flight 308.

I'm proud of our team.

While all horses are animals, not all animals are horses.

A large bathroom with natural daylight belongs to this apartment.

You've opened a window.

Sue hid the book behind his back.

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What did you do with those books?

I ran away in a hurry.

Jerrie doesn't want to look.

I doubt that Bill would ever go out with Luke.

The view from the top of that building was magnificent.

That's quite an achievement.

It was hard for Kevin to ask Rik for a loan.

She couldn't hold back her tears.

He asked me which way to go.

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It is not a watch.

What is the good of doing it?

I will get the work done in a week.