I was nearly run over by a car.


When he is drunk, he grumbles and fights. When he is sober, he lies on whatever comes to hand and says nothing.

She was the first girl I'd ever kissed.

How long am I supposed to stay here?

The prices go up after six o'clock.

In many countries women have still not achieved equal status to men.

That pleases me.

The leaves are fluttering down.

Novo, what's happening?

Amanda's plan has been successful.

Eduardo is different than he used to be.

Bring your computer.

Dan is doing a disservice to the community.

I'm using the hammer right now.

I followed the rules.

Everett locked himself in the bathroom and started to cry.

Ray should ask Justin for advice.

Matthew shot John until he fell to the ground dead.

This is the house where my uncle lives.

Fritz often helped us.

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I had been studying English for two hours when he came in.

You have a lot to answer for, Romain.

Jitendra says he doesn't feel tired.

Is eating liver good for you?

No, he's not my new boyfriend.

What's the trouble?

Who else was in the house?


I let go, so that he could walk through.


Love is not enough.

You'll have stomach cramps if you keep on eating nothing but ice cream like that.

I'll give that to him.

If you see her from a distance, she is beautiful.

Arnold was impressive.

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She started screaming, and I ran away.


The investigation could take weeks.


Saqib followed Jeanette into the room.

Rainbow boas look magical.

His house is across from mine.


Did you sleep at all?

I want to raise a family.

Adlai is sociable.

Claudia didn't know Shari was at the club.

I have no feeling in my left leg.

Valeria is a bit disoriented.

You ought to be on time if you start now.

We're cooking now.

Lucius is probably talking to Maria right now about that.

Shouldn't we be doing something to help Danielle?

We'll talk soon.

Leora and Sarah come from the same town.

Have you ever needed help?


Who's your favorite heavy metal guitarist?

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I need you to promise you'll do what I ask you to do.

The smart student finished the exam.

He put an interesting idea before us.

This failure saddens me.

I'll miss you very much if you go.

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Lee has too many irons in the fire.

I'm sure it'll be easy to find a place.

I'm always home on Sunday.

She fooled me.

Astronomers use Latin for naming celestial objects.

Where did you circumcise them?

The game will be held rain or shine.

This computer network is, as it were, the nervous system of the company.

Julian can dance well.

It's obvious Blayne really cares about Sharon.

Fritz was unable to escape.


A man who is absorbed in his work looks animated.

I came for Paola.

Skeeter wants a new car.

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What time do you go to work in the morning?

You can use whichever pen I'm not using.

How will we protect ourselves?

Give me thirty seconds.

I hope he can help you.

This town hasn't changed much in the last ten years.

He attended the meeting in place of his boss.

There are a great many people trying buy houses.

Is Sabrina going to do it or not?

In the great square, the boldest among the boys would often tie their sledges to the country people's carts, and go with them a good way.

It's impossible.


I fell in love with you the first day we met.

I was surprised by the news this morning.

The dog jumped at the girl on her way to school.

Don't forget to reply to his letter

She must come at all events.


I am your sun.

Wasn't it scary?

Rhonda was caught red-handed, stealing from the cash register.

Last night, I barely made the last train.

Just throw them away.


Hillel got home at 2:30.

I hope you'll be well soon.

There are many dishonest people in the world.


Kanthan now has several tattoos.

Why do you keep avoiding me?

A man is as old as he feels, and a woman as old as she looks.

The government watched the activities of radical groups carefully.

I don't have any energy.

The green light is the "go" signal.

Narendra can do it.

The TV was on all night.

I've eaten a great deal of food this week.

I can't wait another week.

We're so glad to have you here.

Why did you listen to her?

It was the same.

Per unfolded the blanket and spread it out over the grass.

I'm pretty sure that isn't what Suyog meant.

My house, my rules.

Should I be worried about Dorothy?

Axel might think that we don't like him.

Ravindranath might not realize how valuable that painting is.


Naomi still has one more month to go before he graduates.

See if you can find a fire extinguisher.

Are there any picture magazines here?

You had better stay here a little longer.

Evelyn began to shout.


It's essential that we find them.

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If you eat three square meals a day, your body will have the energy it needs.

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The clerk refused to give me a refund at which point I demanded to see the manager.

It is rumoured that a spaceship has been seen near Shanghai.

Be kind to her, Bill.

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Hsi was injured in an accident.

Can you hear what Sherman is saying?

Susumu did time for burglary.

It's not likely that Wayne will ever admit that he's wrong.

You see, my problem is that I am not able to read aloud.


Bush knows what justice means.


He hopes to visit Paris.

Why do you think Steve wanted to commit suicide?

The body of the plane is called the fuselage. It is generally a long tube shape.

Have you ever eaten a banana pie?

You're making yourself appear cheap.

Dan went outside to see what Linda was doing.

Everyone has a signed contract.

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The new boys soon accustomed themselves to the school.

Thuan broke his arm playing football.

He went there to learn English.

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Agriculture is economy of the country.


Right now, we need to deal with this.

The miso soup has heated up.

Here's what I think.

Try some.

I'd be happy to attend your party.

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Nothing can contribute more to peace of soul than the lack of any opinion whatsoever.

Toby is in the dressing room.

The magazine Look is no longer being published.


Not as long as you live under my roof!


May I please have your telephone number?


My house is your house.

I can't sneeze with my eyes open, but I do know someone who can.

In the light of what you told us, I think we should revise our plan.


I'll never let you down.

The neighbors are friendly.

Here is an extract to whet your appetite.

Come on, shake hands, boys!

It scares me.

Your father hasn't answered my letter yet.

Let's make Tatoeba great again!

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He is a brave and cheerful boy.


You washed yourself.

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It's your choice, Hsuan.