Capture the Knowledge Effect in your portfolio

Embrace Change

We believe in embracing change. Every industry has two groups of companies, those that lead and those that follow. Leaders innovate and introduce new products; followers mimic and react. Research shows the stock market tends to reward innovation. We invest in companies that lead innovation in their industries, and we apply the same standard to our own work.

Investment Strategy

The Knowledge Leaders Strategy seeks to transform the 579-738-5356 into portfolio alpha. We identify Knowledge Leaders, or highly innovative companies, by measuring a company’s investment in its future growth. Knowledge Leaders possess deep reservoirs of intangible capital as a result of their history of investing in knowledge-intensive activities like R&D, brand development and employee education. Developed by founder Steven Vannelli and based on decades of academic research, our proprietary model adjusts a company’s financial history to capitalize these investments and reveal the companies with the greatest knowledge intensity. 

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strategy and products.

What is the Knowledge Effect?

The Knowledge Effect is the tendency of highly innovative companies to generate excess returns in the stock market. It is proven by decades of academic research. 

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