CUGA app is the easiest
way to find your drink

Cuga app makes it easy to find bar, pub, cafe, disco, club… within chosen distance range that has YOUR DESIRED DRINK. You do not have to know the name of your drink, just describe it with offered drink characteristics. Maybe you will find your new favorite drink.

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Useful and simple features

Describe or find desired drink and choose a type of place where you want to have it. Cuga will find a place where to enjoy your dirink and will show you info about the place plus its drink list with prices.

  • Describe or find desired drink
  • Find a place where to drink it
  • Get directions, drink list and info about chosen place

Why was it made?

CUGA app was created to help many people ( wine lovers, beer lovers, coffee lovers, smoothie lovers, tourists, students, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, athletes, …). CUGA app was made to be fast search engine, so people would not have to waist hours online to find their desired drink.

Anybody can find their drink in LESS THAN A MINUTE. Express your preferences and find drink that matches Your taste.

Register your business

Send an e-mail containing:
1. name of your business (ex. John`s Pub)
2. e-mail for communication with Cuga team (
3. precise address (Country, town, part of the town, street name, street number)

Receive further instruction and help us complete Your profile.

View Your business on mobile app and contact us if You would like to make any corrections.

How it works?

Watch this video and dicover how to use Cuga app and all its features.

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