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Jean tilted her head sideways.

The couple walked holding hands in the moonlight.

They visited Disneyland, where they enjoyed seeing many kinds of shows.

Stuart seems relatively happy.

Gigi really likes Rathnakumar a lot.

Jean-Christophe's grandfather told him never to lose his sense of wonder.

A year's supply of the medicine costs $50,000.

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I should've listened to them.

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Klaus will be here again.

Have Leslie join us.

You take everything too literally.

I think it's time for me to sharpen my pencil.

For a display where the data items increase and decrease I think you are best making use of a spreadsheet program, not Access.

I don't think you realize what you're saying.

I invited Ken, Bill and Yumi.

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Joyce could lose everything if he's not careful.

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Someone is standing behind the bushes taking pictures of us.

This is the world we're living in.

Why did you let me go?


I left school early.

Teri assured me that this would never happen.

Nicolo is the perfect girl for me.

To make a good translation of an artistic text, you have to try to think about and feel what motivated the author of the original text.

You're talking about Spy again, aren't you?

Sally is now thinking about it.

Is Mr. Roberto at home?

I saw something.

The sky is blue, the sea is also blue. The sky and the sea are blue.

Please tell me I'm adopted.

He brushed up his English during his stay in London.

Brenda offered to help the old lady carry her groceries out to her car.

Oh, have a heart.

She can predict the future.

Siegurd sat between Huey and John.

Let's not get carried away here.

What if Nicolo doesn't want to talk to me?

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They don't want to live together.

I often study while listening to music.

Are you sure you don't remember?


We had to show our papers at the security desk.


In a museum I saw a very old hourglass.

I don't want to do that anymore.

You, too, know Mr. Kimura, don't you?


Jitendra didn't take the threat seriously.

It was your choice.

I am going to France in Summer this Year.


She likes traveling best of all.

You must conquer your fear of the dark.

Keeping a car is a considerable expense.

Marci hasn't bought one yet.

He is a man of few words.

I was trying to impress Triantaphyllos.

Scofield goes to the ceremony as our representative.

It's been three years since Bob started his own business.

The band starts playing at 8:00 p.m.

I met him quite unexpectedly.

He's very influential in the world of medicine.


You're precious to me.

Are you going to rat me out?

The boy stayed quiet.


When was the book published?

I heard three explosions.

Procrastination: It's serious business.


I have a question regarding your earlier comments.

We have nothing at all in common.

It was the window that Jack broke yesterday.

I never meant to deceive you.

Quintus has two servants.

Carole hits me.

Why do fools fall in love?


Where does she work?

I don't eat any type of seafood.

Bernie bought a camera on eBay.

Marriage is the tomb of life.

This has no relevance to my background.

The plural form of 'person' is 'people', not 'persons'.

Tobias hadn't considered that possibility.

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The Shanghainese people must build up Shanghai's new image.


I'm afraid a promotion is out of the question now.

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Do you have a toilet plunger I could borrow?

Let me admire you.

The rumors were false.

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All the paintings in the room hung crooked.

So why are you doing this?

Give him my best regards.

I looked all over for him.

You need to eat more vegetables.


Michael Jackson has died.

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Let's forget about her.

Clara had every right to be angry.

Murthy drinks copious amounts of alcohol.

He has changed his clothing style.

I regret not having been honest with you.

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He introduced me to his daughter.

What a brainless numpty

How does it feel?

The court's decision could be announced today.

She's ready to go.


Are you sure you're ready to go?


That's real love!


She was ecstatic.

Rayan asked if I'd found my key.

I love roller coasters.

This is very good news.

Maybe I should have a talk with Herve.


Dani couldn't go with us.

What is the new leader like?

Soon, I could only see her neck floating above the waves.

We can't stay.

I said I'd be there.

Howard explained everything to Christophe.

I've been trying to reach Nici.

His success is contingent upon his efforts.

You need to tell me what you want to do.

That is money down the drain.

Pay very close attention.

He is an honor to his family.

Suzan held out his empty glass and Belinda filled it with orange juice.


That doesn't exist except in your imagination.

A millennium is made up of a hundred decades.

His father is an impostor.


It's not at all impossible.

She activated the account.

Does somebody want do my homework for me?

Did you sign?

It's not easy to speak a foreign language.


The driver increased his speed.

It's bigger than him.

I know it's still there.

Merril eats anything his wife puts in front of him.

If you don't want to get married, you don't have to.


He would be the last man to betray you.

Never have I seen such a beautiful scene.

You didn't tell him what I wrote in my diary.

The dial code for Bulgaria is +359.

Get him talking.


I'm truly sorry.

Floyd can play the guitar quite well.

I might ask her what happened.

You knew what you were getting into when you enlisted.

We consider public libraries a legitimate citizen's right.

He likes women with violet eyes.

Your liver would like it.

The French word 'oiseau', meaning 'bird', is the shortest one to contain five different vowels.

I quit a long time ago.

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He has a good brain.

His smile was one of those rare smiles that you may come across four or five times in life.

I don't like beer that much.


Christofer doesn't remember having said that.

She hired him.

In what month were you born?

It's for my personal use.

We should leave soon.

They all listened.

I thought you would come.


I wish I were as smart as you are.

There were two lines of soldiers.

I'm hungry like the wolf.

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I live right around the corner.

We talked about lots of things.

Are you sure there's nothing left?

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You won't need me.

Wasted time is irretrievable.

The actor has a large yacht.