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I thought the plan was to just talk to Vijay.


Generally speaking, what she says is right.

I'm not an early riser.

Nathan wouldn't tell me who gave him that envelope.


Note that you have an extra space between these two words.

I think I'll go skiing.

I don't want to be late.


You're taking a big risk.

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Do you have any books in French?

The game was slow and boring.

Japan follows the principle of first-to-file.

It will get dark earlier this evening, as it is raining.

History has never fared well against legend.

I need a lot more practice.

I don't like to guess.

I am afraid they don't get along very well.

Please pull down the blinds.

I'm sure you'll be good at it.

He has always got his head stuck in a book.

Were you jealous?

He had plenty of fight left in him.


We believe them.

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A strong yen is shaking the economy.

From the hill, we could see all the buildings in the city.

My body still hurts, but that multi-day holiday trip was super fun!

What is it that you're afraid of?

It is difficult to play the piano.

He always treats me like a child.

Everett was going to shoot me.


I had to make a list of things to buy.

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Last year in the spring I attended a cooking class and learned how to bake bread.

Make yourself useful.

Why would you marry a woman if you like men?

I don't have enough information yet to make a good decision.

I skipped English class this afternoon.


Ask Shutoku where he is.

Don't worry about it, OK?

Sonja is still in Australia, isn't he?

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I hope you change your mind.


I'd like to get home by five.

Wasn't it Kafka who wrote that a book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us?

Can you speak up? I don't hear you.

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I share everything with him.

It was nice meeting you here.

Leave that alone!

Floyd took his reading glasses off.

Arthur came before anyone else.


The solution he proposed was completely out of the question.


I tried to get her to come.

You waited for me? Thanks!

You shouldn't be here today.

Don't cut in line.

He heard coughing.


His back itches.

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Before long he came into the room.

Lewis admitted that he had stolen the Brooke's necklace.

This baggage is too big to send by mail.

Don't ride the brake, Geoff.

A naked lecture conveys boredom ; tales help precepts get through.

My watch isn't working properly.

She made a reservation for a room at the hotel.


That exercise - backs together, link arms, one bends forwards while the other stretches their back - we did that a lot as children, didn't we?

Secrecy is of the essence in this matter.

I don't drink vodka!

What's the title of the movie?

I am not looking forward to going to university abroad - I will feel intense nostalgia for my home town.

I cannot read the thick book in a week.

They'll get along just fine.

I thought I was quite clear on that.

Do you have what we need?

I hardly work.

At the very least you could get a restraining order.


Fletcher told me he wouldn't be coming back.


There was a storm that night.

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Which company do you work for?

You should've seen Donne dance.

He is cranky.

Can I stay at your place for tonight? I do hope my question is not out of place and that I haven't put you to any trouble, inviting myself out of the blue. I hope we haven't inconvenienced you.

Vic is very sick.

Sergei tied Vincenzo to the chair.

Some people in the writing workshop thought Dory and Nigel hated each other, but they were really lifelong sparring partners.


Without supplies, his army could not fight very long.

What's more she went and ordered a top up of noodles twice.

Are you interested in Laurent?

A north wind blows, obviously off the icebergs.

It looks like it's going to snow.

I hope nothing's been broken.

Duane talks fast.

Caesar erected a golden statue of Cleopatra.

I'd like to rent a bus.

You can't have lost your coat in the house.

Is it true that you came across a bear?


Tell Theodore to give Nou this.

He sat down next to me.

That night, Asem broke five dishes.

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His real name's Stephen.

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I often went to the movies with dad.

If these tendencies continue, those aged 65 or more will account for a quarter of the population within 30 years.

What I want is a divorce.

We will crop the field with cotton this year.

I have no definite plans.

I had to see Jacques.

I rinsed one.

He has a hatred for his father.

Cindy says it as it is.

Let's try this.

I'm not presentable.

Len's condition is deteriorating rapidly.

Paola doesn't need that.

Kenton told Patricia to keep the door closed.

Jiro is not in.

At school the other girls shunned Perry.

I can't cope with stress.

She's disorganized.

Is it in the room?


The future looked very gloomy.

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It is imperative that we find another way out of this situation.

Laura learnt how to kill vampires.

The dog quickly ate everything in its dish.

We were in the first year of middle school last year.

I can't touch the corpse without gloves.

Joe called his wife to say he'd be late.

Take a seat.


Three bears lived in that little house.

I wonder if the plane will arrive on time.

Everybody seemed on the best of terms with everybody else, and jokes and banter passed from one to another with the most good-natured freedom.

It seems that the rich part of humanity doesn't care much for the problems of the poor part.

People can decide between me and you.

I can't get Dion to even talk to me.

I would like to know how you will proceed in this matter.

I don't want to be rich. I just don't want to be poor.

They have been tuning the organ all day.

I wouldn't leave without you.

I don't even want to talk to Naoto.

Each merchant praises their merchandise.

Do you think this is a movie?


You have not heard the children.

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The lake was frozen.

Caleb rushed off.

Do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.

He didn't give me anything to eat.

You have to know all the circumstances.


Emet's about fifty now.

I think we should do it today.

Do you feel self-conscious about being a nuisance to those around you?

Hui knows that Marco loves John.

Susumu sometimes appears on TV.


Einstein liked to play the violin.

It is better to say nothing about the matter.

It's already been 4 years since we met. How time flies.

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I have been completely open with you.

Globalization has gone mad: why transport Spanish cucumbers to exterminate the Northern Germans when half of them live in Mallorca? We need to rationalize all of that and adopt a more solid method of bacterial decontamination.

You've got to listen to me.

Sjaak will never understand why people don't like him.

Come a little closer.

Julie knows the secret.

I'm not sure about that.

They think the owner of the house is studying abroad.

It was dark in the American house.


It doesn't matter to me, but it matters to Sidney.

Nou must really like me.

Please don't ask Olof what happened.


At what time will the taxi go to the airport?


I want to show you how to do that.