If triangles had a god, he would have three sides.

I don't like the taste.

I'll meet them some other time.

Rob opened the oven and took out the cake.


Our train left Osaka at 8:00, arriving in Tokyo by 11:00.

The hero is male and white, he comes alone, he doesn't have a family, he never speaks of his family, and his mother died.

Who broke the chair?

If I had known it was going to bother you, I wouldn't have done it.

Tuna is old enough to be my grandfather.

I have enough money to buy this book.

This pocket watch is more than seventy years old.


If I'm late, I'll catch it.

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I had no idea you were so good at playing the guitar.

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"For how many?" "Three."

Keeping a diary is a good habit.

Shakil knew what was going to happen.


Dale drinks like a fish.


I can't put up with the inconvenience of country life.

Rahul decided to go home early.

"I want to die." "First, I pray you, learn what it is to live."

Did you see her today?

I'm not really prepared.

Please remember to post the letter.

Russell told me some things he probably shouldn't have.


Me neither.


They have five different kinds of horses on their farm.

Randall told Julia that John was looking for her.

I'll ride my bike.

She isn't used to sitting up late at night.

You are barking up the wrong tree by asking me to betray my country.

Your dream may come true at any moment.

You're annoying.

John will make a good husband and father.

You need to figure out what you're doing wrong.

None of the money was left in the money box.

Deb was called down by his boss for coming late to work.

Where were you at the time of the fire?

This meat is kosher.

Something like that happened to me, too.

I don't know how to spell the word.

Your French is good.

The people united will never be defeated!

Ricardo and Luc were tired of waiting.

Do you want a pony?

Pascal doesn't understand Jarvis's reluctance to go out with his brother.

I just don't understand why it's happened.

She will give you what money she has.

It is high time you started a new business.

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Let's go together please. If you don't come, I'll stay at home.

Hank is a surfer.

Beer's good.

Everyone was silent as the teacher was announcing the results of the examination.

You must get to know her.

He made breakfast.

You just relax.

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We loved him.


We've run short of money.

I'd be lonely without you.

Don't mind the money at all.

You have to let me help.

Casey's proposal wasn't acceptable.


Today is our regular closing day.


Is this environmentally safe?

Allen and Marilyn weren't sure what to do.

I've been careless.

Have you seen them around?

I can take care of Vijay.

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I guess I'm too old for you.

Japanese cars are for the most part reliable.

I'd rather not do that anymore.

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What does your son want to be when he grows up?

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Fletcher turned the light back on.

He worked hard.

She loves toys.


He's always losing his mobile.


There was a handwritten note on the door.

Making use of fire may be regarded as man's greatest invention.

I've asked around and everybody says that we shouldn't trust you.


Excuse us for just a minute.

I bought these for us.

The multinational corporation lowered the price of several products.

When can I see him again?

I don't like getting dressed up.

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You are all that is dear to me in the world.

I wanted to hire a coach.

Why don't you say it?

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You had better have your hair cut.

What am I supposed to do after I finish doing this?

Janice came back out of the cave.

Scientists believe that the particles in Saturn's rings came from the destruction of moons circling the planet. As comets and meteorites smashed the moons, Saturn's gravitational pull shaped the particles into rings.

All the benches are taken.

I'm the one to blame.

This custom is dying out nowadays.

This is not acceptable.

Luck and hard work are necessary if you want to advance in life.

Do you like the city?

Keep her away from us.

All the children started crying.

We had a 'come to Jesus' meeting at the office over the bickering and fighting.


Serious girls don't exist anymore.

Shaw is not crying.

They suffered from smog.

Can I offer you gentlemen a drink?

My wife and Hein were in the rear of the aircraft.

Now I'm sure.

Elijah has the key.

Will you pass me the salt, please?

It's where I belong.


Yvonne got famous overnight.


Catherine works in an open office.


Which of those girls do you like?

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Don't let him sit there.

Tell him in person.

I won't cook for him.

That's the reason I'm here.

I'll tell you what to do.

My sister didn't say hello.

For a start, we have a very incomplete knowledge of the earth's biota.


Mario is doing what he can.

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Can't you and Rafik stay a little longer?

I have fond memories of all the time we spent together.

I'm sure we'll find something to do.

I'm looking for a bag for my wife.

She fell in love with a young soldier.

Naren and Keith used to be married to each other.

The voice is not enough; we want also to see your facial expression and body language.


Ron doesn't smile so much anymore.

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If you don't make the promise, then I'll just stand by and watch.

It doesn't go far enough.

Do you play squash?

We've just got to find a way to get this done.

There'll have to be some changes made.

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They are excellent.


Jennifer didn't come today.

My house is within easy reach of the station.

You must be very busy.

I have them all.

While I was going to school, I was caught in a shower.

I almost feel sorry for him.

Syd is a good partner.

We can't do anything with that one.

There is a television in this room.


Don't let it go to your head.

It could be worth millions.

You haven't aged a day.

I should get her home.

Someone's ringing the doorbell.

Petr has a lot on his conscience.

I neglected it.


She sacrifies herself for the community.

I shouldn't have eaten that. I feel sick.

He's a terrible driver.


This is madness.

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You're wrong. That's not the case.

Ice turns to water when it gets warm.

His dress betrayed the fact that he was a foreigner.

They live in the house opposite to ours.

I'm not a fan of the choreography.

I agree with you to some extent.

Toss the ball to her.


Jaguars are eating your brother.


I cannot remember a single thing of what I did.