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You know what's wrong, don't you?

I'm not a maniac. You're the maniac.

Developing countries suffer from difficulties of fiscal problems.

What kind of wine do you recommend?

It's time for me to go, kids.

It's Blake's profile.

Have you ever kissed your children? You don't even look at them!


She scrubbed the kitchen floor with a brush.

What are we talking about, seriously?

Every seat in this tube is taken.

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I'm not in the mood for jokes.


That child may have been kidnapped on his way home.


Meeks is not as good a chess player as he thinks he is.

Diane thinks he understands women.

Francisco brought his children with him.

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He was weak as a rat, and had no appetite.

Olof is afraid of my dog.

Don't accept the world the way it is.

Stop poking me on Facebook.

You may look.

After school we play baseball with our classmates.

In Belgium, Flemish people want to declare their independence someday.

Spy needs to go to the hospital.

It was awfully strange.


It's bad manners to eat on trains and buses in Japan.

How about going to the movie?

Mom, Harold's hitting me!

It won't be for long.

I couldn't go out, due to the heavy rain.


In my opinion, you're beautiful.


Would you excuse us for a minute, please?

That's something different.

When I was in Boston, I ran into Joyce.


Rise for the entrance of the Grand Council!


Stop bothering me. I'm busy.

I can't breath through my nose.

Michael always carries a Bible.


It has some bearing on this problem.

Many children are playing on the beach.

I think you're going to survive.

I, too, will come in about ten minutes.

I'm asking you, who promoted this initiative.


Letter writing is becoming a lost art.


I think you like Agatha.

We're booked on flight 308.

What's Barton doing in the kitchen?


They decided to launch a major attack.

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Is your car fast?

Don't tell them anything.

Sundaresan immediately went to Alexis's place.


If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.

Sandip tried to hide his annoyance.

Walking is the best way to stay healthy.


Words can't be taken back.


I hate my roommate.


The Shinano is longer than any other river in Japan.

Is that why you came here?

He is from home.

The scientist is famous both at home and abroad.

The leaves will soon begin to fall.


I don't have time to waste.

It's just annoying.

I've never been good at singing.

These politicians want to build a bridge to nowhere.

You heard what Pantelis said last night, didn't you?


The pigeon and the ostrich are both birds; one can fly and the other cannot.


Let's see how this works.


I feel a lot better today.

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I'm not taking advice from someone I don't know.

Srinivasan didn't go, and neither did Anatole.

I received a letter informing me of his arrival.

The spider tickles me.

Why don't you return to your quarters?


Would you prefer a window or an aisle seat?

We're ready for that.

She did me the courtesy of answering my letter.

I'm going to work by bicycle.

It's a common misconception.


Randall was working part-time.


How did the company dream up its new ad campaign?

It's worth a closer look.

North Africans are more or less like Italians. We're all people who live around the Mediterranean Sea and we share many cultural traits.

We haven't used it in a while.

Phiroze peeled the banana for Patty.

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We aren't that poor.

We're all going.

Nixon became very angry.

Call me when you see fit, thank you.

If Lori didn't write it, who did?


A woman's tears will dry quickly.


Nick looks like he just got up.


Waves are breaking against the rocks.

I beg to differ, as I disagree with your analysis of the situation.

That is how he got out of danger.

Don't call her now.

It looks like she's Russian.

This is a major issue.

Google "a native English is" in order to leave out the matches for "a native English speaker".

Does anybody want these?

You'll never see him again.

I think that most young people like rock music.

Let's ask them.

French is spoken in Switzerland.

Mother is preparing dinner.

Mt Fuji can be seen from here.

As a man sows, so he shall reap.

He planted pink tomatoes.

He had died of natural causes.

I've got a situation to deal with.

I wrote them a letter.

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Cecilia walked into Hal's house.

We will all die, some quickly, others will take their time.

Silence is the only answer to a fool.


Sonja wasn't at all satisfied with the way his house had been painted.

We grow wheat here.

We found a poor little cat in the yard.

I'm looking for a present for my mother.

She went into the bathroom.

Roderick just showed up at work.

The game will probably be canceled.

Juergen blames Tanya for his mistakes.

How much did you pay?

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All the lights went out.


I don't like Manjeri as much as I used to.

Are you doing anything?

The party is still going on.


Pia looked a little tired.

Do you have your passport with you?

Do you have any concerns?

He lost his eyesight in that accident.

It's questionable.

Good boys always tell the truth.

He led a life of vice.

Sandip wanted to ask Reid something, but was afraid to.

Basically, you're absolutely right.

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On account of ill health the writer couldn't go through with the work.

We've agreed to do that together.

He has had a crush on her.

Yumi has much money now.

I told him you already knew.

They won a free car.

They export a lot of fruit, such as oranges, grapefruits and lemons.

I had a headache.

Maybe I should spend an hour with Huashi.

Please don't feed the monkey.

Dorian was busy yesterday.

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Do you have a girlfriend, Kirk?


Axel may not give Becky a choice.

I'm not afraid to die.

Ethel was thinking about something else entirely.

There doesn't seem to be anyone living around here.

It looks like there's an elevator over there.


You could've just talked to me.


Mats refused to do what Clarissa wanted him to do.

Let's turn back to the third lesson.

Cosmetic stem cell therapy is in the early stages of development.

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When did you get out of the hospital?