Are you still working with him?

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The mother bird brought worms for her young ones.


Tanaka had a hip replacement surgery.

Are you saying that our plan was accepted? I hope you're not showing me any premature happiness here.

I was having my lunch, when the phone rang.


There was a silence.


I was wondering if I could sleep over at Root's tonight.

They sound better live.

A stranger spoke to me in the bus.

The story reminded me of my father.

All the proposals are tentative.

These are the people who live next door.

I felt completely out of my element.

She was been here before, and so have I.

When we started out in this business, many people said that we would fail.

I can't ask them to quit.

Philip doesn't like my dog.


Lisa placed her dessert on the nightstand.

Greg couldn't help laughing.

Did you get her something?


Shatter was momentarily disoriented.

Don't feel too sorry for him.

I allow myself no sweets.

I'll never be able to explain what happened.

Thierry is at work now.

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How boring this game is!


His thoughts are empty of idea.


There were a lot of twists and turns to the story, but we finally solved the problem.

I've been down that road before.

Is this program compatible with Windows XP?


Kristi is on the heavy side.

She told my secret.

Excuse me, how much do these cost?

Where did you try them?

I didn't dream last night.

The hotel was expensive, but the daily rate included breakfast.

The manager messed up all the company's business.


Pradeep and Janet both wanted to be astronauts.


Where can I catch the bus to the Tokyo station?


We're on a tight budget.

The crew found a stowaway.

The girl still believes in Santa Claus.

The number of visible stars is very great.

Don't forget the accusative!

They stepped outside.

"I'm sorry I hurt you." "Don't apologize. You didn't do anything wrong, Lance."

Many women throw themselves at him.

We pulled out the teeth.

I don't have the authority to order that.

Do you still need for me to be here?


Will this answer your purpose?


Did you go to Cairo or Alexandria?


I heard someone come in.


She commented on a picture.

I need him to vouch for me.

I watched him carefully.


She didn't know who she could trust.

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I could see it was you.

We can't allow Toerless to continue behaving that way.

I've made up my mind to ask Dion to marry me.


Everett is asleep.


Sometimes I enjoy sitting down with a good book.


The path continues straight ahead for miles on end.

Win wanted Sri to be nicer to John.

Perhaps we will find it.

The crane picked up the concrete block and laid it in the middle of the road.

Where there is no common power, there is no law, where no law, no injustice. Force, and fraud, are in war the cardinal virtues.


The taste of the first kiss remains vivid in my memory.


Freedom from hunger is a must for all.

He emptied his pockets of their contents.

I don't think that I'm the only one who noticed.

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You are not obliged to say anything, but anything you do say may be given in evidence against you.

She has not so much patience as you.

His plans are a riddle.

Micky's expected to make a full recovery.

She has no deep convictions.

Don't sweat the small stuff.

Who have you got so far?

Cookie would be a good name for a cat.

That's very big.

I traveled to Paris.

We waited too long.


Norway's Marit Bjoergen won the 15km women's skiathlon.

I know Helge will forgive me.

He excels in many sports.

I know that hard work pays off.

Give us a chance.

They lost.

She made nothing of her opportunities.

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She doesn't have any siblings.

I used to weigh seventy kilos.

I had no idea that Griff and Ninja had split up.

You're boring me.

She cultivated her mind by reading many books.

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She is my dream girl.


There's no use in arguing.

You've never lost.

Did you take a look at it?


Guy called three days ago.


That's of no consequence.

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It seems that something is wrong with this car.

He leaned over her and said, "No, I'm not lying."

The details of the project have not been clear for the last two months.

Faster, higher, stronger.

What if you get caught?

It is dangerous to jump onto a moving train.

He acted on your suggestion.

Manolis informed Francis that their food supplies were dwindling.

I need to get something out of the car.

The deterioration of corporate earnings has yet to bottom out.

How do you get downtown?


Louise got the job.

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I must ask you about them.


The minister, whom I spoke to recently, agrees with me.


He is out of the office.

Arrogance has always been my pet aversion.

Everyone laughed except them.

It's easy to say, but not to do.

I'm saving as much as I can.

You'll have to run if you want to catch the train.

It's a bit slow, can you wait for a bit?


The new road will benefit the people living in the hills.

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I've been trying to cheer Emmett up.

Byron caught a couple of large trout yesterday.

The ice caps are melting.

He is eager to go to the hospital.

We waste a lot of time.

You will be absent for three days.

We listen to the radio.

When I opened the curtains, it was snowing.

I'm glad you like her.

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You look very lovely tonight.


Toft is quite a guy, isn't he?

Roy usually only eats oatmeal for breakfast.

I took care of them.

I feel way more comfortable now.

I don't have an answer at this time.

The largest recipient of Japan's ODA that year was China.

Our city police have a new campaign targeting drunken driving.


I'm glad Adrian was there with me.

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Mosur was rescued by a passer-by.

I'm from Singapore.

He never lies.

Don't you dare do that again.

His daughter is a nurse.

Does Johnny want this?

"Whose jewels are these?" "They are Taninna's."

Trucks made it easy for goods to be transported.

Stop taking things for granted.

The less you learn, the more you'll fail.

Alf is a good debater.

As far as I know, he isn't lazy.

Please write down the correct form of the verb.


Mariou motioned for me to leave the room.

This might not be illegal, but it's unethical.

The perpetrator was Canadian.