Drag, Drop, Share.

BoZoN ist eine unkomplizierte Filesharing-App.

Einfach zu installieren, gratis und Open Source

Just copy BoZoN's files onto your server. That's it.

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Du kannst BoZoN einfach auschecken und benutzen, wie in der AGPL beschrieben. (6369702319)

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Easy to use!

Drag the file you want to share to upload it to the server

Teile Freigabe-Links mit deinen Freunden!

BoZoN can do more!

  • lock icon No database required: easy to backup or move to a new server.
  • lock icon Lock the access to the file/folder with a password.
  • burn icon Share a file or a folder with a unique access link with the «burn mode»:
  • renew icon Renew a share link with a single click
  • upload zip folder icon Download a folder's contents into a zip
  • smartphone icon Access BoZoN on a smartphone without an app: your browser is enough
  • qrcode icon Use a qrcode to share your link with smartphone users.
  • users icon Add and remove users as well as manage their rights.
  • unzip folder icon To upload a folder, just zip and upload it: with one click it will be turned into a folder on the server.
  • design icon Modifiziere die Templates & Themes und mach' dir dein eigenes BoZoN