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That song's bound to be a hit.

We have a garden in front of our house.

We watch PBS.

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The boy returned with his face covered with mud.

He persisted in the experiment until he was successful.

We think Novo might be in imminent danger.

How many other guys named Presley do you know?

We traveled together last year for three months.

Sanity saw Tharen earlier this week.

I thought I'd leave that to you.

Are all doctors healthy?

His poor song was laughed at by all the students.

Isn't there any way to predict how he'll act?

That's why Vijay won.


Stop fighting!

Nicolo never really wanted to study French.

Coming events cast their shadows before.


"You aren't going to tell Trent, are you?" "And why not?"

That's all I can promise.

Death must not scare us.

Tommy and Sriram looked at each other and stood up.

His way of speaking offended me.

We have to fix this.

You called the wrong number.


It is difficult to make up for wasted time.

We went to school by bus.

This great land was entirely different from any other place in the world. Its population, large though it was, was composed wholly of boys. The oldest were about fourteen years of age, the youngest, eight.

What do you think is going on?

Ti lost his balance.


Give me a cup of milk, please.

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Although he may be clever, he is not wise.

I've never done anything like that before.

Nils is still pretending he's not interested.


Lar wants to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Is a thousand yen enough?

Be more precise.

Jeff is improving.

Could I use your pencil?


Panacea and Marian are very close to each other.

Antonella grabbed Jonathan by the arm.

They're Canadians, aren't they?


Srikanth couldn't understand why Billie was so angry.

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The meeting took place last week.


It wasn't a fair fight.


In 1679, Newton's work came to standstill after he suffered a nervous breakdown.

A great earthquake occurred in Rome during the reign of Tiberius.

I think it's strange that Alice should keep silent for such a long time.


I'm very well.

The Amazon is a river.

Who's your primary physician?

Tell me truly what you think.

What Shannon really wanted was a rest.

The river is six miles deep in some areas and the only way to cross it is using a pulley and a rope.

Akira went out for a few minutes.

It's been a long time since my girlfriend left.

Nothing can contribute more to peace of soul than the lack of any opinion whatsoever.


I was tired with the work.

I have a funny feeling.

Jean grew up in foster care.


Dan instantly recognized Linda.

When class is over, it will probably be raining.

Thanks for loving a fool like me.

Trigonometry studies relationships involving lengths and angles of triangles.

This happens to me as well.


Dorothy's fever is getting worse.

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Do you know how to prevent it from happening again?

I know something really fun we can do tomorrow.

Due to the redevelopment of the town center, most of the surrounding area looks like a building site.

Are you familiar with this area?

I've started learning French.

Please add a new sentence.

Would you please tell me what's wrong?

I wish it had been that easy.

Naoto likes seafood.

He made use of every opportunity to become famous.

Was Moses dating anyone?

The money will go a good way towards my school expenses.

Randell wiped his forehead.


Have you ever tried Brazilian food?

Allen went to the university's open day.

Clovis, the constantly jumping wino, has prominent quadriceps and fantastic glutes.

She likes taking pictures.

Tatoeba was sick and almost died.

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Steel is quenched in cold water after having been tempered by heating.

You call me just when you need me.

They were forced to leave the house against their will.

He often takes me for a drive.

Mariou is mistaken.

What are they rehearsing?

There are many words with meanings I don't know.

You just got here, didn't you?

Nicholas changed jobs.


Are you bald?


Ricky shouldn't be trusted.

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I never listen to dirty jokes.


We're preparing to do just that.

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I remember the day I met you.

This is really embarrassing.

No one would hurt me.

Is that okay with you?

You are my friends.

Why would Wolfgang give that to us?

Apricots come from apricot trees.

How do I explain that to him?

Nobody doubts that Brenda is telling the truth, but her way of speaking makes people uncomfortable.

Timothy made money hand over fist.

Today is June 18th, the birthday of Muiriel!

Thank you and goodbye!

Don't be melodramatic.

Don't get so excited!

I've already had something to eat.

What have you been telling your customers?

She gave him something cold to drink.

Ah if only we had just problems with the raising of lambs!

Shake my hand.

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There is no knowing which team will win.


I bent over to take the pen.


Maybe there's a cheaper one.


What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing.


Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is a Nintendo video game sold exclusively for the Wii.


I studied hard in order to pass the examination.


You read too much.

He was blind with sorrow.

What is a man without ideals?

Susumu chewed on her nails nervously.

Miek was born a month premature.


They are going on a bar-crawl.


The vagabond, when rich, is called a tourist.

It seems that with every update they take a step back.

Sean is the only person Jared can trust.


Could I ask you something?

There can be no relief without pain.

I heard the girl crying for help.


Thank you for coming to my rescue.

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Floyd will succeed for sure.

I told Wolf I'd close the windows and lock up.

In his heart, Shari knew that he would never return.

What a pity that the number of foolish people is more than clear people.

The police couldn't find any footprints outside Vic's bedroom window.

The two lines cross each other at right angles.

Melinda said he doesn't even want to think about it.

The problem with fundamentalists insisting on a literal interpretation of the Bible is that the meaning of words change. A prime example is 'Spare the rod, spoil the child'. A rod was a stick used by shepherds to guide their sheep to go in the desired direction. Shepherds did not use it to beat their sheep. The proper translation of the saying is 'Give your child guidance, or they will go astray.' It does not mean 'Beat the shit out of your child or he will become rotten', as many fundamentalist parents seem to believe.

I thought you were in Boston.


Billy didn't take much persuading.

I'm not disconnecting their printers.

A single mistake, and you are a failure.

That idea never presented itself to me.

Asian stocks retreated today.

What were you planning on doing today?

I don't think that I want to go to college.

Each party shall consist of not less than fifteen people.

Izumi turned off the faucet.


That was when I was in the first year at high school, so 17 years have passed since then.

I'm sure Duncan will get over it.

Children often blame themselves when their parents divorce.

Hon changed places with Tim.

Is that story fact or fiction?

Innocence is a beautiful thing.

Will you introduce me to the young woman talking with Mrs. Allen?

The police followed him to Paris.

Teri seems to be making progress.