Do you know how to get there?

They are making for the forest.

He's not afraid of political correctness.

Hasn't Jim returned yet?

At least you'll have something to write home about.

Don't scream, or I'll scream louder.

Kinch is mentally unbalanced.

Donn is a better French speaker than Wendy.

You look very charming today.

In the course of a year my son grew stronger.

Naim wrote this report by himself.


I'm always busy these days.

Isn't Wolf picking you up for lunch?

She didn't stay because she had to go to the dentist.


An athletic meet is held at our school every day.

We've got a very big problem.

Margie looks fatigued.


Knowing their languages is not enough to communicate effectively, because the methods of communication are determined by their cultures.


I asked for her.

You live in Belfast.

Ask Trang if she's going out tonight.

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Never in my life have I heard such a thing.

Ma, I have always surrendered at your lotus feet.

I rode around the country on horseback.


She is the one who took care of her wound.


Ms. Marple's name often gets confused with some other similar name.


Come on down, check it out!


I don't approve of what Jisheng has done.

We'll speak to Hein later.

Is there a place in Europe you want to go to?

I was taking a bath when you called me.

Where did you hit them?

There's something wrong with her thyroid gland.

What did you name your son?

There is a hut at the back of our house.

Enter here!

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Let's be frank in this question.

The guys he always hangs out with are now in jail.

Am I polishing the poisonous apples?

I think I know who might've done this.

May I ask you a few questions?

He's a powerful demon.

Toerless and Luke need this.

Can I have a minute?

Judy asked if he was invited.

I want to eat something Korean.

Do you like golf?

I never gave you my name.

A guy who's always interested in the condition of the world, and changing it, either has no problems of his own, or refuses to face them... not wanting to face things of his own nature.

After her sickness, she's only a shadow of her former self.

She tattled on me to her teacher.

Shane's very fussy.

I'll send a letter to my mother.

How disgusting!

Roger and his friends helped me carry the piano.

This is as good a time as any to do this.

I knew it wouldn't work.

Do you go to school on Saturday?

His ambition is to be a lawyer.

Thanks. You've been a big help.

The Japanese telephone system is highly efficient.


One large fries and two medium cokes.

"I say at once: I'm terrible when angry," said Olof quietly but convincingly. "I don't advise anyone to test my patience."

I don't like this at all.

Give us a call as soon as you get to Boston.

Do you have pictures of your kids with you?


I like chicken.

You don't have to get up so early.

Dan speaks in an extremely aggressive manner.

I haven't heard anything.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask!

We will stand by you whatever happens.

Please accept this as a keep-sake of my husband.

Shahid is a fluent speaker of Japanese.

Form two lines.

I hear the hubbub of the children in the background.

The bank is closed on Sunday.

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He was wondering the same thing.

I don't think we should drink this water.

Dan asked Linda what her plans for the future were.


Bless these little children.


When I got to the office, I had tons of work waiting for me. I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

I have to stop worrying.

He pushed the stalled car with all his might.


I think Dimitry would be a good name for our son.

The sun set a while ago.

Clifford is quite old, isn't he?


It's easy for him to make friends.

They aren't my books.

I have a large family.

Srinivas has stopped talking to Vidhyanath.

Old made me promise not to tell Piercarlo.

If you use a computer, you can retain information.

Buses always come in threes.

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You want another slice of cake?

I think that's a lot of malarkey.

Sometimes, having a third party present can smooth things over and give the illusion that everything is alright.


My aunt inherited the huge estate.

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We lost on that job.


I just want to watch this.

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There is no act which Christianity forbids, that the law will not reach: if it were otherwise, Christianity would not be, as it has always been held to be, part of the law of England.

You can't be afraid to make mistakes when learning a foreign language.

Even though Renu told Lindsay about his problem, he didn't want to listen to any advice she had on how to solve it.

Did you know that in Japan, if you have a tattoo, you won't be allowed to bathe in many of the hot spring resorts?

Benjamin and Joseph are watching TV.

Do you speak Hungarian?

Ritchey told me that he wouldn't be able to be at the meeting.

You're wasting your time trying to convince him.

I can give it a shot.

Natraj asked me if he was on the list of people invited to the party.

Roller skating is fun.

The spice must flow.

Would you like to take a walk with me?

"You don't have to queue for my car," he offers.

I don't want to get my feet wet.

I thanked her for her help.

You owe me a big apology.

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I don't really need another car.

The bakery is next to the butchery.

Dalton asked Saumya what she thought he should do in this situation.

That's a great story.

After continuing days of warm weather, it became cold.

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I can't reformat my harddrive. It's too big.

I guess that'll do.

We've got to get back.

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The police believe the victim knew his killer.


I want you to follow him.

How can you have a laptop, but no mobile?

Lum says I can't stay home alone.


I think I'm gonna sneeze. Give me a tissue.

I don't think I could forgive myself if I did that.

She is going to marry Mr Johnson on June 4.

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She's afraid to swim in large waves.

Most students do the sights of Kyoto on their school excursion.

Tell us about your brother.

Freedom is the very essence of our democracy.

It's hard to blame them.

I'm not having lunch with her.

Columbus discovered America.


Who wrote that letter?

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I have no statistics.

You must be sad since you lost one of your friends.

Whatever others think of me, I don't mind at all.

The students assembled in the classroom.

He promised the slaves that they would be freed.

Molly looked through the drawer to see if there was a pen he could use.

Vishal may come tomorrow morning.

The children were busy preparing their lessons.

This is gibberish.

Don't cut off my head! For then I could not repent of my sin. But cut off my feet with the red shoes.

Patty and Vance live in a quiet residential neighborhood.

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People who work longer hours don't always get more work done.


Phil has some clothes that need to be washed.

What is the time evolution of a system that is not quite in equilibrium?

I've know him forever.


I abhor killing animals.

You're upset and you have every right to be.

I was going to take a nap.

They lifted him carefully into the ambulance.

I spoke to Joyce this morning.

How did Takayuki accomplish that?

Would you chill out?

You're no match for him.

Just then, the telephone rang.

I think everybody already knows that.

I was starting to worry.